10 Uses Of The Metaverse You Might Never Have Thought Of

10 Uses Of The Metaverse You Might Never Have Thought Of

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There is a lot of interest in the Metaverse, especially with big names like Facebook making it their priority. Several uses of this proposed world are already garnering a lot of attention. Things like Virtual Games or online meetings are being discussed at length when it comes to the Metaverse.

What does this mean for Digital Fashion? Here are 10 interesting uses of the Metaverse that you may not have thought of.

What does this mean for Digital Fashion?
  1. Virtual Training – In the competitive world of fashion, the importance of training cannot be undermined. Imagine being able to attend or impart training in a virtual world, where the 3D versions of both the trainer and student interact for hands-on learning. That is a possibility with the Metaverse.
  2. Sourcing Materials – A critical aspect of the fashion industry is sourcing the correct material. Imagine being able to check out the materials in a 3D world before placing a large order. It might be a little far off, but the possibilities with Digital Fashion are definitely encouraging.
  3. Digital Fashion Shows – Probably one of the simplest uses when one thinks of it, the Metaverse will allow for, are Digital Fashion Shows. Online meet-ups are already happening in the Metaverse with NFTs as tickets. It is only a matter of time before this further expands to incorporate full-fledged Digital Fashion Shows by designers. No need to travel across the world to watch your favorite designer or to showcase your creations. You can do it in the Metaverse.
  4. Digital Real Estate – An area that has already started gaining a lot of interest, the scope for digital real estate in the Metaverse is only going to go up. As of today, when there are multiple metaverses available, there are investors who are already buying space. This will give them the first-mover advantage, in the eventuality of one common Metaverse, which is the target for all Big Tech companies.
  5. Metaverse Architecture – With real estate gaining attention, the next use that isn’t being discussed much yet, is the Architecture in the Metaverse. While people may be buying land in the Metaverse, this land will need buildings, and the buildings will need architects. Do the laws of physics apply to the Metaverse? That is the question being debated and discussed. As answers emerge, it will bring about clarity on what the architecture of buildings in Metaverse will be like!
  6. Online Boutiques – As the future sees digital real estate and architecture, the one prominent use case of the Metaverse for the fashion industry will be the creation of online boutiques for designers. One need not have an actual brick-and-mortar boutique in multiple places, but having them in the Metaverse is a possibility. As digital fashion evolves, having their own space to display their creations in the Metaverse is certainly an attractive proposition.
  7. Metaverse Galleries – If the current NFT boom is anything to go by, the artists and designers have a lot to gain with the evolution of the Metaverse. Be it having authentic tracking of their artwork or a virtual place to display the same. The Metaverse Galleries look promising.
  8. Art Cafes – Closely related to the galleries are the places of interaction where like-minded individuals can meet and discuss their art. While real-world art cafes cannot be completely replaced, in a world facing a pandemic, virtual meet-ups are what are sustaining the artists. As technology evolves to make these interactions possible in 3D as opposed to current 2D forms, the effect will be closer to real-world interaction. Thus, the evolution of Metaverse will be contributing to Digital Fashion more than simply by providing a marketplace.
  9. Virtual Shopping – Virtual shopping is not an alien concept. We already do enough of that in the 2D online world of today. However, imagine a scenario where you don’t just read about the products you are buying. Instead, you (your 3D avatar, actually) can even try these out before buying. Now that will be a real evolution of digital fashion with a great user experience!
  10. Virtual Travel – Another interesting phenomenon that the whole world is waiting for. While nothing can match the experience of real-world travel, this is the closest one can get to the feeling by traveling to far-off places in the Metaverse. Seeing a new place, interacting with the people, watching their traditional way of living and fashion, and even reaching out for collaboration for your new collection – the sky's the limit for the possibilities that open up with the Metaverse.
10 interesting uses of the Metaverse that you may not have thought of.

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