Courses and Corresponding Career Options for Fashion Students at National Institute of Fashion Technology

Courses and Corresponding Career Options for Fashion Students at National Institute of Fashion Technology

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Do you have fashion in your blood? Want to pursue a career in fashion but not sure where to start? These days, with the advent of fashion tech and artificial intelligence, there is a lot of scope for students to get jobs in the fashion industry. 

If you are passionate about fashion, studying at NIFT offers the opportunity to study various aspects of the industry. The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is one of the best fashion schools in India. It has several programs in fashion technology, design, and management. Here, we discuss the different programs offered by NIFT and the career options for graduates of these institutes.

List of Courses Offered in National Institute of Fashion Technology

Fashion Design

The course is designed in a way that provides students with a hands-on approach to designing through exposure to traditional artisans and working with rural communities. Students gain valuable knowledge about the broad spectrum that Indian fashion encompasses by interning at top fashion houses to tackle the practical challenges faced when designing for this global industry. The versatility of the course rings true through the final year, during which students are given the freedom to conceptualize their own collections, forging new ground for modern Indian dress.

Career Options for Fashion Design

NIFT is a top school for fashion design in India. Their flagship degree program has been tremendously influential to the growth of India’s fashion industry over the past few decades. Students in this program are effective at balancing global fashion aesthetics with Indian soulfulness. Graduates have grown to become leaders in both the mainstream and indie Indian fashion scene. This is all largely due to their dedication to producing award-winning, cutting-edge designers that work out of their home country as well as abroad. Holistic design inputs and the ability to channelize creativity inculcates the faculty of developing and constructing garments that are adorned with immaculate quality. Sequential and hands-on approaches enable students to conceptualize and make patterns, drape, construct garments, and analyze how certain washes or dyes affect the wearability of apparel.

Leather Design

Fashion Students National Institute of Fashion Technology

A graduate of the department of Leather Design has many opportunities in the fashion industry as a designer, pattern maker, or technician. This is tailored to his/her acquired skills and future aspirations. The fashion world offers cross-disciplinary avenues such as retail, leather goods manufacturing, chemical tanning processing, designing, and other competitive jobs for an aspiring professional.

Career Options for Leather Design

The Leather Design Program at National Institute of Fashion Technology is quite unique. This program focuses on the process and techniques that most designers have to go through when first starting out. The curriculum encourages students to challenge other people’s ideas by encouraging them to participate in field trips throughout the industry and take college courses at accredited institutions focused specifically on tannery training. At this school, you have a career placement program, not unlike those offered at other programs that help students network with others in the industry as well as develop their own personal connections based on shared experiences, which in turn leaves them well-equipped for the future careers after graduation. The idea is to prepare students for anything they might face as soon as they set foot outside of class!

Accessory Design

Graduates of Accessory Design have been able to carve out a niche for themselves in the global fashion industry in the realms of jewelry, bodywear, home accessories, crafting, and furniture. Designers specializing in Accessory Design also pursue work in areas that are less traditional, including market channel spaces such as User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) design, smart wearables, and more. Many graduates who specialize in this area go on to establish their own businesses as entrepreneurs successfully.

Career Options for Accessory Design

Accessories are objects that relate to people and their environments. You will explore, process, and audition new thoughts to establish a platform for creating ideas as well as express them through new personal objects. During this program, you will be exploring two worlds, both practical and theoretical. You will also receive a profound understanding of the principles and processes of making jewelry. Aesthetically, you will be able to deliver solutions that fit customer needs by reaching into global design trends.

Textile Design

This program is ideal for graduates who aspire to work in the Indian textile and fashion industry. Some alumni have gained positions as designers, merchandisers, buyers, managers, home stylists, and pattern forecasters within textile and fashion companies. Others have branched out on their own to start their own businesses, such as online stores or social enterprises.

Career Options for Textile Design

Creating designs for textiles is a key element in the business of fashion. From fiber to fabric, a person's creativity can revolutionize the textile industry by giving companies a different edge. Knitting, printing, embroidered designs, and surface decorations are important parts of textile design and lend themselves to a wide array of career possibilities focusing on this field. Students can experiment with their own designs in class as they learn about how to develop textures, colors, patterns as well as schemes, and styles for clothing lines and delve into the historical context surrounding the business of fashion today.

