How To Manufacture Clothes From Bangladesh And China Without Traveling?

How To Manufacture Clothes From Bangladesh And China Without Traveling?

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Manufacturing clothes requires some prior knowledge about manufacturing. Manufacturers also need to decide on what clothes they want to manufacture. For this, they need to compare the range of potential clothing suppliers. Most Asian companies from China, India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam specialise in producing a few types of clothes. Therefore, it is essential to select suitable suppliers. Manufacturers can visit the supplier’s official site for detailed information about the type of clothing they specialise in. Moreover, by conducting a factory audit, manufacturers can also check the quality and reliability of the clothing, thus saving travel costs.

Manufacturing Clothes from Bangladesh and China

For years, China has remained the most prominent clothing exporter globally. The “Made in China” brand has left a significant mark on customers over the years. On the other hand, Bangladesh is an upcoming clothing exporter and one of the largest exporters of garments and textiles. The clothing and textile industries constitute up to 91% of the country's total exports. Bangladesh was also the second-largest apparel producer in 2018. Since the manufacturing wages of the country are comparatively lower than in other countries, it is an ideal location for labour-intensive companies. To manufacture clothing from these exporters requires knowing some things that will make manufacturing clothes from Bangladesh and China easier. Listed below are ways in which manufacturing clothes from Bangladesh and China can happen without travelling:

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  1. Perform a Factory Audit: A factory audit will help the importer know the details of the product thoroughly. The process involves a thorough checkup of the reliability and quality of products. A business partner can perform a Factory Audit. Quality Check is essential to ensure that the product is in good condition before and after the manufacturing process is complete. The product must remain in good condition until it reaches the consumers. In addition, it also ensures that manufacturing clothing from Bangladesh and China becomes more manageable and does not require travelling. 
  2. Know the import rights: Manufacturers must be thorough with the import rights of their country. They must know what their country allows and what is prohibited. This way, manufacturers can produce clothing from Bangladesh and China without travelling directly or encountering legal troubles. 
  3. Know the manufacturing process in Bangladesh and China: Manufacturers must know Bangladesh and China’s export and manufacturing processes before manufacturing clothing from these countries. China especially has numerous formalities before they export their clothing. Understanding the manufacturing process in Bangladesh and China will help manufacturers avoid any hassles and, therefore, not involve travelling during the manufacturing process. 
  4. Find good clothing manufacturers: One of the most important things to do before manufacturing goods from Bangladesh and China is to find suitable manufacturers and suppliers of clothing in Bangladesh and China. Various factors need to be considered while selecting good clothing manufacturers, such as the availability of high-quality products at low prices, fast shipping, and a good experience in the clothing sector. The credibility of the manufacturers and suppliers must also be taken into account. Finding good clothing manufacturers is also essential because it reassures that the products will be good quality and reliable. This way, it will be fairly convenient to manufacture clothes from Bangladesh and China without any hassles. In addition, the manufacturing process from Bangladesh and China can be conducted without directly travelling. 
  5. Specify the type of clothes: Before manufacturing clothing from Bangladesh and China, it is essential to specify the type of clothing manufacturers want to make from these countries. For example, exporting clothing from China requires specifying what the manufacturers wish for their clothing and what the garments should consist of before manufacturing them. In addition, manufacturers should also provide information about whether they want zippers, laces, buttons, etc., in their clothing. They must also provide the measurement of clothing while ordering from these countries. This way, they can avoid travelling during the manufacturing process and prevent any wrong products during the manufacturing process. 
  6. State the Product Description clearly: Before the manufacturing process, it is essential to communicate the product description to manufacturers. The product description includes the product's weight, composition, size, colour, coating, number of threads to be used, etc. There will be minimum problems during the manufacturing process, and travelling while manufacturing the clothing products from Bangladesh and China can be avoided. 
  7. Describe the logos and washing labels correctly: Before importing the product, it is essential to specify the type of logos, prints, and washing labels in the clothing. In addition, the instructions about logos, washing labels, and prints that should be put in the clothing must be clear so that there is no problem while manufacturing the product. This way, the manufacturing process becomes more accessible and hassle-free. In addition, travelling while manufacturing clothing products from Bangladesh and china can be avoided. 
  8. Specify the quantity of the product: Specifying the amount of the product is essential because it will ease the manufacturing process and obtain the exact amount of product. This way, it will also reduce the chances of travelling to Bangladesh or China to overlook the manufacturing process. 
  9. Garment Sample Production: Before the manufacturing process begins in Bangladesh and China, it is essential to order a garment sample production to check the quality, design, weight, logo, print, washing label, etc., in the garment. In case of any discrepancy, alteration of the product can be ordered, and the product can be enhanced and made better. Therefore, this will also increase the production quality of products and improve their reliability. Subsequently, it will also lead to smooth and easy manufacturing without any significant problems. In addition, there will also be no need to travel to Bangladesh or China to conduct the manufacturing process of clothing. 
  10. Make a Production Manual: The production Manual helps categorise and clearly specify the type of product wanted during manufacturing. It is also an excellent resource to understand how to make specific garments. Production Manuals also reduce errors during production and manufacturing. In addition, it makes the process a lot simpler, hassle-free, and more convenient. A Production Manual, therefore, reduces the need to travel during the production and manufacturing of clothing from Bangladesh and China. Instructions can be conveyed easily without physically meeting manufacturers and production houses in Bangladesh and China.
  11. Book a Material Lab Testing: Material Lab testing is important to test the quality of material used in the products. This way, the product can be appropriately analysed, and if there are any discrepancies in the material used in the clothing, it can be changed. In addition, this way, the product can be enhanced easily without physically visiting the production house of Bangladesh and China. As a result, the quality and reliability of the clothing can also be improved. Subsequently, this also reduces the chances of travelling to Bangladesh and China to conduct the manufacturing process of the clothing products. 
  12. Bulk Buy the Products: It is essential to buy products in large quantities to manufacture clothing products from Bangladesh and China. Ordering clothing products in big bulk will reduce the probability of travelling to Bangladesh and China physically. The entire manufacturing process can be managed directly, however, without travelling. Bulk Buying products will also help prevent the shortage of products and the need to frequently order products. In addition, it also saves money and subsequently reduces the cost of products per unit. These savings can also be passed on to clients.
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These methods ensure that manufacturing clothing from Bangladesh and China becomes more accessible, and the entire process happens without travelling to the countries physically. Furthermore, travelling is always not possible or feasible. However, it is essential to ensure that products reach their destinations on time while following all instructions and in good quality. However, there is always a risk of things going wrong. Therefore, it is essential to meticulously examine the entire manufacturing process to avoid discrepancies and mistakes and receive clothing orders in a proper condition without any problems and hassles. 


China and Bangladesh are famous for their garment and textile industries, and there is a high demand for manufacturing clothes in these countries. Hence, it is essential to find the right manufacturing company to conduct the manufacturing process. The clothes also need to be manufactured with proper care. Good quality products have to be ensured during the manufacturing process. Sometimes scammers and fraudsters may pose as manufacturing companies and scam consumers. Hence, it is essential to verify the manufacturing company before selecting it for the manufacturing process. Fashinza is a business-to-business apparel manufacturing platform that assists clothing brands to produce their collections by connecting them to suppliers. They make the process of apparel manufacturing hassle-free and transparent for brands. So, if you seek a platform to help you through the manufacturing process, Fashinza is the right choice for you. Join Fashniza now to complete the manufacturing process of your products in a more accessible and quicker manner!


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