10 New Tech and Gadgets We Cannot Wait to See in 2023

10 New Tech and Gadgets We Cannot Wait to See in 2023

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Innovation is the key to survival and thriving in every sector. As we enter 2023, industries move closer to turning prototypes into practically usable products. The fashion industry undoubtedly wants certain technologies and gadgets to move ahead from the nascent stage of development. 

The fashion and apparel industry operates in a dynamic environment where today’s trend is tomorrow’s dead stock. Technology has, therefore, been an integral part of the industry. With the advent of Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the fashion industry is now looking beyond the regular playfield and exploring the areas of metaverse for try-on features. Here are ten new technological inventions and gadgets that the industry is looking to get its hands on in 2023.

1. AR Virtual Try-on Technology

The shopping experience has to be engaging. AR virtual try-on is a new technological invention that does offer that potential. It involves the use of 3D virtual fitting technology and a camera-equipped gadget like a phone or smart mirror. Though specific wristwatches, cosmetics, and jewelry brands have launched virtual try-on, the technology is relatively in its nascent stage. 

AR Virtual

2. Advanced 3D Printers for On-demand Clothing

Everyone wishes to create unique, cutting-edge designs at reduced costs. Protected designs must not be copied. Thus, manufacturers undoubtedly appreciate new technology gadgets such as 3D printing machines that address IP concerns. The industry is looking to get access to non-plastic filament used in manufacturing accessories. 

3. Flexible Circuits Embedded into Textiles

Wearable electronics and clothing variety is not washable. In most cases, plastic or rubber is used for mounting rigid electronics. A San Francisco-based company is now testing a new technology gadget with soft circuits working as sensors to track data, heat parts of the fabric, and emit light. Yes, these are washable circuits! 

4. Bots for On-demand Manufacturing 

Robots assist in testing, cutting, weaving, sewing, and packaging. However, there are advanced sewing bots in testing phases that can revolutionize custom clothing. An impressive piece of the new technological invention involves a robotic knitting machine with the ability to digitize the entire production line. Knitting robots can seamlessly knit garments based on inputs from its 3D modeling software. It is not just knitting; sewbots designed for t-shirt production lines are another ray of hope. 

On-demand Manufacturing 

5. AI for Identifying and Forecasting Trends 

AI solutions analyze humongous amounts of data. So, systems can recommend the best options for supply chain and logistics. A new technology gadget is being explored to predict shopping behavior (pattern recognition). Based on the AI’s suggestions, ordering raw materials, adjusting manufacturing capacity, and recommending a marketing plan will reshape logistics and customer satisfaction

6. Photochromic Inks for Color-changing Dress 

Developed by researchers at MIT, a new technological invention involves using photochromic inks to create objects. These printed items change color when exposed to specific wavelengths of UV light. The printer allows users to choose a set of clothing colors which they can pair with jewelry in customizable colors. One moment you are wearing green, and the next your dress turns a soft pastel like cherry blossom when you step out into the sunlight!  

7. Electricity and Color-changing Fabrics

A team of scientists from the UCF-University of Central Florida has developed a fabric (ChroMorphous) with pigments that can change color. They made it with traditional machines, conductive threads, copper wire, and color-changing pigments. The bag they tested it on changed color in response to electricity. This new technology gadget can help a user toggle between different colors while wearing the same dress or accessory. 

Color-changing Fabrics

8. Enhanced Vector Editors

The fashion industry is now exploring new technology gadgets enabling users to edit pre-built templates from renowned graphic designers and design sleeves, collars, as well as pockets. Better online vector editors will benefit on-demand manufacturers as they won’t have to start from scratch. On the other hand, the end users will enjoy creating their designs and sharing them with the world. 

9. Smart Factories With Self-repairing Structures  

Automation has slowly taken over many functions inside textile and apparel manufacturing units. Now, the implementation of new technological inventions such as IoT and 5G connectivity can help make self-servicing, self-repairing structures. The new tech can offer an accurate overview of the procedures and performance of machines inside the factory. Such smart factories will require minimum human intervention.

10. Meta-humans as Brand Ambassadors

Metaverse is the in-thing. Avatar development, based on the interests of target groups, is set to increase further in 2023. The investment in this new technological invention is worth it because it can create strong emotional connectivity with the audience. Whether it is trying new clothes, window-shopping, or making purchases, you can pull it off with your meta avatar! 


The year 2023 is going to see new technologies revolutionizing the fashion industry. Fashinza can help your brand become more tech-savvy at a competitive price point. With its AI-powered dashboard and seamless logistics, the platform can connect you to a network of manufacturers and suppliers across the world. Get in touch with a specialist in Fashinza today! 

Key Takeaways

  • The fashion industry is exploring new technology gadgets such as 3D printing machines to weave copper wires and print photochromic inks on fabrics for wearable tech.
  • Better hardware for smart factories and online vector editors can make 2023 an exciting place for the clothing and apparel industry. 
  • A leap into the metaverse is inevitable. Keep an eye on this new technological invention with try-on meta avatars and brand ambassadors. 

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