Your 15 Most Important HR Tools In The Fashion Industry
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Your 15 Most Important HR Tools In The Fashion Industry

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With the ever-increasing demand and services offered within the fashion industry, HR now has become a frontline administrative task that all brands must acknowledge.

Human resource management plays a huge role in the textile and fashion industry as it helps to fulfill daily organization objectives. It also allows fashion brands to formulate a blueprint for achieving long-term success.

Role and Responsibilities of the HR Department

Working professionals in charge of the Human Resource department have various responsibilities. An HR must influence and drive the sales department such that contracts can be effectively managed and negotiated. Moreover, an HR manager is responsible for motivating the staff and ensuring that optimum performance is maintained throughout. The HR department must also monitor changes and encourage upgrades with the installation of new technologies. 

The HR team is the backbone of any fashion brand. Therefore, entrepreneurs must inculcate a belief in utilizing specialized tools that help HR professionals to meet their professional objectives. This is where an HR tool for your fashion brand can be put into place.

Let us now highlight some of these HR Tools that every fashion brand must employ to manage their business more efficiently. To make things easier, we have categorized each tool into different groups as per their independent features and functions. Let’s get right into it:

  • Category A - HR Tools for Fashion Brands That Assist in Recruiting and Communication
Recruiting and Communication

The fashion industry thrives on the practices of designing, clothing style, and product pattern. Thus, your HR team should possess the skill and knack for identifying talented personnel who can prove to be an asset to your fashion brand. To fulfill the objective of recruitment and communication, the following HR Tools must be utilized:

1. Bambee - This HR Tool connects different companies and their HR managers, thus making the process of recruiting easier as effective communication is maintained throughout.

2. Trainual - It is a great platform through which knowledge about the fashion industry is shared. It makes recruitment and documenting comparatively straightforward.

3. Process.st - This tool allows the HR team to turn a process into an actionable task. It enhances communication within the HR team.

4. Workbright - This tool transfers all the essential documents and papers to mobile devices. Filling out forms from aspiring designers and signing up for new opportunities has never been easier.

5. CakeHR - This tool allows the HR team to set group challenges and also simplifies complex HR-related tasks.

6. Recruitee - This tool smoothens the process of recruitment and keeps the cycle rolling by locating the most suitable individuals for a specific job role within the fashion industry.

7. Breezy HR - This tool has helped numerous fashion brands to identify the perfect team member as it serves as a pool where top candidates and professionals assemble.

  • Category B - HR Tools for Fashion Brands That Assist in Man Management
Man Management

The day-to-day management of the selected staff also plays an important role in determining the growth rate of a fashion brand. Keeping your team motivated and bringing about a sense of unity within the organization is the secret of gradual development. This aspect will aid you and your brand to create a platform upon which the building blocks of success can be laid.

8. Staff Squared - This cloud-based tool connects the employees of a fashion brand. It helps HR managers to keep track of the ongoing performance of the team.

9. People - This tool allows a fashion brand to scale its business by assisting the HR team in the aspect of performance evaluation.

10. TriNet - This tool assists the HR team to chalk out payrolls which is a significant factor that helps to motivate present staff.

11. Bamboo HR - The tool simplest management by providing insightful analytics about the fashion brand.

  • Category C - HR Tools for Fashion Brands that Assist in Giving Feedback

Providing valuable feedback to the staff can help them to improve their overall performance. The fashion industry is a creative field that can be effectively harnessed by overseeing the activities of the staff and notifying them about their shortcomings.

12. Slack - This is an application that connects the entire team, which simplifies the aspect of internal communication. Giving and receiving feedback also becomes easier.

13. 15Five - It is a platform that facilitates communication and connects every employee to the management hierarchy.

14. SnapComms - Connect the HR manager to the employees directly from their mobile devices.

15. Calendly - Scheduling meetings and training sessions are planned and executed with the help of this tool.

Final Overview

Human Resource Management, along with Marketing, Finance, and Sales are considered to be the four fundamental pillars of business. Therefore, the above-mentioned tools must be used to assist the HR team so that long-term company goals can be achieved with absolute ease.


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