How Google Uses Artificial Intelligence in Google Search? Natural Language Processing in Google Cloud Platform

How Google Uses Artificial Intelligence in Google Search? Natural Language Processing in Google Cloud Platform

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Summary: Google leans on artificial intelligence to apprehend user queries. It helps with relevant search results. Artificial intelligence also helps with natural language processing in Google Cloud, which aids many businesses, including the fashion industry. Learn all about NLP and AI's advantages that improve the overall user experience.

An introduction to artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has suffused every industry today. It has proved valuable in many ways. Artificial intelligence can help with automating inventory planning as well as customer management. 

Retailers can save a lot of time and money by relying on the predictive analysis provided by AI. Read on to know how it can particularly help with the fashion business.

artificial intelligence

Understanding natural language processing

natural language

Natural Language Processing, or NLP, helps to understand sentences, words and texts. It is used to yield information or text. It includes Natural Language Understanding for semantic interpretation of the text. 

NLP is used for several purposes:

  • Speech recognition
  • Segmenting a recorded speech into words, sentences and phrases
  • Comprehending the primary forms of words and grammatical information
  • Understanding the function of individual words in a sentence
  • It pulls the meaning of sentences and phrases
  • Understands the sentence context, sentence relationships and entities

NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence. Businesses can outdo their competition by using NLP to analyze and predict customer behavior. This will help to streamline the business functions. 

Especially in the fashion industry, NLP can help to understand customer demands and make crucial business decisions to fulfill those.

Using NLP AI google cloud


The NLP AI Google Cloud helps to understand how Google bots evaluate the quality of the text. It provides syntax analysis that helps you get insights about the users. The study will give you the insight to create content that meets the viewers' demand.

The NLP AI also provides sentiment analysis that gives you an idea about the visitor's attitude and emotion related to the particular content on the internet. 

All these analyses are helpful in the fashion industry that is driven by customers’ attitudes and feelings towards specific trends.

How does the fashion industry benefit from AI?

fashion industry

There are various innovative solutions these days, thanks to artificial intelligence. Here you can find out how artificial intelligence google is helping the fashion industry move forward towards becoming more sustainable.

Optimizing supply chains

With the help of AI-powered software, data from every step of the supply chain can be analyzed. The insight gathered will help the company identify inefficient processes, underutilized resources, and wasteful production cycles. Based on these data, the major issues can be eliminated to make the process cleaner.

Automated sourcing: artificial intelligence

Based software reduces the time and effort required to source materials. This is done by automating repetitive manual processes. The system has records of all the inventories and can remind and even place orders when the supplies run low. The company can prevent human errors and save money. It also reduces its environmental footprint.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality

Augmented reality powers Artificial intelligence. It can help shoppers find what they're looking for quickly and easily. AR-powered apps can provide more accurate images of products. Additionally, AI-powered software can make virtual dressing rooms. It allows customers to try on different items without visiting a store.

Streamlined design process

Designing new clothes becomes easier with AI-powered tools that generate patterns from a single image or design. It eliminates the need for manual pattern-making processes. Thus a lot of time is saved for the designer. They can be more productive, creating more designs in lesser time.

More sustainable fabrics

With the Artificial intelligence google platform, fashion businesses can create more sustainable fabrics. It requires fewer resources for production. Wastage is also minimized as AI-powered tools are used to detect fabric defects. It enables manufacturers to use fewer resources when making sustainable fabrics.

Different uses of NLP AI in the fashion industry

Here is a list of the best ways in which NLP can be implemented in the fashion industry:



Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps to analyze and forecast fashion trends. Based on this, the business can know consumer behavior better. Keeping track of stocks and delivering the right products get easier. Further, provides accurate predictions of future trends.

Supply chain management

NLP can automate the ordering processes and tracking inventory. Thus, NLP can help reduce costs, optimize distribution networks, and maintain consistent product availability. The system can also help with quality control, such as monitoring fabric quality throughout the process.


With the help of NLP, various duplicative tasks within the fashion industry get automated. Product design, pattern recognition, market research, and trend analysis are a few such factors. Artificial intelligence google helps simplify business processes while lessening human errors. The customer experience is improved while the operation costs get reduced in the process.

Key takeaways

  • It is easier to understand and process user queries with the help of artificial intelligence google.
  • The tailored product offers to get easier to produce as AI studies the user's interests, search trends, and previous shopping history.
  • The technology can prevent potential fraud and anomalies in the transaction and warn the business.
  • You can make the shopping platform more interactive and user-friendly with NLP by providing virtual fitting rooms, tailored virtual styling services, etc.
  • The buyer's unique needs are met using facial recognition, real-time feedback, and voice commands.

Moving Forward with artificial intelligence

Natural Language Processing allows retailers and fashion stores to optimize online storefronts with the latest technologies. As they can provide better and more customized client services and experiences, scaling the business becomes more manageable.

At Fashinza, we help fashion brands to evolve their businesses and scale their earnings with the help of the latest technologies. Serve the clients better as you stay a step ahead of your competition.

Talk to us today to get started. Have a great start!


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