How to raise funds for your start-up clothing brands without loans
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How to raise funds for your start-up clothing brands without loans

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Are you a start-up fashion brand falling short of funds? We understand! We are here with 5 quick ways to fund your fashion brand yourself.

Fashion brands usually run short of funds many times, in such a case there are 3 things you could do to avoid taking loans and seeking to invest help.  

Tap into savings

Investors want to see founders who are confident with cash, tapping into your own savings, home equities can be a good idea to invest in your brand. Even though it is a risky job, being confident in your products can save you from all other issues.  

Early launch method

If you want to start your business on a budget and too fast then, this method can work wonders. The foremost is customizing the existing product so that it is available for sale in less than a month, rather than waiting for months or years like the traditional manufacturing methods.  When you make a sale, manufacturing products then and there can be a good idea as you don’t need to order stock in advance too. This can reduce the risk of the business by cutting the cost of production.

The only drawback of this method is that you need to customize products that suppliers have, but on the other hand it can be your best method in funding the business.


Some customers are willing to pay for the products beforehand for the customized designs. This method can help you create your own designs, make the tech packs and samples, this can be a little expensive because of the developmental cost, but it is worth it. So coming up with a timeline and price to advertise your products can be of great help in reaching out to such customers easily.

This method too has a drawback since it is a little expensive, other than that it is a practical method applicable to secure funds.

raise funds


If your idea of the brand or product is unique and can attract a crowd then this can be your option too. Crowd funding allows people to donate a small portion towards your business or a project, and these portions add up to make bigger ones.  This method is amazing as you can raise funds without giving up equity in your company and also promote your product easily. Planning beforehand for such campaigns in advance can give you successful results.

Search for strategic partners

Search for partners who can help you sail through funds.  If your products are unique and can also benefit the suppliers, distributors then they can be your saviors willing to pay beforehand to help your products. If going with this option make sure your products are reliable and have uncompromised quality. This method can also fetch you stronger relationships in building a team for your brand.  

If you’re wondering how to manage your budget and cost, here are quick tips to minimize the cost of investing in your brand

·         Save on travel by smart teleconferences with suppliers

·         Hire interns for the local fashion school

·         Negotiate prior with the suppliers and providers

·         Co-locate with another company

·         Seek trade credit terms with suppliers  and marketers

Hope these points help you in getting money for your start up fashion brand.


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