List of Top 25 Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturers from Different Parts of the World

List of Top 25 Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturers from Different Parts of the World

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Non-woven fabric manufacturing is among the latest technologies used nowadays in textiles. These play a significant role in the textile business. There are short and long fibers that are bonded together by chemical methods. These methods include treating the fabric with chemicals, mechanical processes, heat or solvent. Gradually, they have become a replacement for polyurethane foam. 

Non-woven fabrics are used for making equipment needed in the medical field, including surgical gowns, caps, masks, wipes for baths, dressing wounds, etc. Apart from the medical sector, they are also very popular in other domains such as in the making of tea bags, coffee bags, vacuum bags, sandbags, diapers, shopping bags, etc. Due to its sheer high demand, this particular type of fabric is very important in the textile business. The increase in the demand for these fibers in every field makes it a big hit in all aspects of the textile business. 

Non-woven fabric manufacturers 

There are many reputed producers whose business role is that of being a non-woven fabric manufacturer. Let’s talk about the top 25 non-woven fabric manufacturers globally. 

1.     Berry Global-

Berry Global

It is the largest non-woven fabric manufacturer globally. Headquartered in Evansville, a city in Indiana, Berry plastics had a 2.45 Billion cash deal with Avintiv in 2015. The sales of Berry have consistently increased since its association with Avintiv in 2015 . This makes Berry plastics on the top in non-woven fabric industries. Its plants are in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Netherlands, and Asia. Some of their top brand names include Agribon, Air-Gard, Reemay, Chifonet Wipeschix, Comfortsilk, Covertan Pro and Durawipe. Berry has also announced the massive merger of Berry plastics and AEP industries.

2.     Freudenberg-

This is a top non-woven fabric manufacturer, with its headquarters in Weinheim, Germany. They have spread across 14 countries with 25 different global sites. This organisation deals with a variety of products such as building materials, hygiene products, interiors of automotive, medical supplies, elements of shoes, and others. After their acquisition with the Hansel brand, their sales have made a great increase in growth curves. 

3.     DuPont-


The headquarters of DuPont is in Wilmington, Delaware. They have a stronghold in areas such as construction, medical stuff, and graphics. They aim for the production of stuff with lower carbon footprints. Nomex, Sorona, Corian, and Danisco are some of its famous brands.

4.     Kimberly-Clark-

The Kimberly-Clark, with its headquarters in Dallas, TX (Texas)  is a globally known name, with its brand’s supply in about 175 countries. They are best known for their hygiene products. Their business is centred on products for women, child care as well as adult care. 

5.     Fitesa-

Fitesa has its headquarter in Simpsonville, SC. It is spread across eight countries with ten locations. They also supply hygiene, medical, and industrial products with air-laid non-woven fabrics. Their new lines are established in Europe and America. Due to great investments in its hygiene products, Fitesa’s sales have an incredible growth rate.

6.     Ahlstrom-

Ahlstrom has its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. They are recognized with two business sects, filtration & performance, and specialties. For their first business i.e. filtration & performance, they provide wall coverings, buildings, wind businesses, and industrial & engine filtration. For the business in specialties, they have medical filtration and food packaging.

7.     Glatfelter-


The Glatfelter has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. They provide lighter-weight hygiene products. Its demand has increased significantly in North America. Moreover, they are the largest suppliers of engineered products and papers globally. They have 12 production facilities which are present in Germany, France, the UK, the US, Canada, and the Philippines.

8.     Johns Manville-

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, they are the leading manufacturers of insulation, engineered products, roofing, and glass fibers. They deliver their products to 85+ countries. North America, Europe, and China have 44 of their manufacturing facilities.

9.     TWE Group-

The TWE has its headquarters in Emsdetten, Germany. They have 14 plants distributed worldwide. The plants are spread in the U.S., Sweden, France, Belgium, Germany, and China. They are the leading manufacturers of carded non-woven fabrics globally. They supply needle-punched fibers such as polyester, polypropylene, Nomex, and polyacrylic. 

10.  Suominen Corporation-

Suominen Corporation

Another well-known non-woven fabric manufacturer, they have their headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. They lead the global non-woven markets when it comes to the manufacturing of wipes. They have two departments for their business- convenience and care. The convenience part of the business includes wipes, which stand at 92 percent of the total sales whereas the remaining 8 percent of the sales are the hygiene products.

11.  Lydall-

Lydall Inc has its headquarters in the US. It provides a variety of engineered and insulation products. Their speciality is in papers, automotive heat shields, medical filtration, bioprocessing, and acoustical barriers.

12.  PF Non-Woven-

This enterprise is often referred to as PFN. The headquarters of PFN is in Prague, Czech Republic. They are one of the leading producers of non-woven hygiene products globally, excelling in the manufacturing of baby diapers, wipes, feminine hygiene and also adult hygiene products. Further, they have four production amenities in 3 regions: the USA, Egypt, and South Africa.

