Textile News: Japanese Companies to Develop Thermoplastic Composites
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Textile News: Japanese Companies to Develop Thermoplastic Composites

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A composite is a synergistic combination that involves two or more materials. These materials are physically distinct from one another. Most notably, the properties of a composite tend to be more efficient than those of individual constituents. Thermoplastic composites are a special type of new fabric composite with much more benefits.

As per the latest fashion news, Japanese companies have come to the forefront regarding thermoplastic composites. Two Japanese companies, in particular, are making serious efforts in exploring thermoplastic composites. Let us learn more about this much-talked product and the plan of these companies to invest in it. 

Benefits of Thermoplastic Composites

Thermoplastic composite materials have some excellent characteristics that make these products unique and precious in many industrial sectors that find these products a worthy substitute to metal. 

Thermoplastic products are 30% lighter than aluminum and also 50% lighter than steel. Despite such low weight, they still retain their remarkable strength. This makes them valuable for the fashion industry, providing innovative new fabrics as options for designers to work on. 

There are three elements of composite materials that give them a unique edge:

·      Reinforcement charge: This refers to an armature generally formed of glass fiber or carbon fibre. This way, the mechanical properties of the finished part are concentrated.

·      Matrix: It is a resin binder that facilitates permeation of the reinforcement and its solidification.

·      Optional additives: These additives enhance the resin’s characteristics.

Development of Thermoplastic Composite Material by Mitsubishi

Japanese Companies to Develop Thermoplastic Composites

Mitsubishi Chemical is a producer of chemicals that supplies its products to different sectors. These sectors include sport, medical, electronics, and automotive.

According to fashion news from around the world, Mitsubishi has decided to invest in composite material. Mitsubishi Chemical and Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Japan (MCAM) have plans to develop FRTP or thermoplastic composite material. This material would have some unique characteristics like recyclability, good quality production performance, and retardancy.

A good EV battery system needs to have a better resistance to fire to increase passengers’ safety. Moreover, it also needs to utilise materials that are light in weight to save energy. Both of these requirements will be fulfilled with thermoplastic composites. The main issues faced here are poor recyclability and poor production performance.

Mitsubishi and MCAM have solved these issues in the designing of FRTP. The way this has taken place is by bringing together the battery systems technology. Moreover, both companies have optimised compositions pertaining to the unique fibers as well as the thermoplastic resin. Consequently, tremendous fire resistance is achieved. This way, the material can tolerate more than 300 seconds of a flame over 1000.

Japanese Company Toray to Develop New composites

Japanese Companies to Develop Thermoplastic Composites

Japanese company Toray Advanced Composites will indulge in the thermoplastic composites business. However, Toray will not do it alone as it has come into a joint agreement with Electroimpact and Janicki Industries. The objective of this agreement among these three powerhouses is the fast-rate manufacture of thermoplastic composite parts that are large. 

Toray’s decision to enter into this joint agreement certainly deserves applause. This is because Electroimpact is a leader when it comes to assembling and manufacturing automation. Moreover, Janicki Industries is a leading supplier of composite parts, prototypes, and tools. As such, there is no doubt that Toray’s ambitious project will be dealt with capably. 

The result of this collaboration has been the designing of processing technologies that are automated and cost-effective. Due to such technologies, the creation of thermoplastic parts can take place at high-speed deposition rates. Such parts are large in scale. Fashion news indicates that rates are up to 4000 inches (100 meters) per minute. 

Such a system uses an extensive range of processing temperatures. This is for powerful process control. 


The plan of some Japanese companies to develop thermoplastic composites will have enormous effects. These new fabrics will revolutionise the fashion industry like never before. This is due to the dual benefit of these new fabrics- exceptional material strength and lightweight ability.  

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