How Artificial Intelligence Bridges the Gap Between Fashion Brands and Customers

How Artificial Intelligence Bridges the Gap Between Fashion Brands and Customers

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Summary: With shopping decisions for customers happening virtually and manufacturing happening remotely, the advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) are proving to be a game changer. It is revolutionizing the fashion industry in design, production, customer engagement, and sales. Artificial intelligence is a simulation of human intelligence in machines programmed to think like humans. From forecasting trends to visual merchandising—from visual search to customer personalization, from authenticating products to reducing returns—AI has made the fashion industry's future brighter.

Imagine your life in 2023 without any device. The evolution of technology has affected consumers and businesses, and today a world cannot exist without it. Bare necessities in life are also managed by technology. Artificial intelligence, popularly known as AI, has entered the fashion industry. Though the industry has been slow to accept it, today it has far-reaching effects that are now seen as sound business sense by the industry.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

It is almost a reflex action for people to usually connect the term with robots, as popularised by many movies. Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence in machines. In the fashion industry, the usage of AI is still in the early phase, but its impact is defining.

Artificial Intelligenc

The real use of AI technology is now wired with a cross-disciplinary approach. This novel approach utilizes mathematics, computer science, linguistics, psychology, and other relevant domains.

The real magic of AI emerges from data collection and its analysis. Some of the major areas in which AI helps customers and manufacturers are fitting issues. With virtual and augmented reality, customers will see what looks good on them.

data collection

AI helps designers and brands create fabrics and garments. Artificial intelligence helps in forecasting upcoming trends, supply chains, product placement, and pricing strategies. It helps personalize customer interactions and helps sales.

So, what is the practical use of AI in today’s world?

More precisely, how does it benefit the fashion industry’s manufacturers, designers, and producers?

4 Ways AI Can Benefit the Fashion Industry

1. Personalized Online Shopping

Online Shopping

With AI, personalizing users’ experiences has become one of the biggest pantheons for leading retailers and other businesses. Today, AI helps companies with AI-powered algorithms that curate a list of buying recommendations and filtrations for consumers. These product lists are created independently by AI through a collection of data and compilation of the recent search history of the users. For instance, if a person has purchased a phone, the AI algorithm will suggest various add-on products to them like screen guards, back covers, earphones, and more. This helps businesses profit more while providing users with a personalized shopping experience.

2. Customer Service

customer service

One major use of AI is in a chatbot that helps in customer support. The best part about these chatbots? They are more than just automated responders! These advanced customer service chatbots can handle FAQs (which can lead to sales), extract information from customer purchase history, and even push a sale based on the questions.

3. Voice-To-Text Conversion


The most evident use of AI is the existence of virtual assistants like Siri and Ok Google. Voice commands are converted into text by AI and followed up by a response. For instance, if a shopper asks for “Suggest Outfits For A Wedding”, it converts the voice into a text on the phone and answers politely.

4. Analyzing Data

Analyzing Data

The biggest practical use of AI today for fashion producers and manufacturers has to be data analysis. Artificial intelligence analytics has enabled businesses to make smarter decisions. Artificial intelligence coordinates data delivery, forecasts, analyses trends, creates data consistency, and provides predictions! This has a significant impact on decisions taken and finally, the profits of companies.

Artificial Intelligence has been around us for a while now. However, its benefits and uses keep evolving and gradually improving every day. The entrance of AI into the fashion industry has somehow shaken the fashion ecosystem for good. From analyzing data to predicting trends, big brands and retailers globally are now implementing AI in their processes. The contribution of AI, to society, the economy, and fashion businesses as a whole, has been profound, and it is only going to get better day by day!

Today, with AI slowly getting entrenched in the fashion business, it is a risk not to contemplate its usage, whether it be a manufacturer, designer, stylist, or retailer. What are your thoughts on AI?

Key Takeaways

  • Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human-like reactions and actions into machines. Its role is becoming bigger and better in fashion every day.
  • From personalized shopping experiences, chat box features, and predicting future trends, to help make buying decisions, AI has revolutionized fashion!
  • The power of AI has enabled fashion businesses all over the world to profit more while making the lives of shoppers easier, more convenient, and more personalized.

When it comes to technology and fashion, we’re all in it together. So, if you are a fashion manufacturer, producer, or fashion designer and worry about incorporating technology effectively, speak to us today. Discover how a partnership with Fashinza can help benefit your brand and business today!

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