7 Reasons Why Garment Businesses Need A PMTS

7 Reasons Why Garment Businesses Need A PMTS

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One of the most critical aspects that brands look for in garment businesses is their efficiency. To be more efficient and deliver orders on time, garment businesses use various modern technologies. One such technology is the PMTS, which is used to fix the standard time of manual work in garment factories. It has been used in the garment industry for decades to catalyse business growth. 

What is a PMTS?

PMTS, or Predetermined Motion Time System, is a tool used by various companies to analyse the human movements and resources required to perform any task. And to make this system effective, garment businesses need to collect data from various sources. This system is the epitome of technological innovation and has various benefits. Some of them are listed below: 

  • One does not need to conduct a time-based analysis to determine the workforce's efficiency. Thus, eliminating the inaccuracies that may arise from stopwatches.
  • Performance rating is no longer required when one uses a PMTS. So, garment businesses need not waste time conducting annual performance reviews. 
  • PMTS helps companies streamline their work processes. This allows companies to improve their work efficiency. 
  • The PMTS also helps garment businesses calculate the total time required to finish a particular order. Knowing the exact time allows companies to plan and execute accordingly.

7 Reasons why Garment Businesses need a PMTS

Due to its versatility, the PMTS has become an essential tool for garment businesses. Some of the reasons why it has become an irreplaceable technology among numerous companies are as follows: 

1. Calculate Standard Time 

Every garment business needs to calculate SAM or Standard Allowed Minute, a measure of the time taken to complete a task in the garment industry. Most garment businesses use garment SAM and operations SAM to achieve their production goals on time. 

Furthermore, companies can use this data to predict bottlenecks in their production line more effectively. Standard time in factories is also used to optimize the production process and calculate a factory's performance. One can also use this data for line balancing and line layout. 

So now the question arises, how can garment businesses calculate SAM? Traditionally, most garment businesses use standard Time Study methods. But this method has a huge drawback: it is very subjective, and the SAM calculation might not represent the correct value of standard time. Therefore, to avoid any mistakes in the standard time calculation, PMTS are used by garment businesses. 

PMTS provides more accurate and flexible SAM measurements compared to any other standard time study methods

2. Helps in funding the Accurate Labor Cost 

Accurate Labor Cost 

Knowing the accurate labor cost helps garment businesses price their products and services better. In addition, when labor costs are estimated using advanced software, one can maintain transparency while quoting it to their clients. Why? Because one can show the precise reasons why the price is justified. 

Furthermore, the PMTS allows one to predict and forecast prices in advance. Through PMTS, garment businesses do not need to wait for the sampling process. They also need not calculate the average time taken to manufacture the garment. One can also utilise this system to set the salaries of other workers, such as operators and sewing staff. 

3. Finding out Factory and Line Efficiency

Most garment businesses need an accurate idea of how efficient their workers are. They calculate this by finding out factory efficiency and line efficiency. To carry out any of these calculations, they require standard operation time. 

So, if the SAM calculated by the company is more than the Standard time, then its efficiency will also be high. From this, we can understand the impact an inaccurate SAM value will have on the efficiency of any company. Therefore, garment businesses need to use the MYM2 motion code of PMTS to help them predict the correct value of SAM. 

4. Establishing the correct value of Garment SAM before Production Cycle 

Almost every garment business needs to measure the garment SAM before starting the production process. This is because before sourcing raw materials and calculating the production schedule, they need to know the time factories will spend manufacturing one garment. The knowledge of the required manufacturing time will also help them estimate the workforce and scale of machinery required to complete the production. 

Companies using traditional time study methods to calculate the accurate value of SAM, need to wait until the style sample is made. However, they can reduce this period by using a PMTS. Companies using PMTS do not need to depend on the sampling operators to calculate the standard time. 

5. Upgrading the Operational Processes and Methods


The standard time of any production process depends on several key factors. Some of these factors are the distance between the panel and pickup, the layout of the workstations, the number of workers employed, the position of different panels, the number of attachments and guides, and the total number of bursts used in the operation cycle. Using the MTM2 motion codes, industrial engineers can calculate the standard time for executing various tasks. And with this data, they can design a perfect workstation and visualise the ideal hand movement to perform tasks faster. 

For example, different operators in a garment factory use different sets of motion sequences to execute a task. But only one of that sequences is ideal for getting the job done fastest. Therefore, engineers use PMTS software to prepare an efficient motion sequence.

This helps to reduce the cycle time by creating a swift hand movement that needs to be followed while stitching. Thus, a standard operating procedure is established for all the sewing operations, making the work faster and more efficient.  

6. Capacity Planning

Before starting the production process, garment businesses need to begin capacity planning. First, however, one must have the product SAM for all the styles manufactured at the factory. Furthermore, as discussed earlier, one must have an accurate standard time value to plan capacity successfully. But this value can only be calculated using good PMTS software. 

A PMTS software will allow companies to execute capacity planning before completing their samples. The software is essential because an inaccurate SAM will create unnecessary delays in capacity planning. This can cause delays in the production process. And to manage this mess, companies will have to work overtime. Even after this, they may fail to manage the production cycle, and deliveries might get delayed. 

7. Teaching Industrial Engineers Time and Motion

Companies employing the PMTS can train their industrial engineers about operational nuances such as workers' hand and body movements and micromotions. Using this knowledge, industrial engineers can calculate SAM accurately and make the production processes more efficient. 

The reasons mentioned above justify the need for a PMTS in garment businesses. It can help manage the production capacity and production cycle. Companies can also use the PMTS to calculate exact production and labor costs. When combined, all these factors can help companies upgrade working conditions to reduce the length of the production cycle.

Garment businesses looking to reduce the length of their production cycle can do so by outsourcing tools like PMTS for their business. This is where they can take the help of tech-enabled manufacturing platforms such as Fashinza.

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