8 Ways How Digital Technology can Help Fashion Retailers Improve Customer Satisfaction

8 Ways How Digital Technology can Help Fashion Retailers Improve Customer Satisfaction

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According to the U.S Retail Sales Report 2019, the retail industry is undergoing two major shifts. The first being changes in consumer behavior and the other being the evolution of technology. In order to cope with these shifts, it is vital for retailers to invest in technologies that lead to greater customer satisfaction, and to make business processes more efficient. Here are 10 reasons how retailers can improve customer satisfaction using technology. 

1 Digital technology

Digital technology has made things easy and much simpler than way back. As before the billing was done manually, but now digital technology has reduced queuing times and improved customer experience for busy shoppers. In a world where technology is valued the most, these advancements have been bought in-store to meet the demands of both traditional and advanced technology admirers. 

2 Web ordering

Some of the companies have been using the latest technologies for online product reviews, video screens, and web ordering into their stores making the shopping process hassle-free. Technologies such as self-checkout ideas are most loved by the customers of today. With increasing, smartphone buyers avail the facility to shop and buy online. 

3 Digital Publicity  

Popular brands are turning towards digital signage and are introducing it in their stores. Video screens can showcase the store’s products in a manner that is very much appealing to the customers rather than just hanging clothes on an uninspiring rack. 

The most convenient way to attract customers is being able to select delivery dates and locations for the product to be shipped to the houses of the customer very conveniently. 

4 Virtual mannequins 

The technology attracts the customers through virtual mannequins the moment a shopper picks up an item from a rail of garments. Most of the brands now allow customers to see models earring the chosen item, how the fitting looks like on a human being. This technology is widely appreciated with a touch-enabled offering to swipe-through the catalog for more details to know by the customer with the help of AR and VR. 

Digital Technology

5 Mobile alerts 

Few brands in the U.S have adopted a technology where the customers automatically receive alerts on entering the store about the recommended items that the shopper would be interested in highlighting specific deals of the day. Since customers are active on social media, the brands can engage in all kinds of engaging posts or techniques to keep them on their side. 

6 Paperless shopping experience

Most of the consumers prefer to get a digital receipt instead of a printed one since they care more about the environment supporting the eco-friendly methods. This in a way benefits your organization too saving the paper and manual costs. Digital receipts are handy and so they are preferred the most.

Digital Technology

7 Omnichannel for sales

One platform that can give access to all products can also be an added advantage. A single store does not have all the products in every single size. This can help shoppers in picking up in-store or ship-to-home options with the use of an omnichannel. 

8 Tablet Enclosures 

Tablet enclosures are one great way to catch your customers right after their shopping experience and ask for feedback. Most of the time if you save the feedback request for email, customers won't even open the message due to their busy schedules. iPads and other tablet enclosures make it easy for people to just tap their answers easily. 


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