What is Virtual Fashion: Definition, Examples, And Virtual Fashion Events

What is Virtual Fashion: Definition, Examples, And Virtual Fashion Events

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It's a millennial world; we’re just living in it. And it looks like the new age fashion trend-setters might be hinting at us to stop buying clothes to wear. Well, at least not literally. Virtual fashion brings home a blend of fantasy and reality that will now let you buy and wear clothes made solely out of pixels. 

Bit of a shocker? Turns out, not so much. Today, major eCommerce websites like Amazon and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are living proof that the internet rules the world. As most transactions and marketplaces find their way online, fashion houses strive to maintain a substantial online presence in order to stay “relevant” to the shoppers. Virtual fashion is just one step away, not only in terms of sustainability, which still remains a huge cause for concern in the industry, but also making fashion accessible to everyone regardless of size and gender. 

But What is Virtual Fashion?

Avant-garde fashion brands like Tribute Brand and The Fabricant have now come up with designs that can be worn digitally. Making use of the blockchain technology, these apparel are being sold online without running the risk of duplication. The clothes are then made to fit the customer’s image with the help of 3D technology to look realistic. What could be more social media friendly than that? Minimizing material cost and waste, it is just the right solution for the next influencers on the prowl for the perfect #OOTD without actually having to wear or repeat the fit. 

So, Where Can You Find These Digital Clothes?

Virtual Fashion Virtual Fashion Events

Say no more as we bring to you a one-stop shop guide for your next futuristic purchase.

  1. The Fabricant

Founded in 2018, The Fabricant entered the big leagues in 2019 when it managed to sell its Iridescent Digi-couture Dress for a whopping $9,500. “A new cult is rising. The digital world is coming and we are no longer bound to physical space.”, wrote the creative director at The Fabricant, Amber Jae Slooten, when talking about the dress. The concept of the dress represents the fluidity of nature, rendering this hyper-realistic design wearable due to the digital form of the outfit. 

Since then the fashion house has worked on many such breakthrough projects, like the unisex animator coat inspired by sea urchins, made in collaboration with designer Toni Maticevski. 

  1. Hanifa 

This Congolese brand was started in the summer of 2012 by founder Anifa Mvuemba, but did not début a runway fashion show until May 2020, which took the internet by storm. Held on Instagram live stream, this new collection was, least to say, unusual. Made, although not entirely, out of virtual garments, it also featured invisible 3D models who sported these looks down the runway. 

Mvuemba’s latest pink label collection is inspired by the Democratic Republic of Congo, her hometown, incorporating the colors red, blue and yellow, as a tribute to her countrymen and women. She believes in ethical and sustainable fashion and will be donating 20 percent of the proceeds from the Hanifa Collette t-shirt, in partnership with Responsible Sourcing Network, towards combating illegal Coltan mining.

  1. Tribute Brand

For your more high-end luxury couture, Tribute Brand claims to cater to contactless cyber fashion. The brand believes in creating new standards of fashion identity through this transformative digital media and create an ethical and inclusive atmosphere, making clothes to fit any gender, sex, or size. 

Recently, the Croatian brand collaborated with “Dematerialised”, the UK-based alternative marketplace to release its new collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) called “the real deal”. Another blockchain enterprise, NFTs are redefining the concept of collectibles through digital media. These are one-of-a-kind items that cannot be exchanged. With six NFT creations, this collection aims ​to pioneer some groundbreaking changes in the industry

  1. Auroboros

Taking fashion into the metaverse, co-founders  Paula Sello and Alissa Aulbekova realized the potential of digital fashion by observing the ever-growing reach of online gaming and skins purchased by gamers for their characters. With the help of AI technology and smart tech Auroboros has come up with the perfect ready-to-wear virtual clothing, aiming to create big waves in the luxury fashion industry in terms of sustainability, ecological consciousness, and accessibility. 

The brand has done so by melding ideas not only with haute couture brands like  Louboutin and Cartier but also partnering with the high fashion online styling game, Drest. 

When to look out for the up-and-coming fashion events?

Virtual Fashion Virtual Fashion Events

Catch all these exciting virtual fashion events and more. 

London fashion week16 September-21 SeptemberSpring Summer 22 and seasonless wholesale collectionsOn official site/JOOR (RSVP/invitation only)
Europe fashion week29 September-5 OctoberMenswear and womenswear spring summer 2022 collectionLivestream from Paris(free registration for attendees)
Stockholm fashion week31 August-2 SeptemberSummer spring collection 2022Digital live streams on the official site
Paris fashion week27 September-5 OctoberWomenswear collectionLivestream of PFW's official website

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