How To Manufacture Women's Custom Print Tshirts In 3 Weeks

How To Manufacture Women's Custom Print Tshirts In 3 Weeks

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No matter how simple they are, T-shirts remain one of the most sought-after pieces of clothing among young and old alike. Unisex, versatile, and highly comfortable, T-shirts find fans in every layer of society. Be it the young boy going out for a friendly match, the independent woman who wants to make a statement, or the office-goer looking for something comfy to work in. Thus, it's no surprise that everyone wants to get into the business of making T-shirts.

Men's and women's custom print T-shirts are the new favorites around town. They are perfect for making a bold statement and gifting purposes alike. So, if you are pondering about getting into the T-shirt manufacturing business, this one seems like the right choice!

Here are some points to help you get started in manufacturing amazing men's and women's custom print T-shirts in just three weeks!

Six Things You Need to Plan Before Manufacturing Women's Custom Print T-Shirts:

NicheBefore setting foot into the wild, wild world of T-shirt making, the foremost step is to decide on a niche. Designers and manufacturers can select a niche for themselves to stand out from their competitors in the market. A niche could be anything – designing men's and women's custom print T-shirts, designing couple T-shirts, or staying focused on superhero prints.
ThemeBefore any design idea, it is mandatory to develop a theme that these designs will follow. A theme can derive inspiration from the current season's trend forecasts or something close to the designer's heart. This is also the time where the designers have to finalize the color scheme for their upcoming designs.
DesignOnce the niche and theme are finalized, we move on to the most vital point – creating the design! Without the design, the manufacturing process cannot move ahead; hence, designers should sit back, reflect on their theme and create a design that customers will love.
QualityQuality – be it for consumer goods, electronics, or clothes – is of utmost importance. If the products being sold do not meet people's expectations, they won't purchase again. Thus, the T-shirts you design must stay true to their claims of quality.
Brand ImageryBefore starting as a T-shirt designer, you must make sure to create a brand for yourself. Come up with a catchy name and use social media to create a buzz around it. Inspire intrigue in patrons by hinting at a big reveal. Thus, when you launch your designs, many customers will come forward to buy your designs.
Inventory ManagementAs a manufacturer, keeping track of your inventory is the utmost goal. Set up a warehouse, use inventory software, and tie up with delivery partners to check everything you sell and everything you need to replenish.

A Step-By-Step Process Guide for Designing a Women's Custom Print T-Shirt:

One thing is clear; you cannot manufacture just one woman's custom print T-shirt. You'll need to manufacture hundreds of them to distribute them out into the market. Well, the process of manufacturing hundreds of T-shirts does take time, but if you are smart about it, you can achieve this feat in as less as three weeks!

Women's Custom Print Tshirts

Below is a step-by-step process guide to helping you in manufacturing your custom print T-shirts

  •  Inviting Design Submissions: Since you produce women's custom print T-shirts, you first need to ask customers to submit their designs. You could do this through a website or advertise the feature in shops that sell your merchandise.
  • The Sketch: Step two involves drawing the final sketch of the T-shirt, complete with the print placement, brand patches, or any other details that you want to add.
  • Choosing the Fabric: The fabric plays an essential role in determining the quality of women's custom print T-shirts. Choose comfortable, breathable fabrics and can hold on to the print colors even after multiple washes.
  • Fabric Printing: Once the fabric is selected, send it to the printing press to get the chosen design printed over it. If your manufacturing unit has its printing press, you can quickly reduce your manufacturing time.
  • Creating the Pattern: The next step in the process is creating the pattern. Although traditional patternmaking was a manual process, CAD software can now digitally draw the designs, reducing manufacture time.
  • Sample Creation: Once the pattern is made, it is traced onto the chosen fabric, cut, and sewn to create a sample. Before committing to mass-scale production, creating the sample determines if your result will look as great as initially imagined.
  •  Mass Production Cutting: Once you are happy with your sample, go ahead and send it to your cutting unit for mass-scale cutting. Nowadays, there are super-fast cutting machines that can create millions of pieces within minutes.
  •  Mass Production Sewing: Once the pieces are cut, send them out to the sewing department, where expert tailors will attach them for the final product.
  • Quality Check: After all the sewing is done, the T-shirts must pass through a quality check to figure out any misses or errors in the print, stitch, or fabric.
  • Packaging: After the quality check, the T-shirts are packed for final sale.
  • Order Distribution: The last step is sending out the orders for these women's custom print T-shirts.

Although manufacturing women's custom print T-shirts involve numerous steps, modern machinery and equipment have eased the tasks, allowing manufacturers to create these T-shirts within weeks. So, upgrade your machinery or tie up with already set-up manufacturing units and get going with your women's custom print design ideas.


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