5 Fashion Retailers That Are Betting On The Metaverse

5 Fashion Retailers That Are Betting On The Metaverse

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For a few years, people have discovered different trendy and sexy fashions to express their standards to the world. The metaverse continuously creates influencers to get more close to the customers. Metaverse's opportunity caught by brands to enhance virtual shopping. Nike uses the Roblox game to embrace the virtual world, making users able to wear Air Force 1 and Nike Blazer sneakers with other items. Many sportswear companies have a specific gallery dedicated to selling virtual products, similar to the Retail stores that vast people visit frequently.

Five fashion retailers that prefer metaverse to enhance the sale of their apparel

1.      Burberry and Mythical games

The Burberry Group Inc is a British apparel brand that has teamed up with Mythical Games to introduce its most prominent non-fungible token (NFT) in Blankos Block Party and the latter's game. If anyone loves to collect toys in the real world, they will undoubtedly become addicted to Blankos because of a virtual universe filled with vinyl toys. Game-lovers can purchase non-fungible token toys in this game, which features many gaming styles and stages in which they might complete numerous missions and tasks.

2.      Gucci and Roblox

Gucci and Roblox

The Gucci Garden, a 15 days art project aiming at creating fashion brand acknowledgement among the young generation, was presented by gaming platform Roblox in mid- 2021. Gucci wanted to showcase its tale ahead of its centennial with a virtual reconstruction of a real-world vision in Florence. The Gucci brand in Roblox was just like a real-life version that featured several decorated rooms that paid homage to the product's advertising while physics' law. While going through the digital game, everyone could explore, attempt, and buy virtual Gucci fashion apparel in their unisex avatars before entering the virtual shopping.

Their character would acquire components of each area as they moved through the digital realm. The short event aims to engage consumers for a short time with the brand and to complement Gucci's release of digital objects on Roblox in 2020.

3.      Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has completed its 2nd centennial at the end of 2021. Louis video game is an exciting game that was launched as a tribute to the company's founder. The Smartphone gameplay Vivienne across various worlds as it collects 210 candles to celebrate Louis Vuitton's birthday. Alike, the role-playing video game can help gamers discover it on the PlayStation, which the brand constructed its tale. According to the rules of this video game, gamers enter the game world where they acquire Louis Vuitton fashion apparel and personalise themselves. After this, they have to collect all items while running.

Moreover, 30 non-fungible tokens designed by designer Beeple were hidden throughout the players to discover. Louis Vuitton, like other businesses, is finding new ways to attract younger people without forcing them to buy something. Unlike other cryptocurrency games, non-fungible tokens (NFT) cannot be exchanged on markets, making them exclusively virtual collectables.

4.      Balenciaga and Fortnite

Balenciaga fashion company has entered the metaverse world that takes up Fortnite online gaming in December 2021 for their branding. From the digital store of the accessible video game, players may buy virtual clothes stimulated by real-life Balenciaga designs. A range of fashion apparel would be accessible in select Balenciaga retailers and on the Balenciaga site to link it into the actual world. The foremost thing is that Viewers can purchase Balenciaga products in the real world from Fortnite. Balenciaga took DOOH activity further by developing a 3D billboard adventure in Seoul, London, Tokyo, and New York. 

5.      Selfridges and Pokemon

Selfridges and Pokemon

Selfridges collaboration with designer Yahoo RYOT Lab and Charli Cohen designed Electric/Metropolis, a digital world where viewers could buy specific digital and real-world merchandise to commemorate Pokémon's 25th anniversary in 2021.

Due to the fashion world, viewers might engross in entering the 3D world and want to create their fashion as per the digital avatars. All these avatars are present in digital clothing, and they share it via AR body-tracking lenses that is present in the digital world.


How people connect with businesses will be altered by the metaverse. Metaverse has impacted enterprises, but worldwide brands are likely to gain from it. Because of its nature, the virtual network will allow consumers to connect with companies for a long duration as the activities are distinctive, social, and creative. Fashion brands can click here to get the virtual dress in the real world to keep the viewer near to the virtual world.


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