How to Find High-Quality Clothes Manufacturers for My Fashion Label?
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How to Find High-Quality Clothes Manufacturers for My Fashion Label?

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Stepping into the market competition as a fashion entrepreneur can be a difficult task. There are many factors that come into play when you are in the early stages of establishing your fashion line. If your basic business plan is all set you might want to start working on the next big thing that can make or break your business.

Looking out for affordable high quality clothes manufacturers can be a tedious and time-demanding task but it is definitely one of those things that can take your brand to great heights in the market. Let us have a look at how you can go about finding some high quality clothes manufacturers.

Things to look for in your clothing manufacturer

  • Is your product something they can manufacture?

Different types of clothing require different materials. For example, sports clothing may require special fabrics like polyester and spandex whereas party wear would require something comfortable and that is easily caught up by the eye.

You should look for a manufacturer that could provide you with clothes according to your fashion label’s needs.

  • Production Region

Your manufacturer can either be domestically or overseas-based. Factors such as factory visits, shipping time, production costs, labor conditions, and language barriers are important. 

Domestic manufacturers would generally cost you much more than overseas clothing manufacturers for many reasons, such as high manufacturing and shipping costs. Although, easy communication and reliable quality standards provide you with fine products and reasonable grounds to charge more for your goods.

On the contrary, overseas manufacturers can provide you with products that are more friendly with your pockets. However, it can be difficult for you to communicate with them due to language barriers. Shipping durations are also much longer due to international distances. 

  • What will be the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

Each manufacturer generally has a minimum number of items that you have to purchase in a specific order. This minimum order quantity can be between 200 to 2000 items or even more. Before placing an order, be sure to calculate the number of items that you can sell. If some of the stock remains unsold then that might pull down your profit margin.

To cut a long story short, I would strongly suggest that you should manage your MOQ before placing an order.

  • Quality of the clothing product
Find High-Quality Clothes Manufacturers for Your Fashion Label

The quality of your clothing garments will paint the best picture for your fashion label. This criterion cannot be judged over talks or product pictures. Be sure to look up on the internet for great positive reviews whilst choosing your manufacturer. A high quality clothes manufacturer would have loads of positive appreciation from other customers. 

Another great piece of advice from my end would be to not compromise with the cost when it comes to the quality of your products. Better to pay slightly higher than to risk your fashion labels’ name.

  • Can your manufacturer provide you with product samples?

It never hurts to visibly check for a sample of your upcoming products. Imagine getting a bulk order for T-shirts, only to find out that they do not match your size chart or they’ve provided you with round collars when you ordered for V necks. An early sample can help you get rid of tiny imperfections and also help you to give touch-ups for your final product. 

Most manufacturers generally provide samples in exchange for a modest fee but it is your responsibility to talk out this stuff at the beginning.

  • What are their charges and transportation costs?

It's easy to ignore additional costs for your order due to all the new hustle energy surging through you. An extra bill on your order can mess up your budget and throw off your game at the very beginning. 

All it takes is some extra lines in your email to the manufacturer asking about additional costs and shipping costs. To avoid future errors, I recommend that you bring this up early in your talks.

  • Can they alter their production capacity?
Find High-Quality Clothes Manufacturers for Your Fashion Label

At the early stages of the business, all you think of is if you can make that first sale or not. However, in time when your business goes far better than you planned then can your manufacturer hike up their production capacity to meet your growing needs?

It is wise to ask this question early on in the business. Also, remember to ask for the additional time that your manufacturer would take to fulfill your requirements.

  • What other fashion labels have they worked with?

The name of the brands that the manufacturer has worked with in the past portrays the reputation of the manufacturer. I would recommend you to research these past customers, contact the owners and ask them if they are satisfied with the manufacturer’s services. Ask them things related to the fabric quality and production speed. Was their order fulfilled on time? Such queries can provide you with green or red flags about the manufacturer.


All of the factors listed above can assist you in finding a high quality clothes manufacturer. Fashinza can help you connect to the best clothes manufacturers in the apparel industry. Fashinza assists you to source sustainable high-quality clothes from verified ethical manufacturers.


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