How Technology will Impose Better Supply Chain Management in the Fashion Industry.

How Technology will Impose Better Supply Chain Management in the Fashion Industry.

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Companies have had to demonstrate their ability to adapt as the fashion business has developed over the years, with more individuals shopping for garments and more apparel selections than ever before. 

As a result of the industry's ongoing evolution, businesses worldwide must stay current with the latest technical developments for their supply chains to keep up with ever-increasing demand. Fortunately, technology is assisting the sector. Supply chains that are high-tech, efficient, and sustainable are today more feasible than ever.

The process of managing resources, including the transfer of resources from one party to another, one location to another, one department to another, and one area to another, is known as supply chain management. The movement of resources should be done so that the necessary resources are available in the right place and time, in sufficient quantity, and at the lowest possible cost.

For many in supply chain management, new technology is revolutionising regular business activities. Supply chain management is ripe for technological innovation, thanks to the requirement for real-time tracking and precise delivery systems, and mobile, wireless, handheld technology is leading the way throughout the logistics and transportation industries.

Post-Pandemic, the world is settling down for online rather than offline. Everyone finds it much easier to tap and swipe on for their favourite purchase instead of moving out of the house to try the same. The crowd is completely adapted to the technology around them. 

The Fashion Industry has seen a massive change during and after the pandemic by shifting from on-ground to online supply of apparel. It is obvious that technologies will have a better impact on the industry. 

The good news is that technology and fashion can collaborate to meet client demand. Fashion companies can use technological supply chain solutions to update their procedures regularly while also guaranteeing that their supply networks are secure, transparent, and efficient. 

There are numerous ways in which technology assists fashion in meeting ever-increasing demand. Here's how fashion supply chains are becoming much more efficient than before and thanks to technology.

  1. Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain-
Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain-

The fashion supply chain is being transformed by artificial intelligence. AI enables fashion brands to handle vast volumes of data more quickly than ever before, allowing them to determine which goods are generating the greatest attention or generating the highest buy rate at any particular time. This helps manufacturers know where to spend their resources and speed up the supply chain process.

For example, if the demand for men's denim jeans increases, brands can adjust. The advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain, in this regard, can be evident in the warehouse as well as during the product design stage.

  1. Wearables- 

Wearable technology is another breakthrough that has aided the seamless operation of fashion supply chains all around the world. Wearable technology is frequently used in distribution centres by large fashion labels, allowing for improved communication and efficiency. Wearable technology can aid in various ways, from internal communication to real-time data sharing. It enables staff to map warehouses more quickly. Communication and data collection can be done on the go, eliminating the need for employees to be glued to their computers.

  1. Autonomous Supply Chain-

Automating your supply chain by constructing a web of working pieces managed by technology has become critical for tracking and reporting on your products. With the rapid nature of online shopping, giant firms need an automated supply chain to keep up with consumer demand. Fashion firms must deal with order modifications and returned packages, which may be made easier with an automated supply chain.

  1. Cloud Computing Technology- 

Technology that is hosted in the cloud is also called Cloud-based Technology.

Excellent communication is crucial to a successful and effective supply chain. The way different pieces of the fashion supply chain function and communicate is being revolutionised by cloud technology. Employees at every stage of the supply chain may document and exchange critical information using these virtualised technologies. 

Fashion brands can focus on developing, manufacturing, or retailing items rather than managing a network of servers instead of building their own infrastructure. This technology is changing the globe and assisting many sectors in becoming more effective while potentially saving money.

  1. Transparent Supply Chain-
Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain-

Transparency in the supply chain

These technological advancements help fashion firms increase the efficiency of their supply chain procedures. They do, however, assist the business to be open about their practices. When it comes to attracting younger customers, this is very crucial. Customers from Generation Z and millennials value ethical actions more than earlier generations. 54% of millennials and 50% of generation Z buyers are willing to spend extra money on sustainable and ethical products.

  1. The Blockchain-

By converting the sector to a demand chain rather than a supply chain, blockchain technology helps make quick fashion more efficient. This will indeed reduce the number of unsold goods that is thrown away. The ultimate result would be a much more streamlined sector with lower customer costs. As the demand cycle fluctuates from season to season, shops' ability to become part of a demand chain will enable them to keep sufficient quantities of premium selling stuff in store.

  1. Smart Pricing- 

To keep prices down, these organisations collect and analyse data to ensure that they produce clothes that most people want to buy. Companies can make better forecasts of which fashions will sell by combining client purchasing data with artificial intelligence and machine learning. They can also use low-cost final purchase orders to maintain pricing low enough that consumers will purchase on impulse and spend more frequently as a result.

Fashion brands all over the world are using technology to provide clear and transparent supply chain reports. This is advantageous to both the company and the ethical buyer.

The fashion industry is able to upgrade its supply chains and stay consistent with ever-increasing consumer expectations by utilising technology in new and innovative ways. More effective, transparent, and ethical supply chains are expected in the coming years than ever before. 

Customers in the apparel and home furnishings industries now have more brand and product options than at any time in history. To capitalise on tastes and trends, brands must be able to supply the right things at the right moment. Both the consumer experience as well as the bottom line are affected by the supply chain. Hence, these are a few ways in which the technology will impact the supply chain management in the upcoming fashion industry, in a positive direction. Also, thereby avoiding some basic supply chain problems. 

The industry is concerned about fashion standardisation, and some claim that modern digital systems limit the industry's ability to innovate and create unique designs.

However, rather than avoiding technology, the industry must be in charge of it. The RCA aspires to prepare the next generation of fashion designers to adopt new technologies and recognise the possibilities for innovation in the system and process design.

Fashion is in desperate need of a technological makeover, and unless it embraces innovation with great enthusiasm, its rapidly expanding supply chain will suffer. Smaller specialist enterprises that look at fashion with new perspectives and new views may be inspired to reform their individual supply chains if the larger industry looks at them.

Fashinza is an apparel manufacturing platform with the latest technologies in use and adapting modern culture.  Be it the use of artificial intelligence in the supply chain or transparency of the brand, we at Fashinza make sure that our customers never have to compromise with their choices. We have adapted the latest technologies to improve supply chain management, keeping our customers in mind. 

Get in touch with us for more help. We will be obliged to guide you through the way. 


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