How To Maintain Luxury Fashion Brands?
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How To Maintain Luxury Fashion Brands?

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A luxury fashion brand is any brand that sells upscale, expensive, high-end personalized fashion products, including dresses, accessories, etc. The most common examples of luxury fashion brands are Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, etc. The luxury fashion market is expected to grow and reach approximately £82.1 billion in 2022. The tremendous performance, exclusive collection, quality, design, and many other factors make luxury fashion brands stand out from the crowd.

Creating and maintaining a luxury fashion brand in the 21st century is a big task, no doubt. Every designer does a great job! But do they stand out in manufacturing products that give tough competition to the existing luxury fashion brands? Let's learn more about the characteristics and maintenance of luxury fashion brands.

What are the characteristics of luxury fashion brands?

Every brand has something unique and special, but only a few features make it a luxurious fashion brand. The characteristics of luxury fashion brands are as follows:


People usually think that creating a luxury fashion brand is more about marketing, but no, it's not only that; you need to start from the basics. What does the customer want? High-quality clothing, standard handcrafted products, durability, and comfortable material, right? Serving the best quality products never lets a company face issues; the best always stands out!

Popular brands like Louis Vuitton and Ermenegildo Zegna provide some of the most durable and highly crafted products. Crafting good quality products is all about having skilled craftsmen, dress designers, excellent management, etc.

Rich heritage

Most existing luxury brands like Chanel, Bulgari, and others have a great history and experience. These brands have showcased their history through their products through their brand logo, design, and many other ways. It attracts customers and starts a continuous trend, making the brands classic and all-time favorites.

While the newer brands do not have the opportunity for the same, they believe in doing something similar in concept.

Creating Scarcity

Creating a luxury brand requires clever ideas, along with designs and craftsmanship. Creating limited editions, manufacturing and tagging products with higher ranges, making the customers wait for product launches, etc., makes the brand differ from regular brands. After achieving outstanding craftsmanship and rich heritage, brands have been using such tactics to let the customer understand their value.

To buy a Hermès Birkin bag, the customer might have to wait approximately six years; isn't it too much? But this is the way some luxury brands create brand value by not being readily available. Something rarely available is what everyone desires. Whereas the trend of creating limited edition sections in a luxury brand has made the customers fight to buy it, and this causes the limited editions to sell out as quickly as possible because who doesn't want to stand out from the crowd? 

Brand identity

Every brand associates itself with a specific and strong brand identity. Creating identity might include different factors like associating their products with customers' personalities, status symbols, etc. Luxurious fashion brands prefer creating a personal connection with the customers by providing them with the best quality and unique products per the demand.

Usage of Public figures

Most luxury brands utilize public figures to promote their brand, which also helps to make their collection go viral. Celebrities like Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Rafael Nadal, David Beckham, etc., have been associated with brands like Chanel, Dunhill, Lanvin, and Armani.

In recent years, luxurious brands have also started producing films where the leads or everyone in the film wear their luxurious collection. Some great examples of this are Chanel, Tom Ford, etc.

Store experience

Luxury fashion brands have been providing excellent experiences at their store. Every luxurious brand has something extra in its store, creating a better customer connection. The extra services might include a spa, dining, club, cinema, barber, etc. With a little extra effort, the customer gets more experience than just choosing and paying for the product; it makes them feel more comfortable and attached to the brand.

How to maintain a luxury fashion brand?

Luxury brands are difficult to maintain; it requires great designers, skilled workers, high-quality product, availability, appropriate price range, publicity, and much more. Let's know about these in brief.

Great designers

Having designers who can produce new designs which suit the brand identity, as well as match the needs of the audience, is crucial. The designers are the base of every brand; they can make it grow or let it down. So for a luxury fashion brand, it is imperative to have highly qualified, experienced, and versatile designers who can match the standard of the brand's collection.

Skilled workers

Craftsmanship plays a vital role in the fashion industry. Every luxury fashion brand requires skilled, trained, and experienced artisans. Understanding and considering the best craftsmanship is essential as it affects the quality of the products being manufactured.

Quality product 


Luxurious fashion brands are known for the quality of products they have been providing for years. To maintain the brand's image and popularity, these luxury brands focus a lot on producing high-quality products. It requires good material, suitable fabric, durable items, and much more.

Unique collection

A luxury fashion brand must have a unique collection to differentiate from the other existing brands. The uniqueness of the theme, color pattern, and designs let the brand stand out from the crowd and maintain its reputation and image in the market.

Social media presence

social media

In the 21st century, things are getting more online because of customers' preferences. Luxury firms have been more reluctant than other brands to advertise their products online, although they have gradually begun to do so. As the audience of the modern period prefers more simple buying techniques, it will be a wonderful idea to concentrate more on the online and social media presence. Data for 2022 show that Gucci is the most well-liked luxury brand online.



It makes sense to keep product prices high because luxury firms have been known to charge more for their unique designs, high-quality materials, and distinctive features. In addition to making the goods less accessible and inexpensive, keeping the price range high also allows the consumer to take advantage of the product's uniqueness and appeal.


The use of PR stunts has been a more traditional yet effective method of gaining attention. Every opulent fashion brand employs a prominent athlete, actress, or other celebrity to wear its garments. It improves brand recognition and the desire for identical or related goods.


The fashion industry has long been dominated by high-end clothing brands. Each luxury brand has a distinctive brand identity, superb craftsmanship, and exclusive outlets. A luxury fashion brand requires brilliant designers, talented workers, high-quality goods, a distinctive selection, an online presence, PR, etc. to maintain it.

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