10 Proven Solutions To Reduce Garment Manufacturing Cost For Your Brand! Savings Guaranteed!
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10 Proven Solutions To Reduce Garment Manufacturing Cost For Your Brand! Savings Guaranteed!

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Many people are trying their luck in small-scale garment manufacturing businesses. The branding of it is dependable on product quality and customer satisfaction. The production process comes up with different complications, and the cost is one of them. It’s true that without money, you can't imagine the production process, but by exercising some of your talents in management, you can always reduce some expenditure from the production process. Fashinza follows a simple process that is not only convincing but is also good for branding.

Some tips to reduce garment manufacturing costs

You know manufacturers are under pressure to manage the production cost until the product goes to the final production stage. It is simply because manufacturing costs increase with each passing day. You should find out the exact solution to this problem. Here are some useful tips which help predict the business aspects of a product and facilitate a reduction in production cost –

1.   Refine fabric usage: -

Refine fabric usage

Fabric cost plays a vital role in estimating a garment's cost. You can control the wastage of fabric during the cutting session. Whether your production is worth the production process, depends on your fabric usage. Correct prediction of raw material and inventory stock can minimize the cost of production. You can also estimate fabric wastage while cutting. The use of Information Technology can also help you to enhance fabric usage during the cutting process.

2.  Purchase the most cost-effective fabric size:  -

Fabrics are available in a different variety of sizes. Choose the best type of size fabric according to the order requirements. By opting, the perfect fabric size, you can minimize fabric wastage. You can digitally check out the size that is needed for the product. As a result, your product becomes cost-effective. So, while choosing clothes for an order, measure a sample marker to determine how much fabric size is required for your clothes.

3.   Start with a piece-rate production process: -

Are you new in the garment manufacturing field? If yes, then go for the per-piece production rate for your first order. Per-piece product is a cost-effective method in which you can hire a tailor for per piece production. Moreover, if you offer him a per piece price, he will urge you to produce more pieces. In this way, you can control labor costs.

4.  Upgrade housekeeping: -

5. Produce high-quality work the first time: -

Produce high-quality work the first time:

Develop a work culture of doing things well right from the first order. In this way, you can lower the expenditure of poor quality fabric, increase productivity, and reduce time. You'll save money on maintenance and alterations.

6. You can cut down your overhead costs: -

As we know, garment manufacturing is not a continuous process. So, you can give your workers a break for some days without pay.  You can analyze your factory overheads regularly. As much as feasible, reduce your overheads and you can hire skilled people.

7.  Manage your store with perfect fabric: -

You can save the time of your employees by keeping them organized during the production process. It helps you control unnecessary waste of small items such as - elastic, threads, packing material, etc. You can also maintain an inventory record to relocate raw materials for another order to avoid wastage of fabric and unnecessary purchases.

8. Grow productivity in the worker: -

Productivity of workers matters, whether you hire them for per-piece cost or total production. When a tailor produces more than what was expected, it is regarded as good productivity. If you manufacture more dress pieces than usual, your overhead costs will decrease accordingly.

9. Worker management: -

It is essential to establish positive relationships with your employees and coworkers because they play a vital role in achieving goals. Create a productive team and develop their skills through different training programs, if necessary.

10. Keep researching about the production: -

Keep researching about the production

New techniques can save time and money. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the latest inventions that can make your work easy. These machines can help you to reduce worker costs.


It is essential to understand low-cost production to save more money. Workers play a vital role and are responsible for productivity. The company should motivate them for more production. All the above points are not only related to the small-level garment manufacturing process but are also true for larger enterprises. Even if you run a large garment factory, you can contact us to know more about low-cost garment and high productivity.


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