Revolutionizing fashion manufacturing the NVIDIA way

Revolutionizing fashion manufacturing the NVIDIA way

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Summary: NVIDIA Corporation, a technology company known for designing and manufacturing graphic processing units (GPUs), is using AI for powering change in every industry. From predictive analytics to imaging and improved supply chain management, AI is providing enterprises compute power to drive efficiency along the value chain.

The way business has been conducted in the world of manufacturing is changing very fast. Leading the change is the world leader in Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) technology NVIDIA, which is now creating an entire ecosystem around the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). NVIDIA has been aggressively making investments in AI startups across the world. These startups are bringing complimentary functionality that is helping to advance the necessary ecosystem surrounding GPUs and driving their on-premise adoption as high-performance systems.

Even though NVIDIA is known for its GPUs, its more recent products have been focusing on catering to data centers, which are integral to developing NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence and deep learning environment.

NVIDIA driving AI push in fashion

NVIDIA has gone for strategic investments and collaborations that are aimed at widening the scope for AI adoption across industries. Here are some collaborations which are directly impacting the fashion ecosystem.

NVIDIA partnering with Siemens to create an Industrial Metaverse

NVIDIA Omniverse is a platform for 3D design and collaboration, and the company plans to connect Siemens Xcelerator with it, which happens to be an open digital business platform. This collaboration will allow the platform to create an Industrial Metaverse with physics-based modeling from Siemens and real-time AI from NVIDIA.

The clients will now have the wherewithal of making faster and more accurate decisions when it comes to the design of new samples. Digital twins can now be used sporadically to reduce the flaws in product life cycles. This is sufficient to drive digital transformation at high speeds in apparel factories.

Industrial Metaverse

Zero waste technology with Heartdub

Artificial Intelligence startup Heartdub brings technology and fashion together for creators and designers to display physical fabrics and garments virtually. This is becoming instrumental for clothing companies to achieve zero-waste manufacturing. Heartdub is a member of NVIDIA Inception. This program is designed to mentor startups that are making great advances in AI and data sciences.

Heartdub’s software digitizes fabrics and then simulates how clothes look on a human body. The company is using the platform to accelerate the implementation of virtual showrooms and design verifications.

Predictive analytics with EVO

In this new digital era of doing business, there is enough data out there. If modeled correctly, these data can predict future fashion trends. So far, this seemingly Holy Grail for fashion designers was out of reach, but Italy-based startup EVO is now revolutionizing the landscape. This company is helping fashion brands, designers, and retailers get a first-mover advantage on changing fashion trends and much more.

The company has developed deep learning supply chain and pricing systems that are powered by NVIDIA GPUs and have data streams flowing in from marketing, inventory, weather, customer behavior, and business intelligence of the competitors. This helps the system give real-time recommendations on inventory levels, optimal pricing, and promotion in stores.

Artificial Intelligence vision tools for factories

The fashion industry is increasingly using data to better understand changes in the tastes of their customer and divergent fashion trends. Artificial Intelligence company Drishtic AI has developed a solution that can analyze videos and photos and decode the latest trend in styles, patterns, and fabrics. It then produces the final result in such a format that can be consumed by the customer in real time.

Fashion brands use this data to assess demand and manufacture apparels that have a larger audience base. Drishtic AI depends upon the NVIDIA Metropolis platform to power its video analytics applications

vision tools

Industrial application of metaverse

For industrial applications, a metaverse can be simply described as the 3-dimensional extension of the internet. NVIDIA is pleased with the metaverse application, which not only allows humans to use virtual reality and augmented reality but also helps machines communicate with each other on shop floors in order to optimize responses.

NVIDIA envisions this to be an opportunity for creating immersive manufacturing design applications based on its current computing systems to drive an industry-oriented metaverse. The company is in the process of rolling out simulations for AI-based robots to develop, test, and manage them flawlessly. The company is developing a suite of purpose-built cloud services especially applicable to the industrial metaverse and has named it Omniverse Cloud.

Powering change through AI

The power of data coupled with AI in its various avatars is changing the manufacturing landscape of the fashion industry. Be it the use of 3D-enabled design platforms, the use of digital twins for real-time optimization of the manufacturing process, zero waste production using data threads instead of physical fibers, computer vision to analyze large streams of data, or the increased use of industrial metaverse, these changes are helping fashion brands to improve their processes, take faster and more accurate decision, and come closer to their customers. Leading the change is NVIDIA through its series of investments and collaborations.

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Key Takeaways

  • Increased use of artificial intelligence is changing the manufacturing landscape for the fashion industry
  • NVIDIA's Artificial Intelligence ecosystem is the torchbearer for this glorious march forward.

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