Is Fashinza the Largest Marketplace for Indian Clothing Manufacturer?

Is Fashinza the Largest Marketplace for Indian Clothing Manufacturer?

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From handloom sarees to silk satin dresses, India's diverse fashion tastes and demands are hard to meet. Yet, it has been made possible by Fashinza, one of the leading marketplace platforms for Indian Clothing Manufacturers to connect and find new prospects!

What is Fashinza?

Fashinza is a B2B textile and apparel platform that brings together many Indian clothing manufacturers helping clothing brands network and connect with suppliers to improve their products and expand their collections. 

Fashinza partner Indian Clothing Manufacturers will only have to make the purchase because the service executives oversee the entire operation of production from concept designing and planning to implementation. Our main service is a platform that allows brands to place orders, track them, get production schedule updates, interact with producers, and pay for them. 

Fashinza is becoming one of the most popular platforms for fashion brands to connect with manufacturers and improve their network. 

Companies can use Fashinza to place manufacturing orders for their offerings and have them distributed, with options to track, connect, and transfer funds along the way, similar to internet shopping and e-commerce platforms. Their main objective here is to connect other manufacturers with brands and 

Fashinza's Vision

Fashinza helps companies decrease inventory forecasting mistakes and create things with total transparency and no effort. Its mission is to simplify the fashion supply and distribution network to make the process faster, more adaptable, sustainable, and financially viable. 

Fashion's goal is to make the textile production process simple, quick and transparent for Indian Clothing Manufacturers.

On the one hand, Fashinza concentrates on fashion and style in a nation where women's involvement in the labor force is notoriously low; this business is not only providing a source of income for them by hiring them, but also motivating women with their own self-help and sustenance to become their own boss. Since then, Fashinza has made it the main goal to rethink the fashion supply chain in order to make the fashion industry and the fashion world a better place for Indian Clothing Manufacturers, women entrepreneurs, and the planet.

What Does Fashinza Do?

Indian Clothing Manufacturer\n

Fashinza assists brands in reducing inventory forecasting mistakes and producing items in a transparent and efficient manner.

Fashinza intends to deliver end-to-end textile production solutions to fashion labels ranging from small businesses to major stores. The company aims to assist companies in finding the ideal Indian clothing manufacturers before handling the complete production process, including fabric procurement, costing, sample, production, quality control, and delivery. Once a brand subscribes to our services, they don't have to spend time on any production-related tasks.

Fashinza allows organisations to monitor the status of their orders on an AI-controlled dashboard with real-time updates, ensuring not just on-time delivery but also keeping our associate firms up to date at all times.

The platform also gives users access to huge catalogs for all types of clothes and textiles. Before making an order, brands may browse hundreds of unique design alternatives.

By sourcing low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) and having quick turnarounds, the platform also helps companies reduce the risk of unsold inventory. Fashinza has worked with numerous lenders (NBFCs/Fintechs) and now works with over 250 medium and small textile businesses. These banks can assist Indian clothing manufacturers with early payments, with the lender being reimbursed by Fashinza with a longer credit duration.

The Story Behind Fashinza

Abhishek Sharma, a resident of Rajasthan's Dausa region, always cared about the people in his community and wanted to help small and medium enterprises, the backbone of the Indian economy. 

He hoped to do this by presenting them with a transparent ecosystem in which MSMEs and Indian clothing manufacturers may interact with both national and international brands to increase their revenues.

When Abhishek and his collaborator Pawan Gupta went on a journey to Jaipur in 2019, they got a firsthand look at local life and learned some intriguing facts about livelihoods. The number of women engaged in Jaipur's well-known Indian ethnic garment manufacturing businesses piqued their interest.

Abhishek and Pawan, both experienced entrepreneurs and IIT Delhi alumni, started Fashinza, a tech-enabled agile platform for fashion Indian Clothing Manufacturers, in 2020, with a strong intention to lead this shift.

