10 Questions to Ask Custom Clothing Vendors Before Signing a Deal

10 Questions to Ask Custom Clothing Vendors Before Signing a Deal

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There is nothing more exciting for a fashion designer or brand than to witness the launch of their long-awaited collection. After all the hard work, getting recognized and watching their imagination come to life is unparalleled. 

However, before this becomes a reality, one needs to find a vendor. The reasons for that are manifold, including ensuring quality standards are met and verifying the sales samples look like the products the brand intends to sell. Furthermore, costs may vary from factory to factory. 

So, brands need to be on top of their business model and price calculations before starting. Finding a good supplier can be tricky and challenging because it is not easy to find a match that aligns with the brand’s specific needs in terms of quality, communication, and delivery. 

An individual might even start working with a vendor for custom clothes before realizing that it is not working out after a few months. Who wants to waste their precious time in today’s day and age? People who have already found their dream clothing vendor or manufacturer must nurture that relationship. 

However, individuals and brands who are still actively looking for a custom clothing vendor must ask a range of questions before signing a deal. Are you wondering what these questions are? Read on to learn more.

10 Questions to Ask Custom Clothing Vendors Before Signing a Deal 

1. Are you taking in new customers?

One of the key questions one needs to ask custom clothing vendors is if they are open to taking in new customers. They may be overbooked and, hence, put a hold on booking new customers. If that is the case, it is best to move on to other custom clothing vendors

2. What products do you usually produce? 

10 Questions to Ask Custom Clothing Vendors Before Signing a Deal

Different custom clothing vendors have diverse niches. While some produce specific clothing, others have a wide variety of clothing styles. Finding out about their specialty gives one an insight into whether their experience aligns with one’s requirements. 

If a person’s brand mainly serves plus-size males, it will not make much sense to opt for a supplier with a focus on women’s wear. 

3. Do you have a minimum order quantity? 

The harsh truth is that most custom clothing vendors have a minimum order quantity. If one finds a vendor who does not, they will be one of the few lucky ones. However, prospects are against brands’ favor. That is why everyone should ask custom clothing vendors for their minimum order quantity. 

No one should compromise and work with a vendor who leaves them with extra, unsellable inventory that will take up their precious shelf space. Moreover, it is essential to ask about the surcharge they will take after agreeing on lower quantities.

4. Who will I be discussing my orders with, and are there any language barriers? 

If one is going with a custom clothing vendor from another state or overseas, it will be helpful to know who will be handling their orders. It is exceedingly vital for individuals to understand each other’s verbal and written language. 

Someone who has a good grasp of the language one will use to communicate their order will be unlikely to misinterpret instructions included with the design order. 

5. Can you give me price examples? 

Every individual must ask custom clothing vendors for a quotation. Many vendors and manufacturers give discounts to individuals on bulk orders. Therefore, one can ask for a range of product costs per unit and order quantity. It will give one a much better idea of the investment they can expect to make. 

6. What are your usual payment terms or timelines? 

One should always ask a custom clothing vendor if they want the payment upfront or in parts. Every store has different ways of carrying out business. That is why it is vital to know the payment terms before signing any contract. One must go through the payment terms in depth before taking a final call. 

7. What is the expected turnaround time for my order request? 

10 Questions to Ask Custom Clothing Vendors Before Signing a Deal

Every individual’s business has a realistic timeline. Everyone expects the vendor or manufacturer to provide them with products within a specific timeframe. Therefore, it becomes essential to ask the expected turnaround time for one’s order request to their custom clothing vendor. 

Moreover, before signing a contract, it is all the more essential to get a realistic estimate of the turnaround time for one’s order request. It will allow one to plan the store’s or boutique’s financial year effortlessly. 

8. How do you handle shipping? 

It is one of those questions that are easy to miss. However, one must ask this to factor shipping costs into their sourcing equation. Many custom clothing vendors outsource their shipping to freight companies such as FedEx. 

Therefore, one can ask their vendor how they handle shipping with other customers. It will allow one the opportunity to find out how much of a role they will have to play in setting up the final shipping. 

9. How do you handle defective items in your order? 

While many custom clothing vendors have some general guidelines to address defective products, others do not. Besides, many times, quality assurance can be unpredictable. Therefore, it becomes all the more vital to discuss the management of defective items with the vendor beforehand.

10. What happens if materials do not arrive? 

One cannot ever have complete control over the delivery timeline. Inevitably, the order will sometimes arrive late. However, what happens if it does not reach? What will their custom clothing vendor do then? 

Will they offer a discount or offer a mere apology? They might also pay for the clothing that does not arrive. In either case, it is best to know before signing a contract. 


Sourcing clothes can be a tricky and tedious ride. If one owns a fashion boutique or store, they must work in sync with their vendor or supplier. From the payment, shipping to quantity, one must discuss everything beforehand. All the questions mentioned above are top-need-to-know. They’ll help one find the dream match for their brand. 

The vendor or supplier one chooses must be on board with their vision and values. That is because they will be investing both money and time in each other’s business. Fashinza has tie-ups with over 200 of the most experienced vendors who work for global brands. The entire process is also highly efficient on the platform. 

All one has to do is select a skillful vendor and the fabric. After that, an individual can give the customizations and have a pre-sample approval conducted. Thereafter, one can sit back, relax, and start tracking. Yes, it is that easy! Anyone can develop and grow their collection with Fashinza.

Fashinza has an alliance with some of the most experienced suppliers who work for global brands. Some of the regions that we operate from include India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Furthermore, we have on-ground representatives in each of these countries. 

From menswear, womenswear, kidswear to sportswear, we have it all. What’s more, it is extremely easy and affordable to get started on our platform. As a brand, we are exceedingly selective about the suppliers that we work with every day. That is why Fabinza is an ideal platform for boutique or fashion stores that need help with sourcing custom clothes. We verify each vendor and follow sustainable production practices.


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