4 Ways To Increase Clothing Sales Online Without Spending A Dime

4 Ways To Increase Clothing Sales Online Without Spending A Dime

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Online and e-commerce stores have become the prime choice for consumers and businesses alike. With the world going digital, it is an undeniable fact that e-commerce is booming.

With more consumers making purchases online than ever before, it has become a joyride for sellers to put out their products. The availability of online stores and apps to sell clothes makes it even merry for both consumers and sellers, providing a win-win situation. 

But on the flip side, the online marketplace offers a plethora of options to consumers. This makes it quite a task to be in the limelight. Most people believe that the more the marketing, the higher the sales will be. However, paid marketing can burn a hole in one’s pocket. 

What if we tell you, you can sell more clothes online without spending a dime? Yes! You read that right. Wondering how? 

Ways to sell more clothes when you have financial constraints:

Often, large retailers end up splurging big amounts on the marketing. This makes the business with lower or no budgets feel at a disadvantage. But to their luck, there are plenty of ways to get through it. Here’s how!

1. Referral Marketing and Upselling

These marketing strategies are often overlooked. Word-of-mouth marketing is still as relevant as it was decades ago. So, if you haven’t kickstarted a referral program yet, now is the time. 

According to statistics, more than 80% of customers tend to purchase products recommended by their acquaintances. Referral programs need not involve an elaborative process. Just incorporate a quick way for customers to view the recommendations and reviews to get high customer outreach. This method requires more effort, but it surely helps in building potential and a reliable customer base. 

Another way to enhance clothing sales for your brand is upselling, which can be accessed and implemented quickly. All you have to do is add a few complementary recommendations with the products already being purchased. During the checkout process, the customer is already sure of buying a product. When a combo recommendation pops up, there are chances that they might want to buy both the products instead of one. 

The good part with upselling is that it allows you to drive more sales with your existing customer base. 

2. Website Optimization and Value Proposition

Website Optimization and Value Proposition

Have you already set up your website? That’s great news. But, hold on! You need to bring it into the limelight. Before that, understand what the ideal customer looks like? 

For instance, a customer wants to purchase clothes. What is their style? What would appeal to them the most? Diversify and divide your products to set up a value proposition. Differentiate the clothing style from others in the crowd. 

Once you have a unique selling proposition, try getting your customers hooked. The customers tend to leave the platform if they don’t find value. Web visitors often spend just about 15 seconds on a page. Try utilizing it in an optimum way. 

For clothing brands, the good idea is to put forth visually appealing pictures of the clothes. Alongside, ensure that you deliver what you promise. Source clothing from top-notch platforms. How will you put your inventory in place? Is it through a third party or your own brand? Even better, if you are looking to source the clothes, Fashinza is the one-stop premium apparel outsourcing platform. 

After having the products put together, analyze and optimize the website regularly. It demands consistent efforts. Simplify the purchase process. Even more, try creating a sense of urgency in the customers who have abandoned their carts. Such tactics go a long way. 

3. Utilization of apps to sell clothes

Gone are the days when you had to sell clothes in physical stores. Online consignment stores and apps to sell clothes are the new trends. Connect with shoppers across the globe through these apps. 

A very popular among these gaining traction is Instagram becoming a prime choice among apps to sell clothes. Instagram allows businesses to set up an online shop linking the products directly to the website or listing them separately on the platform. So, it is all an easy affair for shoppers to purchase directly while strolling through Instagram. 

Among other apps to sell clothes is Poshmark. This is easily one of the most convenient online clothing marketplaces. All you have to do is download the app, start uploading product pictures and build a community of people to sell clothes online. A very social platform with a no-hassle shipping option provided by the company. 

Looking for other places and apps to sell clothes online? Facebook Marketplace is the one-stop destination to tap on the right market and consumers. Download the Facebook app and start listing the clothing products right away. The best thing about the platform is its zero charges, which allows you to keep substantial profits. Undoubtedly, a great place to sell everyday clothing!

4. Emails and Digital Platforms

Emails and Digital Platforms to sell clothes

If you think that emails are a thing of the past, you are surely living under a shell. Emails are still very relevant. Whenever people reach out to you or just come on your platform, try getting their data, and especially emails. 

You never know the gold that emails can dig for you. Send across newsletters to the subscribers and customers on special occasions. Emails tend to offer higher ROI than many other paid tools. Write effective taglines and appealing content. If you have a diligent subscriber list, you need to utilize them optimally. Test the waters by sending out promotional emails as well. 

Be present on digital platforms. The world is a digital village, and not being a part of social media does cause a chunk of losses. Engage with your target audience through these platforms. This does not just allow you to build an emotional connection with the audience but also instill trust in them. Post regularly about the products you have in store. Build excitement and allure them towards your brand. All you need is some creativity with your marketing tactics to convert your audience. 

The Final Note

Running an online clothing store is no cakewalk. However, you sure can gain potential customers without financially burdening yourself with the aforementioned methods, a major being the utilization of apps to sell clothes. Try different methods that suit your brand in the best way. 

Show up consistently and meet the customer expectations well. This wouldn’t just keep them coming back but also increase your sales. Pro tip: Value every customer’s feedback and improvise your brand. Look for quality products and clothing pieces to offer. And if you still are wondering where to get started? Fashinza is here to back you up. Get in touch with us to outsource all your clothing needs. 


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