Ways to Ace your Clothing Store's Window Display
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Ways to Ace your Clothing Store's Window Display

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There is no second thought that brilliant marketing strategies, excellent consumer services, and high-quality products keep buyers hooked to the clothing brands. But, it is also true that branding and visuals play a significant role in tempting buyers to walk into the store in the first place.

Visual merchandising displays are much more than educating passers-by about the ongoing offers and products. When done right, it can intrigue buyers about the store’s ambiance. They take the aesthetics of the window display section as an invitation to step into the brand’s world. After all, it is the first clue about the clothing label and what it stands for.

Experts say that keeping this section creative and competitive is the key to success. Here are some brilliant ideas to ace the visual merchandising displays section of clothing stores and drive traffic. 

Identify the Target Audience

  • Before brands begin bringing in props and supplies, it is crucial to first identify their target audience.
  • Whom do they want to captivate, and what type of people will benefit the brand the most. These are the two things that companies must decide before anything else.  
  • Remember, displaying the right apparel at the right time is the key to getting an edge in the race.

Don’t Forget to Create a Focal Point

Create a Focal Point visual merchandising displays
  • A focal point is a prominent section of a visual merchandising display . It is where brands want the onlookers to look first and explore.
  • Focal points can be the real game-changers. They can create a sensation in the minds of the buyers if done in the right way.  
  • How big does this focal point need to be? Well, experts recommend keeping it big enough to spot from the other side of the road. Marketers should also explore different configurations to identify what will work best for their display.
  • It is a brilliant way to cut a dash, especially when the store is situated on a busy street amid a few competitors.
  • Colorful zebra, or wooden logs, or wallpaper can make for a great focal point.

Surprise the Shoppers

  • Marketing experts say that if a brand wants to get noticed, it should surprise  buyers every time they cross the store.
  • It might seem an overwhelming task, but pays off well over the long run. Buyers will always turn to the brand to explore out-of-the-box designs and patterns.
  • This trick usually works when a brand has a target audience in the age group of 18 to 25 years.
  • Paper-mache acorns, giant muslin lockets, and wild animals foam board cutouts are some catchy ideas to attract buyers. Apart from this, they can also use colorful scissors, frills, and laces to encourage customers to get into the store.

Tell a Story

Tell a Story in visual merchandising
  • Every clothing brand has a story. So, why not share it with the shoppers through a swanky visual merchandising display? The best part is, they need not go out of their way for this window display look.
  • Clothing labels can turn heads by reciting a story through their apparel. It is an interesting concept that will hog the limelight in 2022.
  • Brands can raise the inquisitiveness of buyers by keeping their visual merchandising display products creative, fascinating, and at their eye level.  

Have a Definite Theme

  • An intentional and well-organized theme will always work for a clothing brand. It is an excellent strategy to present everything together and attract passers-by quickly through a well-planned visual merchandising display.
  • But how should brands go about it? Experts recommend planning and sketching the layout before going for the final arrangement. Keeping things aligned and synchronized in the window display will help boost the footfall.
  • For instance, labels can include Cupid’s arrow, roses, hearts, along with matching apparel, for Valentine’s theme.

Less is More

  • Please understand that the attention span of a shopper is not more than 3 seconds. Therefore, brands need to think smart to hold their interest in the first 3 seconds only.
  • Many clothing brands believe in stuffing their visual merchandising display  sections with everything unique they have. This practice can act as a turn-off for potential buyers.
  • The top brand marketing experts say that when it comes to apparel, less is always more. Marketers should focus on displaying limited and the best from the collection in their visual merchandising displays.
  • It will motivate passers-by to stop, scan, and admire the collection. This is a clever way to increase footfall and boost conversions.

Lighting is the Secret

  • The right lighting can highlight the right products over others, create moods, and give a dramatic touch to the visual merchandising displays.
  • Being strategic and smart with lighting can pay dividends by directing the onlookers’ sight to where brands want them.  
  • It is a trump card for the clothing labels that can make them emerge as a business leader.
  • Experts recommend browsing through a range of advanced lighting options to illuminate the window display section.

Use Interesting Props and Shapes

  • Two out of every ten people walk into a clothing store because they have seen something colorful on the visual merchandising display.
  • Clothing brands are known for their creativity, uniqueness, and boldness. They can use these qualities to amplify their window display as well.
  • It is a golden opportunity for the clothing brands that want to shine out in the crowd.

Be Unique

Be unique with visual merchandising
  • It is high time clothing brands think beyond the obvious. In other words, they need to introduce freshness in their marketing strategies.  
  • For instance, think “Nutcracker” instead of Christmas, “Cupid’s Mischievousness” instead of Valentine, and “Sleepy Hollow” instead of Halloween.
  • Pulling out a novel idea in the visual merchandising display that will amaze passers-by is the key to improving conversions and boosting footfall.

Be Bold and Colorful

  • Modern buyers expect boldness and vibrancy from their favorite brands.
  • Therefore, bands must focus on creating visual merchandising displays  that will fascinate people to explore more about it. And how can they go about it? By going bold and colorful.
  • Make it a focal point where shoppers would like to take pictures and share them on social media. Marketers need to think beyond the cookie-cutter colors and go for eye-catching shades like fuchsia and teal.
  • However, they must remember to keep everything consistent and aligned with the brand image.

Balance Everything

  • Human psychology experts say that balanced visual merchandising displays are more  likely to evoke a feeling of excitement, happiness, and enjoyment. On the other hand, unbalanced displays can indicate instability and anxiety.
  • It is crucial for clothing stores to strike a balance when it comes to creating a visual merchandising display .
  • Brands can place color-coordinated accessories and furnishing items in the backdrop. Or, they can use a subtle background to highlight the vibrant clothing collection.
  • These simple tips will balance the different elements and make for an aesthetically pleasing visual merchandising display.   

Keep it Simple

  • There are hundreds of visual merchandising display options available in the market. But brands need to understand that keeping it simple and low-key is the secret to success. They should aim to inspire the onlookers.
  • Too much clutter and complex arrangements are likely to overwhelm and repel potential buyers instead of drawing their attention.
  • Therefore, brands must refrain from going over the board, and end up with an unfocused and busy display.
  • Their ultimate motive should be to make an impact and make buyers inquisitive.

Don’t Forget to Take a Final Look at the Display

  • Last but not the least, store managers should take a proper look at the visual merchandising display, before raising the curtains.
  • Checking the visibility of the focal point, CTA or signage is a crucial part of this exercise. Apart from this, analyzing the display from every angle will ensure that all the elements are in the right place.
  • Quick corrections can be done to make sure everything is perfect to flash a strong brand message. These simple things will help drive footfall into the store.

That’s a Wrap!

Creating a captivating clothing visual merchandising display is a brilliant tool when it comes to boosting conversions and increasing footfalls. Brands should not miss a single opportunity to make the most of this section of the store. If done right, a good visual merchandising display will lead to higher brand awareness and brand loyalty. Lastly, brands that stick to the basics have higher chances of impressing the target audience.

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