Most Trending Textile Patterns Of 2022, According To Dior, Chanel, Prada, And Others

Most Trending Textile Patterns Of 2022, According To Dior, Chanel, Prada, And Others

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2022 is finally here, and fashionistas cannot keep calm! The apparel industry has been seeing revolutionary changes, and the look everyone is going for is simple, elegant, and redefined. Top brands have taken it upon themselves to bring about trends that are going to keep you wondering how to save some moolah for your pockets. Outfits are undoubtedly going to be a whole new story, but what’s more exciting are the textile patterns. The fabrics being used are a sight to marvel at. 

Of course, we aren’t simply planning on giving a taste of the tea and then leaving you hanging. We are going to let you in on some of the latest, trendiest textile patterns that brands like Dior, Chanel, Prada and some other big names have in store for you in 2022. From classic color statements to defining designs, this year promises not to disappoint. Read on, for we might drop a surprise for you along the way.

Every textile pattern discussed here is a curated set of some of the best designs by the names we mentioned. Let's get into it, shall we?

Celestial Print 

The celestial print is exactly what the world implies; for what can be more tranquilizing than the stars, the moon, and the darkness engulfing it all? Yes, you guessed it right - the celestial textile pattern, which boasts of stars and planetary constellations, mystical signs and symbols alike, is just what every crystal-loving trendsetter needs. But let's not be greedy. A pair of trousers or a blouse with a crescent moon design can never go wrong for anyone. The fabric can be used with divine inspiration indeed, a constellation knapsack or a shawl with a night sky design should be enough for you to enter 2022 with a big bang!


Hypnotizing Textile Pattern

True to its name, the hypnotizing textile pattern ends up doing exactly what it says - hypnotize every watcher. ‘Hypnotizing’ is a fusion of transparency and a touch of shimmer that radiates in the light. The texture and feel of the fabric can only be experienced when worn, and are further enhanced by the play of some designs that emphasize illusion. The textile pattern focuses on glossy shades, along with certain embellishments that are sure to make the wearer turn heads. Pair it with some minimalist jewelry pieces, and you may find the entire world turning into your very own runway. Be sure to stock up on these because the fashion shows coming up this season are going to make sure that these patterns fly off the shelves.

Red Alert  

Passionate. Bold. Desirable. Powerful. Exciting. There, we have this textile pattern summed up for you. One that never really went out of trend in the first place, the Red Alert is a marriage of the mystery it echoes and the elegance it brings to the room. The color will provide the statement you are looking for. The Red Alert can be styled as a dress that could be long or short, depending on the choice of the wearer. No ornament or other knick-knack is required unless wished for. The design will make sure that there is no room for distractions.


Surrealistic textile pattern is the kind of fabric one is always searching for but can't quite get their hands on. It has been an in-the-now thing for some time but is ready to finally take over the couture runways. The design is a combination of a soothing view and a feather touch. The designs can be simple but critical, so that they look fresh and smooth but would give the impression as if they have been faded by the sun. The fabric is significantly less crowded. It can be a transparent texture with unmatched fluidity as the feel quotient. It uses a tie-dye effect which makes the fabric nothing short of a piece of art. 

Drippin Mania 

Drapery has been a thing of the elite, and we know you are one of them. Drippin Mania is a celebration of the same, only newer, better. Oh, and it might also be a Loewe favourite. Yes, the Spanish fashion giant. Let us get back to the details of the pattern. The design is inspired by the works of Potorno, a Renaissance painter. The fabrics used are lightweight and give a feel of flow and flair. The colors are lighter and scattered. The overall design is a mixture of several aspects, whether simply draped upon or styled as a knot, the combination of colors used or the texture of the monochrome. The Drippin Mania is going to be huge, we assure you.

Eden of Flowers 

Floral Textile Pattern

Flowers are fashion unto themselves, always have been. Eden of Flowers is not simply an imitation of the classic floral design. It has been reinvented to look more, feel more. The designs of flowers are considerably bigger, compared to their previous counterparts. The application of the same too isn't limited anymore. Graphical floral designs, floral prints all over the outfit or just in certain parts or three-dimensional designs have not only brought the textile print to new fame but also caused a stir amongst fashion brands that are looking to make their pieces the personal favorites of every couture critic out there. The design can be paired with floral design earrings to put forth a funky vibe or some real flowers on the hair to finish the look more effortlessly than ever. You might, however, want to stock up on these as soon as possible, for you know the tribe, fashionistas, are never earlier to a party that rocks!

This year is sure to make headlines in the fashion world. Well, it is obvious. From the revolutionary changes in the apparel industry to newer, fonder visions of fashion as a form of venture investments, there is no doubt that the brands are going to make it big, meaning the way we dress is going to change. 

These are just some of the top designs this year. There are more to come, with just as many power-packed inspirations. 

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That will be all. See y’all next time!


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