Can You Launch a Successful Luxury Fashion Company on the Internet?

Can You Launch a Successful Luxury Fashion Company on the Internet?

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The first thought that comes to a person’s mind when they hear ‘Successful Luxury Fashion Company’ are brands like Gucci, Channel, and Louis Vuitton. However, the presence of a successful luxury fashion company on the internet is basically unheard of. During the COVID era, millions of people have lost their jobs or are working in stressful environments, some of which could be termed unhealthy or ‘toxic.’ 

On the other hand, starting a business is a wonderful idea, with various benefits to take advantage of - one working at their own pace & two, being their own boss, along with monetary satisfaction! Starting their own business online cannot be more thrilling than ever, along with it being cost-affordable. In this generation, every high-school student, college graduate, and young professional has a unique sense of fashion. This talent can be used to create one’s own high-end designer fashion line. 

Here are some tips on how a luxurious fashion company can be successfully launched on the internet. 

1. Formulate a Plan

Having a plan before deep diving into a business career is necessary. There is a lot of brainstorming to do before initiating the plan, such as the type of fabric that will mainly be used by the business, the number of employees required to help launch the idea, or what can be the USP (unique selling point) of the new startup. 

2. Specialty of the Fashion Line

Specialty of the Fashion Linev

This is a very important question to ask before starting a business. Will the business line promote its signature skirt or a classic mini-bag? For example, Chanel is well-known for its perfumes and bags. Gucci is famously known for its belts, while Louis Vuitton is popular for its watches and jewelry. Even though each brand sells its own line of dresses, suits, and shoes, having a specialty product for each fashion line helps focus on creating hype for that particular product by the brand in the market. 

This lessens the competition of the business in the market, especially during the launch phase. Once the fashion business has established its face in the ever-growing, ever-changing market, its other clothing lines can also be marketed and would be well-received due to the hype around the business’s prior success. 

3. Physical Production of the Product 

There can be two ways a product can be produced: 

(1) custom-made by the business 

(2) a consumer party will be attached with the business line 

This is another important question to be thought about in great depth. Starting a business is never a one-person task, especially not a fashion line. Having a custom-made line is considered a safer option compared to having another business to merge with, as it would involve a lot of legal paperwork. However, if the entrepreneur is unable to design his own suit line or hire someone for the task, having his business merge with a smaller clothing producer business is a fantastic idea.

4. Group of People Targeted by the Business

Another important aspect of launching a business is the group of people it aims to attract toward its business. Is it hoping to provide the middle-class people a taste of high-end clothing? Is it trying to give the higher end of the status quo people a range of choices? Or is it figuring out a way to bridge a gap between the two worlds through their sense of fashion? Having a firm pre-launch idea of which group of people in society the business wishes to advertise to can help the business to flourish right from the start. 

5. Marketing the Business Online

No matter how high the quality of fabric the clothes are made out of, without proper and dedicated marketing, no fashion line can ever be successful. In the past couple of years, thousands of startups or ideas have been launched by the coming generations, yet few persevere through the cutthroat competition and survive, doing well now. A set of techniques or strategies need to be implemented once the business has been launched, especially for an online business. 

6. Having an Attractive Business Website

The key element to launching a business online, and hoping it to be successful, is the website. The official website of the business must be well-planned out, structured, and easy for the common man to read and scroll through the various products available. Try to match the theme of the website along with the fashion line. Keep the description of the products short, crisp, and to the point. A slight exaggeration would work but beware of adding too many false narratives. This could potentially throw not only the business but also the owner into a negative light. Try adding visuals and graphics if possible, but do not crowd the website unnecessarily. 

7. Having a Stylish Brand Name

Another important element for the start of the business is the logo and the name of the fashion line. Many brand names such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton are named after the people who started the line. Try to be as creative as possible with the brand name, but do not use words that people find difficult to remember. 

After a brand name is finalized, create a logo as stylish as possible. A logo is a visual gateway to represent the fashion style of the upcoming business. Take advantage of it, being as innovative as possible while unveiling the business logo and name, which can give the small audience a taste of what the fashion line will look like. This can be one of the ways of creating hype for the business. 

9. Online Advertising

Having posters of the launch of the business on popular websites can be an excellent way of advertising your business. Also, post-launch, clothing line, or accessory products of the business can be promoted on various other sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Snapchat.

10. Sales Goals

Once the business has launched, expecting millions of sales in the first couple of months is not a realistic goal. Having a pragmatic budget plan of sales, revenue, and profit helps keep track of where the business is heading, which may not be idealistic but provides a database that could predict a positive/ negative growth of the business. 

11. Start Small

Another point that should be considered in the expected sales equation is the cost of the product. Having a mediocre price for the goods is a safer option when starting a business. In this way, the fashion line can acquire a positive reputation in the market once people have tested out their products, and they can garner a loyal fanbase of the business line. 

The business could build their success once their reputation has been established and later hike their prices a bit. Unless the business is being sponsored by an affluent investor, even though aiming for a higher class of people, assigning prices beyond an upper-middle-class man’s reach is pointless.

12. Publicizing the Business Among High-End Designer Fashion Brands

Once the start-up has garnered its name among the audience, having contacts and networking with other high-end designer fashion brands such as Prada, Saint Laurent, and Versace can help open the fashion line’s opportunities to collaborate or work with these high-end brands and their regular customers. Working and being in association with already established fashion line brands can shoot up the reach of the business to a much higher level.

13. Why Should You Start Your Own Business?

The final question aspiring entrepreneurs should ask themselves - Why should I start my own business? Some people feel like starting their own business is a chore, while others are enthralled by the idea of their own company. Finances and a person’s personal preference can play a major factor in deciding whether or not they get to be the CEO of their company. Not only that, the owner gets to make his own decisions regarding business projects, gets to work at his own pace, has no discrepancy in workload assignment, direct monetary benefits, and job security. 

Having a definitive, conclusive idea will definitely help out whether or not the competition, losses, and even possible failure are worth the effort and energy in launching a business.


Starting a business purely online, while it is more cost-affordable than opening a store, can be tricky. But running that same business after achieving success and becoming a designer luxury brand can be extremely daunting to handle. The tips mentioned above are some pointers to keep in mind when planning on launching a business online, with the dreams of it becoming a high-end designer fashion business and having its name in the market. Passion, drive, motivation, and networking skills are required and extremely necessary to survive in the market and more so as a business fashion line. Fashinza is just the right platform to find the best tips about the fashion business and the best manufacturers and suppliers for the success of your business. With the right, carefully planned out pragmatic approach, not copied from some textbook but rather curated to attend to the needs of the business, it can be possible to launch a business on the internet.


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