10 Best Gym Outfits To Have In Your Inventory

10 Best Gym Outfits To Have In Your Inventory

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The fashion industry is evolving at an exciting rate. Activewear is the flavor of the season. Gone are the days when just a pair of track pants and spandex were the entirety of gym wear. People are more aware of how they present themselves to society and are ready to splurge on clothes and accessories.

Today's consumers seek high-end products of varied types that are simple to obtain. Today's gym attire has two functions: it keeps the wearer comfortable while exercising and contributes to maintaining a fashionable appearance.

What are the elements of great activewear?

Textile manufacturers and retailers have realized that customers look for quality, fit, and style when shopping for gym wear. This list consists of the elements that make for great gym wear.


No matter how great the material or aesthetic appearance of your gym clothes is, customers will not come back looking for them if they don't fit perfectly. It’s wise to keep an inventory of clothes that are in style, suit various body shapes, and are comfortable to wear. 


Gym enthusiasts are highly aware of their performance and are conscious of how comfortable their workout attire is. Uncomfortable gym clothes hamper the performance. For instance, chafing or irritation may affect the ability to concentrate and thus become uncomfortable and difficult to exercise. Therefore, the most comfortable gym attire is made of soft, flexible fabrics that fit pleasantly and avoid form-fitting materials.


When selecting sportswear, customers have their comfort preferences and workout routines, and activewear material—which comes in various forms—is a crucial consideration. Each material has benefits and drawbacks. Activewear is mainly manufactured from cotton, wool, polyester, spandex, rayon, polypropylene, etc. The ones that are non-chafing, breathable, absorb moisture, and lightweight are the ideal options. Wool is fantastic for stockings and sweatpants, while stretch fabrics such as nylon and spandex are excellent choices for individuals who desire form-fitting, elastic, and moisture-wicking textiles.


Customers' choice of gym apparel is significantly influenced by the type of workout they would be doing. Regular gym visitors, for instance, work out frequently; they typically favor light clothing paired with running shoes and leggings with an elastic fit for the movement. People who enjoy yoga, pilates, and other low-intensity workouts favor loose, comfortable clothing. The sportswear sector makes extensive use of the material polyester.

High-end vs. fast fashion

When looking for the ideal gym apparel, there is a wide price range, so it depends on the brand owners and their USPs to consider whether pricing matters or not. Reviews on comfort, toughness, and suitability indicate that the most expensive brands perform better. Several expensive activewear brands are known for their quality and fit. But that does not mean reasonably priced activewear brands do not provide good quality.

Types of Gym outfits to store/showcase in your inventory

gym outfits

Gym wear differs from other clothing in one specific way, and that is the material. The highest-quality athletic apparel is built from materials that can fend off moisture. The fabric must be breathable, lightweight, and robust. To keep track of the top workout gear and apparel for your fashion brand, one platform called Fashinza connects suppliers, manufacturers, and merchants. The following is a list of gym attire that you should keep on hand.

T-shirt made from sweat-wicking material

Sweat-wicking material is designed to ward off moisture and keep the person comfortable while training. This t-shirt or top does not lose its shape even after extensive use. These can be paired up with cycling shorts and trainers.

Sports bra in fun colors

A great-fitting sports bra is essential in any woman’s gym wardrobe. Therefore, investing in a good quality sports bra provides maximum comfort while performing high-intensity workouts is advised. Women nowadays like to experiment with style, fabric, and colors; thus, sports bras can be paired with high-rise leggings for a breezy yoga session.

High-rise leggings

High-rise bottoms have been the most loved fashion trend of the decade. The best gym leggings are essential for a pleasant experience while working out. These can be easily paired with a crop top for a fun look.

Training shorts

Shorts worn during training or pilates are made of a different material than regular shorts. They are sweatproof, provide extra padding,  and come in all kinds of cool designs. They are a necessary element in any fitness enthusiast’s collection.


A firm-fitting vest that hugs at all the right places while giving maximum comfort is a must for a gym enthusiast’s wardrobe. It can be teamed up with loose gym shorts for a simple yet stylish look.

Cycling shorts

It is important to have that extra layer of padding for the groin area when riding a bicycle. Not only will it help add a sense of style, but it will also provide the necessary sweat absorption. Cycling shorts are a must-have for anyone wishing to opt for high-intensity or cardio training.

Sleeveless tops/t-shirts

Sleeveless shirts are a quirky version of gym vests and are perfect for those consumers who don't like the look of regular gym vests or t-shirts. Sleeveless shirts are available in all colors and sizes, a trendy element in the men's gym wear collection. Men can wear these tank tops on their own, while women may layer it up on top of a sports bra and pair it up with an activewear legging.

Headbands and Bandanas

A headband or bandana enhances the overall gym style while also helping to keep all the hair out of your face. Many sportswear companies provide high-quality, fashionable, and comfy products.


The activewear industry has traveled a long way from unitards in the 70s to breathable and comfortable joggers in the 2000s. Manufacturers and consumers are both gravitating towards fabrics that are an amalgamation of organic material and high technology. Athleisure has become an aesthetic in itself. Millennials and Gen Z are willing to invest in quality pieces that are an extension of their style. Fashinza is one platform for manufacturers, buyers, and retailers in the apparel industry to communicate with each other and grow their businesses.


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