An Industrial Analysis of US & India Markets
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An Industrial Analysis of US & India Markets

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The textile industry or Fabric Mills is one of the leading industries of the Indian economy. It contributes significantly to the export's earnings. The textile industry represents more than 30% of the total exports in the country.  The textile industry provides employment to more than 15 million individuals in the mill, handloom, and power loom sectors. After China, the second-largest producer of textiles in India. India is also the third producer in the world of cotton after the USA and China. The textile industry is one of the oldest sectors of manufacturing in the world and is the largest at the time. 

Fabric Mills holds an essential place in our Indian economy because of their contribution to employment generation, foreign exchange earnings, and industrial output. the textile industry can be categorized into two parts: The organized mill sector and the Organized mill sector. 

On the other hand, the US textile industry is approximately $70 billion sectors if shipments are taken into account. It is one of the largest markets with an export value of $23 billion in the world. Some of the big names in the fabric mill companies include Saint Gobain tape Solutions, Albany International Corp, InPro Corporation, Fabrico, Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics, and many others. 

Before starting the fabric sourcing, there are several steps that one must follow:

  • The first step is to know the market. The more designers know their market, the better it is to find the right products. 
  • The designers or students or professionals can find their niche by researching the market, their target audience, and by understanding the market demand. 
  • Go with the counter sourcing. It is perfect for individuals who are a novice and don't know the major differences between fabrics. 
  • The next step is to shop for the fabrics professionals or students know. If they shop for the fabrics they know, they are more likely to create a better product and beat the competition. 
  • The next step is to test it out on themselves. Don't make a product and sell it. First, test it and then give it to others to use. It ensures that the quality of the product is good. 
  • Find a good fabric mill. One can find fabric mills using direct sources, such as wholesalers, and there are agents or middlemen. 
  • The last step is to introduce themselves to the market. Send an email, ask for counter swatches, understand the quality of the swatches, test, and stay organized in your work. 

All the manufacturing units in the industry are linked with each other. The industrial analysis of US and India Markets are as follows: 

1. Prime Textile Ltd 

Prime Textile Ltd is a subsidiary of the Yarn Syndicate. It is known as ATL textiles. It was a part of the Patodia YSL group. It is recognized by the government as an export house. The company produces cotton yarns with high-quality additional spinning processes to match the customer's requirements. The products are highly popular in South Korea, Japan, Italy, and other countries.  The company is famous for the modernized technology that facilitates cotton yarn and capitalizes it on the export market. 

The company also diversified into knitting and installed various knitting machines manufactured and supplied by Mayer & Cie. Prime Textile Ltd. also made the right issues to finance the EOU cotton yarn 100%. However, the project was deferred, and the material and finance were used for the working capital. 

2. Shyam Texyarn Ltd

Industrial Analysis of US & India Markets

Shyam Texyarn Ltd is an Indian fabric mill company and was established back in 1989. The company meets all the international standards in terms of quality and regulations. The major area of specialization is the cotton yarn for knitting. The company selects the raw material from the best cotton fields such as West Africa, Australian countries, etc. 

The company ensures high standards and never compromises with the quality of the output. The company invested in major equipment for testing yarn and cotton to verify the quality of the product. Some of the equipment includes Classimate Tester, Uster Evenness Tester III, Ring Data System, etc. 

3. Precot Mills Ltd 

The company was established in 1962. It is an Indian company located in Kerala. The company has manufactured cotton yarn for so long and is known for its quality in the market. The company set up the second fabric mill in Andhra Pradesh back in 1991. It also has a subsidiary in Malaysia. The product range of the company is fully equipped and can produce cotton yarn in a wide variety of ranges. 

The company holds more than 40 windmills in Tamilnadu, and the power is generated by the Bannari Annan group of companies and Shiva Textiles. 

4. Saint Gobain Tape Solution 

Saint Gobain Tape Solution is an American-based textile company. It was established in 1665. The company manufactures and exports textiles such as custom cut-resistant fiberglass fabric, standard fabric, electronics, constructions, food processing, general plastic, and communications industries. The headquarter of the company is in Hoosick Falls in New York. 

5. Telleborg Engineering Coated Fabrics

It is an American-based textile company that manufactures fabrics like engineered coated fabrics. The company was established in 1905. The fabric's coating includes polyethylene, urethane, chloroprene, ethylene acrylic, acrylic, and propylene terpolymer. The headquarter of the company is in North Carolina. 

Industrial Analysis of US & India Markets

There are various other Indian and US fabric mills. The industrial analysis of both countries varies from each other based on tax policies, government, economy, and rules and regulations of the country. The prices also vary. The quality of the product varies based on region. 
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