10 Best Warehouse Management Softwares for Fashion Clothing Brands

10 Best Warehouse Management Softwares for Fashion Clothing Brands

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The fashion industry is unique in terms of industry dynamics and opportunities that it offers. It is the second-largest industry in the world and is expected to take the leading position by 2040. The constant rise in online sales makes warehouse management softwares crucial for the success of any fashion house, no matter how big or small. Choosing the right Warehouse Management Software could be the most important decision before business owners.

Warehouse Management Softwares are expected to smoothen and optimize the flow of business. They can lead to an instant and dramatic impact on the business by optimizing the full product cycle. Before we dive into the best performing warehouse management software, we shall take a look at what benefits are there to avail.

Why you should not delay investing in a warehouse management software for your business:

  • Full product-cycle insights
  • Reduced or no inventory errors
  • Less need for manual data entry
  • Synergize the process by allowing better communication

Warehouse Management Software: Not Merely a Need But a Necessity

Managing an inventory for a fashion house is intensely challenging as it is very dynamic. Keeping a track of inventory, items in huge demand, and those that are likely to stock out can make or break your business. However, good warehouse management software is not merely for inventory keeping. It lets you do much more by optimizing workflow, automation of processes, and minimization of errors.

What Are the Basic Things to Look for in Warehouse Management Software

A warehouse management software that allows integration with the existing ERP will facilitate better communication between different units. Many such software allow scalability for future business expansion. A feature that is almost indispensable for digital marketing is a cloud-based set up to facilitate business function while on the move, that is, on mobile devices. In addition, it is desirable to have as many sales functions as “Bills of Materials”, barcode processing, and tracking of orders and deliveries. In a nutshell, good warehouse management software shall have not only the inventory functions but sales and related functions as well. 

It is advised to go for warehouse management software that can be integrated with ERP software or that provides this customization. Some of the best Warehouse Management Softwares in the market are listed below:-

  1. AIMS 360 Fashion ERP

USP: Among Top Warehouse Management Softwares in all features

Price: 99 $/Month/User

Trial:  Yes

  1. ApparelMagic

ApparelMagic is specifically built for the Fashion industry. It is ERP-based and automates procurement, manufacturing, and allows multiple channel sales forecasting. ApparelMagic lets you supervise design, development, and pricing. It also supports multiple currency accounting making it particularly useful for Global Enterprises.

USP: ERP based with multiple payment options, attractive pricing, and training

Trial: No



3.   NetSuiteERP

This comprehensive and cloud-based platform provides accounting, inventory, order, supply chain, marketing, and CRM facets of your apparel. It is not specifically made for the fashion clothing industry but its comprehensive features help you to manage all the functions of running a fashion clothing business. It is among the most popular warehouse management software and works equally well for mid-sized and booming businesses.

USP: Excellent user interface, No. 1 in financial Management, Multiple language support, Good view of supply chain management, and fast-tracking of Quote-to-Quote orders      

Ultra USP: Best for B2B

Pricing: 99$/User/Month and/or 999$/Month

4.   Openbravo Commerce Suite

Openbravo is a cloud-based comprehensive solution that ranks in the Top 3 among warehouse management software. It can be used on mobile and allows real-time tracking of vital information while on the go. It is available in many languages and is particularly useful for fashion houses that have multiple warehouses in many locations. It offers all the core features of fashion warehouse management.

USP: 360 Degree Comprehensive Solution, Real-Time Information gathering, Robust, Scalable

Trial: No

Pricing: As below

Professional815 $/Month
Enterprise3119 $/Month

5.   FastReact

FastReact is among the most popular warehouse management software that is built for the fashion clothing industry. It offers industry-specific solutions.

USP: Drag-and-Drop Capabilities, Multi-Site Collaborating Cash Commitment Reporting, User-Definable Reporting, Multi-Level Planning, Modular System

Trial: No

Pricing: Quote Based Plan

6.  Powersoft365 ModaPro

Powersoft365 ModaPro is suitable for start-ups. This cloud-based warehouse management software is available only in English and is designed for MAC and Windows.

USP: Graphical and easily comprehensible reporting, Multi-location management

Trial: No

Pricing: As below 

Basic39 $/Month
Professional59 $/Month
Enterprise64 $/Month

          7.      YuniquePLM

As the name goes, it is truly unique. YuniquePLM is cloud-based software that lets your creative team connect to the supply chain to bring the high in-demand clothing apparel into the market. It is not specifically designed for the apparel industry but it certainly helps in driving sales.

Ultra USP: Sales boost by sending right products to right markets, higher creativity

Trial: Yes

Pricing: Quote based

           8.     Indigo8

Indigo8 is designed for fast-growing brands. It is constantly going up the ranks for visible results. It automates the core processes of a fashion warehouse. It is cloud-based in architecture and supports many devices. It can be integrated with ERP software to create a cohesive and synchronous system for driving growth.

 USP: Supports fast-growing brands, allows third-party add-ons, seamless integration with ERP

Trial:  No

Pricing: As below


Light Starter129 $/Month
Light Fully239 $/Month
EnterpriseContact Vendor


         9.       WFX PLM

WFX PLM is designed specifically for the apparel and fashion accessories industry. Its easy and unique interface allows the collection of all data and information in one place and facilitates a holistic view of the process from the first end to the last end of the whole product cycle. It also allows sharing of real-time information with internal teams and vendors.

 USP:  End-to-End lifecycle management, catalog management, design collaboration

Trial: No                             

Pricing: Quote Based

          10.  Accellar

 Accellar is designed for those apparel manufacturers who are currently in the small to medium size segment and are looking for a cost-effective solution. Its affordability doesn’t limit its powerful features. It is a very good ERP-based solution that facilitates quick information gathering between vendors and allows seamless integration.

 USP: Quick Implementation, Cost-Effective, 360-degree visibility

 Trial: No

 Pricing: Quote Based


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