10 Books to Make your Life Easy as a Garment Technologist
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10 Books to Make your Life Easy as a Garment Technologist

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The person behind all the fashion apparel and dresses is the garment technologist. From selecting the fabric to manufacturing the dress, every step is examined and guided by the garment technologists. To be a garment technologist, one needs to know all types of garment materials and have expertise in handling them well. They act as guides to their working team, helping them build the apparel from scratch and deliver it with perfection. Even they need a guide to be perfect at their work and make it easy, for which reading books is the best available option. 

The top 10 books for Garment Technologist are:

  1. Make: Wearable Electronics: Design, prototype, and wear your own interactive garments-

Written by Kate Hartman, this book contains detailed information about the designs and wearables of interactive garments and the prototypes of the garments. There are various chapters describing the topics in detail, like ways of creating wearable interactive garments with the use of electrical circuits and different techniques of designing. The readers of this book can practice the ways of creating wearable electronics, following the steps given in the book with images. Renowned artists and famous professional designers have contributed their illustrations to the book, making it beneficial for the readers. 

  1. Illustrated Guide to Sewing: Garment Construction-

The book by Peg Couch is an easy guide to create clothes in your own way following the given methods and techniques. Learning the basics, sewing equipment, machine sewing techniques and taking measurements are few of the topics covered in this book. The readers must go through the book to have a grasp of the basics. Some other topics discussed in the book are waist bands, seams, zippers, pockets and collars. Stepwise instructions are given in the book regarding the sewing of various clothes for both men and women, like skirts, shirts, dresses and blouses. Colourfully illustrated, this is a perfect grab for beginners willing to sew clothes in their own way. 

  1. Construction for Fashion Design (Basics Fashion Design)-
Construction for Fashion Design (Basics Fashion Design)

Written by Anette Fischer, this book is a thesis on the basics of fashion designing. It includes a brief description on the designing process, pattern cutting and mannequin draping, to name a few. Sewing techniques is yet another topic the book includes, with haberdashery. This book is very beneficial for students as it contains case studies which can help them gain more knowledge about creativity and innovation in the field of fashion. This book also contains a step by step procedure for the students to practice. This is a very useful book for beginners in the fashion designing industry.

  1. Hand Book of Garments Manufacturing Technology-

Written by Eiri Staff, this book is all about the techniques being used in garment manufacturing technology, and its basic concepts. Among all the topics included in the book, a few are the development of instruments, measurement objectives of fabrics, measurements of body and sewing equipment. Adding more details on the chapters of this book, like techniques of sewing, stitching and cutting, construction of garments, and drafting. Each topic is described in detail in the chapters of this book, also with a step by step procedure to practise. The creative figures and appropriate examples help the garment technologist and students to have an easy understanding. This book is preferred mostly by fashion design students.    

  1. Management of Technology Systems in Garment Industry (Woodhead Publishing India) -

Gordana Colovic wrote the book for professional garment technologists. The contents in this book describe the basic principles being used in the management of systems in the garments industry. This book includes the topics of production space, organizations and materials, and the demands of the international fashion industry. The book has a lot of chapters detailing the management of technology systems. A few more chapters include planning analysis, logistics and layout in the clothing production, strategic and operating, management of the systems. This is a very handy book, containing the toolkit for management of time and control for technological operations. It is an easy pick to understand all the technical terms and making of the garments. The garment technologists, professional designers and beginner students working in the field of technology management in the garment industry are the most suitable buyers for this book. This book can make the lives of all the professionals and garment technologists easier, and help them grow in every aspect of fashion industry knowledge and skills.

  1. Cooklin's Garment Technology for Fashion Designers-
Cooklin's Garment Technology for Fashion Designers

This is written by Gerry Cooklin. Today, the fashion industry has become very competitive so it is crucial to have deep knowledge and understanding about the technology of garments. The designers are expected to have experience and understanding of the minor details, be it fabric or stitching. This is the 2nd edition of the book which includes information about the stitches and sewing techniques with very well illustrated guides and attachments. The chapters of the book explain the uses of the machines and equipment technology with their features. 

  1. Design for Manufacturing and Assembly in Apparel-  

This book by Debbie Ann Gioello is a detailed guide for garment designers to manufacture the new apparel styles. The chapters cover economical and efficient manufacturing. 

  1. Garments of Paradise: Wearable Discourse in the Digital Age-

Written by Elizabeth Ryan, the book contains descriptions about dresses using electricity and circuits for the making. Designers looking for wearable technology must get their hands on this book. The book also contains interesting illustrations and figures, discussing examples and making topics easy to understand. 

  1. The Technology of Clothing Manufacture-

The authors of this book are Barbara Latham and Harold Carr. The book describes the manufacturing of modern clothing with its various processes and the usage of equipment while processing. The photographs and detailed illustrations help in understanding each piece of equipment. 

  1.  Fusing Technology-

The book by Gerry Cooklin explains the importance of fusion and particular technology while manufacturing clothes.

These are a few books to help garment technologists in their work. 

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