Knitwear Design

Fashion Students National Institute of Fashion Technology

Students learn industry-relevant skills in various simulated environments and undertake industry internships to hone their skills. Throughout the process, you will have the opportunity to translate your conceptual understanding of the world into knitted pieces that will showcase your design prowess.

Career Options for Knitwear Design

Through this program, aspiring designers can learn how to create well-rounded designs by using both flat and circular knitting methods for domestic and export markets. Students in this course learn to work within the confinements of all kinds of patterns as well as experiment with various ways to create their own. Through diverse assignments, you will be able to receive training in pattern-making allowing you to fabricate cutting templates efficiently and work with industry-standard pattern-making software.

Fashion Communication

The evolution of Information Technology has brought about several changes in the Fashion Communication design space. The National Institute of Fashion Technology prides itself on offering students traditional Fashion Communication design skills, which you can use to pursue an interest in this area and explore and develop concepts that invite users to engage with systems through human-centered approaches towards designs focused on digital technology.

Career Options for Fashion Communication

Are you a motivated, hard-working individual who has a passion for design and delights in taking creative risks? Do you possess an inquisitive mind that pushes you to challenge convention with fresh artistic perspectives? If so, you could be the next best thing to come out of NIFT’s Fashion Communication (FC) Design program. Graduates from Fashion Communication will have learned how to efficiently communicate their company’s colors, patterns, and textures along with coordinating it with the brand’s aim and goals.

Apparel Production

The students are trained to solve real-world problems in apparel design and development, manufacturing, etc.

Career Options for Apparel Production

The B.F. Tech (Apparel Production) program trains students to become aware of the opportunities they have once they finish their education. While having many different challenges, the curriculum does its best to expose students to different streams like those related to both apparel manufacturing technology and artificial intelligence.

Master of Design

This program will offer you a range of skills that are sought out by fashion companies, design, or corporate houses in areas related to Craft, Textiles, Media, Lifestyle Products, Graphics, User Experience Design, and many more. The course also gives graduates the chance to contribute to research and development for government agencies as well as other private businesses.

Career Options for Master of Design

Master of Design degrees provides the education you need to succeed in this rapidly changing landscape. With research as an important aspect, it will be easy to tackle challenges utilizing a wide range of skills. 

Master of Fashion Management

Up to date with the latest changes in law, NIFT confirms that you will no longer need to enroll in the same subjects twice. Additionally, due to rapidly changing market demands, their curriculum now covers topics related to new product areas that are vital if you want to stay ahead of the pack. 

Career Options for Fashion Management

Fashion Students National Institute of Fashion Technology

The objective of the Master of Fashion Management (MFM) is to help shape the students’ outlook on fashion, business practices, and leadership. The MFM offers opportunities to learn about creative science and retailing in a leading educational institute with industry links. Students go through comprehensive training at the institute coupled with short-term courses and internships at various garment companies. The measurable learning outcomes are meant to prepare students for jobs in retail fashion, experience management, or for initiating careers in competitive entrepreneurial industries.

Master of Fashion Technology

The course requires students to learn skills of modern software relating to handling information such as research and data. Production and demand planning skills are enhanced throughout the course, as is their ability to manage technology and interpret data. Students will also learn about entrepreneurship and developing business plans in this course. Furthermore, they will also complete a thesis of their own choosing in the field of their choice by collaborating with other businesses, either domestic or international.

Career Options for Master of Fashion Technology

The program is a fusion of modern technologies intended for the apparel manufacturing industry. The initial courses include learning various operations and processes associated with manufacturing in this sector. Concurrently, it imparts managerial concepts related to production.


NIFT, the premier institute of the country in the field of Fashion and Textile Design, offers a wide variety of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. Fashion Designing, Dressmaking, Textile Designing, Merchandising, Fashion Illustration, and Apparel Production are some of the most popular courses you can pursue.


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