Top Fashion PLM Software Solution Providers

Top Fashion PLM Software Solution Providers

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Fashion trends are on the rise again post-pandemic. The apparel industry is concerned with supplying its products to diverse nations around the globe. The eCommerce companies are doing their best to fulfill the demand, but it is imperative to utilize a tech-based platform to ensure speed and efficiency to meet the growing demand. Enter the PLM software that has made the procedure both cost-effective and easy.

With manufacturers and the best fashion retailers being aware of the growing trend, it is the small-time players who need to be initiated into the process that ensures profitability without exceeding one’s budget.

PLM is an acronym for Product Lifecycle Management that ensures providing technological support for business owners and professionals during the entire course of the product cycle. Using the right PLM software can help to speed up the process right from the conception of a product to finally reaching the end user. The ability to track various products during the process of manufacture and trace the supply chain accurately by removing the problem issues has made the PLM software gain popularity in the apparel business in an unprecedented manner.

While there are multiple benefits associated with the PLM software, it is interesting to note that its right usage helps the fashion industry achieve accessibility, compatibility, and superior qualities in one go.

Unfortunately, there are too many providers of PLM software solutions today. One should check the pros and cons of comparable providers and opt for one that meets their specific requirements. Sure, a perfect fit may not be possible, but it helps to go with one that fulfills most of the needs without being too cost-prohibitive.

Some of the top fashion PLM software solution providers in the offing today are the following:

  1. Teamcenter - This PLM software from Siemens is a top favorite among fashion business owners. It may be a trifle high-end, but its versatility is appreciated by one and all. The easy-to-use, interactive software connects multiple processes and people across departments and organizations effortlessly making the end product stand apart from its rival products. The software is capable of absorbing the errors and accommodating the changes that may become essential due to the changing environment
  2. BlueCherry - This product from CGS Inc is considered to be one of the best by apparel companies that are actively conducting their business today. Companies involved in fashion, lifestyle, accessories, and different types of footwear cannot do without this software that has proved to be an able partner, providing an inclusive set of tools to manage the entire product lifecycle.
  3. Yunique - This Gerber Technology product is unique in the sense that it allows companies to communicate with their vendors quite early in the product lifecycle. The vendors are, therefore, apprised of the creative direction and able to find buyers at the earliest. This ensures speedy profits and an opportunity to lead the fashion trends.
  4. Windchill - A PTC product, this software supports product development suitably by integrating processes, people, and systems seamlessly. It also includes a product information warehouse for the organization, thereby ensuring sharing of ideas.
  1. Propel - This software is noted for its quick response and comes highly endorsed by the players in the fashion industry. The crowd-funded Peak Design is one of its trusted clients that appreciate its exemplary product information and product lifecycle management combo.  Quality management solutions are built into the salesforce platform, reducing the time incredibly from the concept to customer levels.
  2. NGC Software - In Vogue, this particular PLM has been recognized as a leading platform for cloud-based solutions since 1982. Its Digital Supply Chain feature improves the linking of retailers and brands with the vendors. It also brings together various factories, agents, and suppliers together with the logistic support providers. This single platform that unifies the global trading partners has been beneficial for the users.
  3. Autodesk - This software provides a central management function for linking all required processes with proper categorization of the workflow. It connects people with varied processes and systems, thus, allowing the products to reach the right market well in advance.
  4.  OpenBOM - A digital network-based PLM, OpenBOM is effective at managing all types of product data as well as establishing a secure connection between manufacturer network and supply chain networks. It offers real-time collaboration for the management of data.
  5. Exenta - Previously known as Simparel PLM, this software has revolutionized the concept of the fashion business by streamlining the product lifecycle at every stage. Repetitive functions have been automated completely resulting in less time consumption. With the concept to customer approach being improved and global collaboration made easier, the designers have time to innovate and spend resources on perfecting the products.
  1. RLM PLM - Although small, this highly efficient software provides fashion solutions that unify the entire team. This enables everyone to make better informed and more timely decisions. All product necessities, including tech pack and cost information, are managed from a single, secure location.
  2. Lectra Fashion PLM - This PLM team provides ample support for its customers by showing them the ropes to optimize their product manufacturing and marketing processes. With cost-effective and easy-to-implement software, the clients are motivated and achieve strategic goals without sacrificing time or money.
  3. Infor's Fashion PLM - From line planning to supply chain sourcing and in-season design changes, Infor's PLM software empowers fashion companies to seamlessly link essential elements of the fashion value chain to their business processes. Apart from reducing the time to market, this software integrates with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to deliver real-time, accurate data and support the optimization of each stage of the product lifecycle.
  4. SAP PLM - This is a SAP-based PLM popular for rapid deployment and streamlining of the product lifecycle. Cloud storage is an added plus of this software. It enables the business to secure its product margins early during the lifecycle. Ensured visibility between teams helps to find the best costing solutions, making innovative product planning and customer-specific alterations possible within the shortest time.


There are numerous associated benefits of implementing a PLM today. The fashion industry cannot rest on its laurels by following old, dated practices. Technology has become a necessity to ensure that each segment of its product creation and marketing remains foolproof and supersedes its rivals. There are multiple PLM software solution providers available today. Each provider comes with specific advantages and disadvantages. It helps to select the best possible PLM to keep one’s business profitable.

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Fashinza provides specific solutions for effective product lifecycle management, although it is not a standard PLM software solution provider. It provides ample support in the category of the project instead. A fashion brand may connect with Fashinza and obtain the right support for manufacturing and marketing its products.


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