5 Types of Automated Electric Sewing Machine that are Changing the World of Apparel Manufacturing
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5 Types of Automated Electric Sewing Machine that are Changing the World of Apparel Manufacturing

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Since the advent of the sewing machine, sewing has become a very efficient task. As technology progresses, sewing machines also keep on getting better and better. Finally, sewing machines reached their latest form of the automated electric sewing machine. An automated electric sewing machine sews fabric with thread without the need for complete manual intervention. 

Electric sewing machines have greatly increased the productivity of the clothing industry. Such machines can handle heavy-duty sewing jobs and can operate for a long duration of time. However, not all electric sewing machines are of the same quality. Here, we shall restrict our discussion on those machines that are really changing the world of apparel manufacturing.

Before we go any further, you need to ask yourself - what are the properties of a good electric sewing machine? The factors that distinguish a good machine from a bad one are the number of sewing feet, buttonholer processing, number of stitches, and motor power. Below we have prepared a list of 5 types of electric sewing machines that are revolutionizing apparel manufacturing.

1. Computerized Sewing Machine

A computerized sewing machine is a really high-tech automated electric sewing machine. The biggest advantage of these machines is that they can be connected to the computer. You can also connect these machines even to the internet.  

This way the computerized sewing machine can set up programs and undertake embroidery sewing work. With these machines, you will have various options to combine embroidery stitches in any manner you see fit. 

There can be up to 7 different types of buttonholes in a computerized sewing machine. Other notable features of a computerized electric sewing machine are an LCD display screen, stitch selector switches, speed control, automatic needle threading, etc. 

2. Overlock Sewing Machine

Automated Electric Sewing Machine Apparel Manufacturing

Overlocker sewing machines are rapidly becoming famous in the apparel industry. People also refer to them as sergers. Use of this electric sewing machine takes place to seam the material of the fabric. This facilitates a very efficient overlocking or seaming of the fabric. Overlocking means sewing the fabric’s edges together. 

The use of overlock sewing machines takes place by highly professional tailors. This way these tailors provide a stunning finish to a garment. These machines are also useful in providing overlocking designs in curtains, pillow covers, lingerie, napkins, and other types of garments. 

3. Embroidery Sewing Machine

Automated Electric Sewing Machine Apparel Manufacturing

As the name suggests, the use of embroidery sewing machines takes place for mainly embroidery works. Using this electric sewing machine, a tailor can add an artistic embroidery touch to the garment. To enhance embroidery work, a presser foot is also connected to this sewing machine. 

The embroidery sewing machine is very suitable for professional embroidery tailors. They can unleash their creative side with these machines and enhance the beauty of the fabric.  

Another notable feature of this sewing machine is that it has various automatic stitch patterns. So, embroidery workers can determine the embroidery design very conveniently. This electric sewing machine will save a lot of time and effort in comparison to traditional embroidery work.

4. Free-Arm Sewing Machines

The use of free arm machines takes place to sew circular projects. Various types of circular projects can be managed with this sewing machine like t-shirts, sleeves, cuffs, etc. You will find that there is an accessory associated with these machines. The role of this accessory is to facilitate the conversion of the machine to a free arm.

This conversion can take place in accordance with your requirements. The free arm effectively holds the feed-dog, shuttle, and bobbins of the sewing machine. If you want to sew, simply insert the fabric around the arm. This will provide you with the much-needed extra edge for sewing the circular projects.

5. Post Bed Sewing Machines

The construction of post bed sewing machines is such that they come with an external motor.  You can fit this electric sewing machine on an industrial sewing table along with this motor. 

This sewing machine is suitable to stitch products that are of 3-dimensional nature. Some examples of such products are bags, purses, caps, and hats.

Measuring from the sewing table’s flatbed, this electric sewing machine is generally 10-45 centimeters high. Parts like bobbin and feed dogs on such sewing machines are placed vertically.


The automated electric sewing machine has significantly increased the efficiency of the apparel industry. These machines can sew huge lengths of fabrics in a relatively short period of time. There are 5 types of electric sewing machines that are having the maximum impact on changing the apparel industry.


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