Are Clothing Manufacturers In The USA The Best Choice For Your Brand?

Are Clothing Manufacturers In The USA The Best Choice For Your Brand?

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The right garment manufacturer is critical to the success of your fashion designing company. All your passion for designing a piece of clothing, all the details you've imagined to make it distinctive, and the glamorous design you've envisioned will be for naught if you can't locate a garment manufacturer that can translate fabrics per your fantasy.

While quality is crucial, it is not the primary criterion for selecting a garment manufacturer. The manufacturing process, the licenses held by the company, its region, and other factors also impact the final product's quality and price.

Since budgeting is an important part of being in the fashion industry, you must ensure that you can fund the clothing manufacturer of your choice.

What is a Clothing Manufacturer?

A clothing manufacturer is a company that makes garments. As the client, you must supply the manufacturer with the designs and any relevant parameters such as materials, sizes, finishes, etc.

The clothing manufacturer creates your line of apparel, ready to sell to your clients based on your specifications.

Clothing Manufacturers in the USA: The Ideal Choice 

Whether you're getting personalized business wear for your employees or releasing a new clothing line, there's one query that will pop up. Do I buy my clothes from American or foreign manufacturers?

This question has become popular due to contemporary technology and the emergence of platforms that connect customers and international manufacturers. An individual or corporation searching for private label garments now has two options. But which option is the best?

Of course, both solutions have advantages and disadvantages. However, to fulfill most organizations' requirements, schedules, and goals, it's definitely a no-brainer to go in-house with American apparel manufacturers.

The most prevalent reason people turned away offshore clothing manufacturers was to save money.

This was undoubtedly true in the past. However, the pricing disparity between offshore and domestic apparel manufacturing has lessened in recent years.

Looking for clothes manufactured elsewhere is not a bad idea anymore. However, there are a number of advantages that make American manufacturers a far superior option. Moreover, the USA has the world's second-largest apparel market. The following are the top five advantages of working with clothing manufacturers in the USA.

Clothing Manufacturers in the USA: The Ideal Choice 
  1. Low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

There is always a sizeable minimum purchase quantity (or MOQ) when purchasing from overseas manufacturers, regardless of the goods. The MOQ can often be pushed down to a lower quantity, but it is still a substantial number.

If you are able to ship a low quantity order of bespoke apparel to the United States, the shipping cost will be high. Probably it will be so pricey that the cost would no longer be worth it. The more you purchase, the more money you'll save on international shipping.

As a result, a large MOQ makes sense for offshore manufacturing. However, it makes little sense for businesses that only want a few hundred corporate shirts or promotional apparel. Similarly, new businesses who do not wish to spend their entire budget "testing" their market should avoid doing so.

Clothing manufacturers in the USA typically have a substantially lower MOQ requirement. You may obtain your bespoke clothes with private labeling for just a few pieces.

The best thing is that the low MOQ will have little effect on shipping costs. With modest quantity purchases, and no sea freight and expedited overseas shipping, the cost will be low.

  1. Timelines For American Clothing Manufacturers Are Shorter

When you import clothing from another country, the actual production method of the products may be faster in some situations. However, when you consider the time it takes to ship your apparel to the United States, the schedule becomes significantly longer.

Overseas air freight is faster, but it is far more costlier. The most cost-effective approach is through sea freight, which may take an additional 20 to 30 days based on the departure and arrival destinations.

When you factor in the headache and time it takes for customs to look through and check your package, the time it takes to receive your clothing becomes considerably longer. Certain ports have frequent strikes, which means that the cargo will be stuck aboard the ship until the issues are handled.

Can you wait that long for your personalized clothing? Needless to add, manufacturing your clothing in the United States allows you to take advantage of speedy and low-cost domestic delivery.

Clothing manufacturers in the USA understand the need and significance of meeting deadlines. Companies need their clothing as quickly as it is feasible. Depending on the order requirements, they can provide a timeframe of 5 to 8 weeks from the time the order is placed to when the products are received.

  1. American Clothing Manufacturers' Quality Control

Quality control is one of the most challenging aspects of manufacturing in any sector. When you produce a considerable number of any items, there is a good chance that something will go wrong. That is why quality assurance is so critical.

The issue is that overseas manufacturers, particularly Chinese manufacturers, are known for cutting corners on quality. The low price you pay for your imported clothing includes the cost of quality checks.

American manufacturers are known to be more thorough in their quality inspection. For this reason, Made in the USA products are believed to be of superior quality. This general impression is correct.

The clothing manufacturers in the USA take pleasure in quality control. There are no stones unturned. The clients are also becoming aware of this, and it is reflected in the final garment products. It's the reason they keep returning to the American manufacturers.

  1. American Clothing Manufacturers Provide Excellent Customer Service

If you've ever worked with overseas manufacturers, you'll realize how communication can create manufacturing delays. It is hard to coordinate orders because of the time difference, especially for large orders.

There are advantages of working with a company in a similar time zone. You can contact them whenever you want by picking up the phone.

The clothing manufacturers in the USA deliver high-quality clothes and are excellent in advertising, consulting, and providing the best client experience possible. They make sure to back up client experience with a highly skilled and experienced customer service team.

If you need to make adjustments, you can easily and quickly contact them. Do you want to check the status of the products? Not an issue. Any questions can be answered by making a phone call (or sending an email). There is no reason to wait for customer service in another nation.

  1. Creating Manufacturing Jobs For Americans

Last but not least, by wearing clothes made in the United States, you will be boosting the economy and creating jobs for the American people.

Is there a better feeling as an American than backing your own people when given the opportunity? The American people are the backbone of this economy, and we believe that helping them will make this country a better place for all.

Other Benefits of Choosing the Clothing Manufacturers in the USA

  • If you sell out faster than expected, an American manufacturer allows you to restock much more swiftly. This is highly crucial in the fashion industry – if something is hot and selling well right now, sell as much as you can. Fashion travels at the speed of light, and trends come and go in the blink of an eye. It would be an error not to capitalize on these trends when they arise.
  • If "eco-friendly" and "environmentally friendly" are vital to you or your clients, then select such clothing manufacturers in the United States. You can even visit them to inspect if they really use eco-friendly material. Environmental rules in the United States are carefully enforced. The nation strives to be an environmentally friendly, sustainable business in the apparel industry.
  • In general, quality control processes are superior in the United States. "Made in the USA" is a distinct marketing point. The assumption that American-made products are superior is popular among consumers. Products labeled "Made in the USA" are of high quality. Such items will sell faster.
Clothing Manufacturers in the USA: The Ideal Choice 


Choosing the appropriate clothing manufacturer is critical for your fashion business. The manufacturer is one of the most important partners your company relies on. Making the products available as soon as possible and the overall happiness of your customers depend on your clothing manufacturer.

Take your time, do your research, thoroughly weigh all your possibilities, and don't make a hasty decision. Choosing the appropriate clothing manufacturer may take time and be exhausting at times, but by following the principles outlined above, you will lay a firm base for your fashion business.

Are you looking for a clothing manufacturer or facing challenges in setting up your clothing line?

Don’t worry; Fashinza can help you with your clothing brand, so feel free to connect for further queries.


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