13.  Low and Bonar-

Headquartered in London, UK, the major markets of Low and Bonar include agro, building, civil engineering, flooring industry, interior, roofing, transportation, and filtration. Their manufacturing facilities are in Belgium, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, the U.K., the U.S. and also as joint ventures in China and Saudi Arabia. Its parent organization is Freudenberg.

14.  Avgol Non-Wovens-

Avgol Non-Wovens

The headquarters of Avgol is in Tel Aviv, Israel. Their major markets include hygiene and medical products and they have also established their names among the best non-woven fabric manufacturers by producing fabrics that are ultra-lightweight spun-melt non-woven. They are also diversifying in other materials like back sheets and top sheets.

15.  Georgia-Pacific-

The headquarters of Georgia-Pacific is in Atlanta, GA. Its parent organization is Koch industries. Their major market includes industrial wipes, baby wipes, female hygiene products, absorbent cores, pulp, and toilet tissues.

16.  Jacob Holm Industries-

The Jacob Holm industries have its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.  A major player in medical, hygiene, technical, industrial, personal as well as home care supplies, the brands of these industries are Sontara, Softesse, JetSpun, Softlite, SoftFlush.

17.  Gulsan Group-

Its headquarter is in Gaziantep, Turkey. They possess a speciality in the manufacturing of baby diapers, adult incontinence, and feminine hygiene. They provide their customers with high quality, ultra light-weight materials making their products more attractive.

18.  Sandler-

Sandler has its headquarters in Germany. Their major non-woven products include medical stuff, baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, transportation filtration, insulation, civil engineering, interior acoustics, mattresses and other household textiles.

19.  Toray Advanced Materials-

The headquarter of Toray is in Seoul, Korea. The plants of the Toray are in Korea, China, and Indonesia. They are mainly responsible for the manufacturing of hygiene, medical, industrial specialists, agricultural, filtration, upholstery, and constructions.

20.  First Quality Non-Wovens-

The headquarter of the First quality non-woven is in Great Neck, New York. They have their plants in Hazleton, PA; McElhattan, PA; Wuxi, China. They mostly manufacture hygiene and medical products. First quality non-woven also plays a significant role in the production of female hygiene products and absorbent food pads along with providing adult incontinence items.

21.  Fibertex Personal Care-

Fibertex personal care has its headquarter in Aalborg, Denmark. Its plants are in Denmark, Malaysia, and Germany. Some of its famous brands are Comfort, Elite, and Dual. They are best in the manufacturing of hygiene products such as baby diapers, feminine products, and adult incontinence. They produce about 50,000 tons of non-wovens every year.

22.  Pegas Non-Woven-

The headquarters of Pegas non-woven are in Znojmo, Czech Republic. They have their plants in different parts such as Znojmo and Bucovice, Czech Republic; 6th of October City in Egypt. The major market share of Pegas is in the manufacturing of healthcare, hygiene, agriculture, furniture, industrial and protective apparel.

23.  Mitsui Chemicals-

Mitsui Chemicals

The headquarters of Mitsui chemicals are in Minato City, Tokyo, Japan. Their plants are in Yokkaichi, Nagoya. Some of the top brands of Mitsui are Tafnel, Synetx, Syntex Nano. The main manufacturing process includes geotextiles, oil-absorbing materials, coverstock, wipes, air filters, household, and agriculture stuff. Mitsui produces 1,000 tons of meltblown non-wovens every year.

24.  Fibertex Non-Woven-

The headquarters of Fibertex is in Aalborg, Denmark while its plants are present in Denmark, the Czech Republic, France, South Africa, the U.S., and Turkey. They include several unique processes such as Needlepunch, spun lace, impregnations, and coating. They are famous in the production of automotive, acoustics, buildings, medical fields, wipes, and geotextiles. They have introduced a new needle punch line, especially for automotive industries.

25.  Tenowo-

The headquarter of Tenowo is in Germany. Moreover, its plants are widespread in Reichenbach, Germany, Mittweida, Germany; Lincolnton, NC, U.S., and Huzhou City, China. They include various processes such as thermal bonded; saturate bonded, dry-laid, and stitch-bonded. Some of its major brands are Zetajet, Zetatherm, Zetamold, Zetastitch-C, Maliwatt, Malivlies, Kunit, Multiknit, Bassopoint, Unipoint, Unisoft, Zetafelt, Zetastitch, Zetafil, Zetawatt, Zetaloft, Florbond, Zetabond, and Variopoint. Moreover, their main market includes acoustics, automotive, roofing, industrial, interlinings, and filtration.


Thus, through this information, we can get an idea about the fact that a non-woven fabric manufacturer is in high demand nowadays. Non-woven fabrics play a significant role in our daily life. The hygiene products, baby products, or any construction product in every field has great importance of non-woven fabrics. This high demand for all these products has led to a growth in non-woven markets. 

To get aware of all the updated and appropriate knowledge of fabrics or fashion stuff, get in touch with our team in Fashinza. Fashinza also connects manufacturers to the various fashion lines which help them to choose wisely for their brands.


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