The creators of Fashinza are on a quest to rethink the fashion supply chain by combining traditional craftsmen's practices with supply chain transparency and traceability enabled by technology.

How Does Fashinza support Businesses?

Fashinza has increased by more than 200% in the last year. Everything from identifying the proper supplier to coordinating production across partners is automated using Fashinza's AI-driven technology platform.

Fashinza expanded to New York in May 2021 with the goal of revolutionising the $800 billion fashion industry manufacturing industry for the e-commerce age, which is more flexible, rapid, transparent, and sustainable.

This might be a method for an industry hooked on cheap costs and an overproduction to decrease waste and its environmental effect. Fashinza also uses embedded finance solutions to handle crucial concerns like cash flow and payment confidence.

Management and Skill-Based Assistance 

Indian Clothing Manufacturer

Senior management's vision and guidance have an impact on a company's culture and performance. 

Financial resources are scarce for small and medium-sized businesses. Any small business's management strategy is critical to its success. All of the above characteristics are worth investigating since leadership is critical to the operations of small and midsize businesses, as well as their potential to reach benchmark results.

In India, small and mid-sized textile firms were seen to be family businesses, with the family being responsible for the company's ideals and efforts. It is a crucial component in the current situation, since the development of corporate standards and practices is critical to its long-term viability.

Fashinza takes into account these ideas to ensure comfort and convenience for Indian Clothing Manufacturers. 

What separates Fashinza from the rest?

Fashinza is a technology-driven startup that is using AI to construct its platform. This aids supply chain management by automating it, increasing transparency and dependability, and shortening lead times. 

Indian Clothing Manufacturers pay a commission to the platform in exchange for different services such as technology, financing, and improved efficiency.

Since the pandemic has imposed international lockdowns, brands are facing shipping delays and cancelled orders valued at over millions of dollars, causing companies to suffer significant losses. 

The sector is steadily recouping its losses, but manufacturers are indeed having difficulty obtaining orders. It's much more challenging for them, as they have no prior expertise with cutting-edge technology that may help them expand their reach and increase sales. 

Fashinza is attempting to make it simpler for brands to re-enter the market in the new normal by assisting them in connecting with Indian Clothing Manufacturers via our platform and offering a new tech-driven perspective to the conventional supply chain process.

QaPP Benefits

As part of a trial program, QaPP, which consists of a tablet and an LED screen, was introduced in 50 factories. This resulted in a huge increase in the visibility of the production. This gives you the opportunity to:

  • Manufacturing visibility on the area in live time
  • Internal performance failures are kept to a minimum.
  • Several performance metrics are accessible.
  • Filter production metrics to expand the scope.
  • Inspection of the manufacturing process at various phases

Advantages of Using Fashinza

The main advantages of using the Fashinza marketplace are:

  • The company offers a place for four times faster supplier matching and pricing for products from manufacturers. 
  • The company provides over 60% reduction in the sample approval time for clothing catalogs and product orders.
  • The company has an average production cycle period of only six weeks, making it more cost and time-efficient for Indian brands. 
  • With the technological aid, manufacturers partnered with the company need 90% lesser follow-ups as opposed to traditional e-commerce client relationships. 

The Future for Fashinza

Fashinza has worked with companies from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and, of course, India. This implies that the firm not only works with the biggest shops, but also with local brands that are just getting started and have a restricted budget. 

The idea is to make manufacturing accessible to companies of any size and scope.

Fashinza also intends to develop its manufacturing operations in Turkey, Sri Lanka, and China. The firm now operates out of Gurgaon, Jaipur, and Tirupur, with its headquarters in Gurgaon.

Fashinza's Approach to Indian Fashion

Being a platform for Indian Clothing Manufacturers, the empowering and convenient advantages of Fashinza are sure to benefit several entrepreneurs and traditional artisans in the country. 
With over 500+ brand integrations and partnerships, Fashinza is surely one of the biggest, leading fashion marketplace platforms in our country!


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