The Future of Fashion In The 3D World

The Future of Fashion In The 3D World

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Evolving technology has been at the forefront of all innovation throughout human history. Whether it is the simple machines that were created generations ago or the setting up manufacturing plants, the evolution of technology has always been an enabler to these major changes. This becomes even more relevant in today’s world, where technological advancements are happening at a much faster pace than ever before.

Evolution of the 3D World

Multiple technologies are being discovered, explored, used and combined with others to make further innovations; it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of all that is happening. However, there is one technology that is not just easy to keep track of but also simple to understand. Yes, we are referring to the movement from the 2-dimensional world to the 3-dimensional world.

As humans, it is easier for us to relate to 3D compared to 2D. This is one of the biggest reasons all the newer innovation is driven towards leveraging the 3-dimensional aspects. Different industries have been using 3D modelling techniques for some time, e.g., – the automobile industry has benefitted a lot from the 3D techniques.

How about the Fashion industry? How are we doing with respect to using this technology, and where can this be used?

3D World and the Fashion Industry

While 3D is not new, it has been relatively less popular in the fashion industry. So far, the only use case has been 3D printing, which in itself is in experimental stages. Does that mean that the fashion industry does not have any applications for this technology? On the contrary, there are so many use cases within the industry that can help it grow in leaps and bounds with 3D technology. Here are some examples of how 3D can revolutionise the Fashion Industry.

3D Modelling

3D Modelling

This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of 3D and fashion together. Yet, this is one of the easiest ways to leverage the power of this technology, as demonstrated by the automobile industry. All designs can be created in a 3-dimensional manner, using software like Clo3D.

The intuitive software helps in different aspects of garment designing with its features that allow a user to work with modular designs, create a 3D simulation with layers, edit their design and emulate different fabrics, among other things. Imagine being able to create and modify a design, without having to use any actual material. That is the power of software like Clo3D.

This makes learning, experimenting and perfecting the craft easier for complete beginners. At the same time, this gives experts a lot of freedom to experiment without worrying about the costs of materials. It is also a great way to reduce waste – another prominent complaint against the industry.

3D Printing

An application of 3D technology that is slowly garnering the attention of the fashion industry is designing using 3D printing. The relative ease of design, the reduced wastage or even the flexibility it gives to the designers is phenomenal. Many well-known names are now using this technology to experiment with form, colour and designs with 3D printing.

The one drawback of the technology so far is with respect to the material. The technology in its current form can only be used with plastic materials that are not breathable or soft, like natural materials such as wool or cotton. However, as technology evolves, this challenge will also be overcome.

While clothes designed with 3D printing and natural materials may be a little further in the future, the industry is making good use of it. It is now being used to design and produce accessories like shoes, bags, glasses and other wearables. The ease of using 3D printing also helps in quickly mending any issues in the product, thereby increasing the longevity of the product. The drastic reduction in waste during the whole creation process is also a big factor supporting the 3D printing adoption.

AR / VR Demos

As the technology companies and the world look towards the Metaverse, there is one technology that is gaining a lot of popularity – the use of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality. While these technologies are in their nascent stage, they already are finding a lot of traction in the fashion industry.

Imagine being able to try on a dress using VR within the comfort of one’s own home. No need to go all the way to the boutique and get tired of trying hundreds of outfits to find one that suits. Instead, customers can now try out the dresses on their 3D avatars, see the fit and get custom alterations done before getting the actual product.

Hyper-customized apparel can now become a reality, with the help of AR and VR, apart from the ease of making such purchases. Though haute-couture has been the privilege of a few so far, with the evolution of technology like AR and VR, it is all set to go mainstream by becoming affordable. The contribution of these technologies towards a more sustainable fashion industry is also poised to be significant.

Starting the 3D Journey

Starting the 3D Journey

With so many exciting happenings in the fashion world, it is not an exaggeration to say that the future of fashion is in 3D. The obvious next question in the minds of any designer would be – how do I start my 3D journey? While 3D Printing is a good place to start with, when experimenting, it may turn out to be expensive.

Thus, if you are a designer looking to get into the 3D world to step into the future, the easiest and fastest way would be to start with 3D modelling software like Clo3D. The investment is only the software’s license cost and a working computer. With that, one can start the experimentation and get a better grasp on how things work.

Any new technology becomes easy to use once practised sufficiently. If this is the future of the fashion world, why not start your practice now? Before you know it, you will be prepared to welcome the future, with your creativity and with the assistance of technology.

Another interesting way to understand and begin your journey is by attending Industry Webinars. With most of the seminars and conferences going online in the past two years, it is a great way to interact with industry veterans and peers. Most fashion webinars in the past few years have been talking about the possibilities afforded by 3D technology and how it is shaping up the future. This is a great place to know your personal entry point into the trend.

Wrapping Up

If you are interested in staying up to date on what is happening in the fashion industry while interacting with your peer group, the best place to be is Fashinza. An end-to-end platform designed especially for the fashion industry, it offers an engaged community of fellow designers, manufacturers, and suppliers, who are also looking to keep up with the future trends.

You will not only find the information about trends like 3D but can also find others who are already experimenting with it and can collaborate with them. You can find suppliers of materials that will help you with your own experiments. Try this out today!


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