How to Use Marketing Automation to Increase Your Fashion Business's Lead Generation

How to Use Marketing Automation to Increase Your Fashion Business's Lead Generation

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Managing a fashion business is a difficult task, and overseeing all the marketing tasks associated with it makes it way more complicated. However, now techniques like marketing automation have made it possible for fashion businesses to automate their daily marketing tasks. This increased visibility, via increased marketing, accelerates their sales to a significant amount. 

How Marketing Automation Works

In simple words, marketing automation is how several brands automate their repetitive marketing tasks. Tasks such as posting on social media pages, sending emails or newsletters, and running small ad campaigns can be automated using this technology. In this way, marketing automation allows businesses to give their customers a personalized experience and keep them posted about the changing company policies. 

How to Use Marketing Automation to Increase Your Lead Generation

Several fashion brands have leveraged their marketing automation tool as a middle-of-the-funnel tool, helping them in lead generation via email sequences. However, this process can be overwhelming to some businesses. Therefore, businesses use various other strategies to make the most out of marketing automation. Some of these strategies are:

1. Effective Use of Lead Magnets

Lead magnets have been known to aid companies in increasing their conversions and accumulating new email addresses. Fashion businesses can leverage marketing automation software to use these new addresses to offer a value proposition to customers. These propositions can be discounts on their latest collection or informing them about their latest sale. 

2. Optimizing Landing Pages 

Optimizing Landing Pages

Landing pages is one of the most crucial components for generating leads. A fashion business can identify which customer visits which product often and guide the marketing automation software accordingly. Using this information, the software will send personalized emails and campaigns about a product to a particular customer, increasing the chances of making a sale. Moreover, this process will be automated, which means the brand does not need to monitor every marketing campaign themselves. 

3. Plan Drip Campaigns

One of the most effective ways to advertise a product to the customers without being too pushy is called a drip campaign. In this type of campaign, a particular segment of customers is picked, and they are delivered promotional emails at a fixed interval of time. Fashion brands can use marketing automation to send out these emails at the right time to the right person. Moreover, this software sends personalized content to a specific customer, thus saving the time brands spend on researching and monitoring responses. 

4. Run Re-engagement Campaigns

Companies run re-engagement campaigns to check on the dormant leads. Dormant leads are those customers who explore the product and then wait to make the purchase, maybe due to the price or due to some things that they did not like about the products. Marketing automation helps fashion brands to wake up these leads by sending them reminders or asking them questions about why they did not complete the purchase. 

By using this QnA, the marketing automation software generates a personalized email campaign that targets all the dormant leads. Moreover, they also offer them free consultation or heavy discounts on the same product, after dividing these leads into various segments to make these efforts more effective.  

5. Segregating Leads Among Subscribers

Segregating Leads Among Subscribers

Many companies maintain a list of subscribers that they gain over time. These subscribers are believed to be the company’s loyal customers, but this is not always the case. Several fashion brands have found that not every subscriber generates leads for their business, and some subscribers do not even engage with their content. 

This information from marketing automation software can be used to divide subscribers into cold and warm leads and devise marketing strategies accordingly. It can run campaigns to offer some incentives to the cold leads to make them active. 

6. To Automate Collaboration Among Teams

Due to the miscommunication among several departments, various brands find it challenging to coordinate and focus on making a sale from a particular lead. Marketing automation can make the information accessible to all the departments, using which they can better interact with the customers. 

Furthermore, it can also track the progress made in terms of lead generation. They can also share this update with all the departments to improve their quality of communication. 

These were the six ways in which marketing automation can help businesses. Marketing automation can prove to be a very effective tool that fashion businesses can use in various ways. However, every brand need not stick to these techniques, and there is always room for some experiments and personalization. But generating leads is not enough for fashion brands. They also need to keep their inventory replenished to generate income. To do so, brands can get in touch with Fashinza to source clothes in a quick and hassle-free manner. 


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