How Fashion Managers Can Outsource Work and Help Themselves
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How Fashion Managers Can Outsource Work and Help Themselves

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Outsourcing is one of the critical and essential decisions to make in the fashion industry. Outsourcing has provided several financial benefits to the fashion industry because it helps organise the workforce. The main task of the outsourcing process is to move a company's operations, services to another party. The outsourcing process includes the outsourcing of functions to valuable vendors. Outsourcing strives to reduce the chain of the fashion supply and the number of services provided inside the organisation.

Steps to manage the outsourcing process

Sometimes fashion brands find the outsourcing process quite critical, and the implementation of outsourcing strategies gives an extraordinarily positive impact. Outsourcing has generated good wealth for the global economy in this manner. Here are some steps to follow during outsourcing:

A step before outsourcing:

The outsourcing process is based on an inherent understanding of the value of each hour. A single entrepreneur must focus on core competencies – revenue-generating and production/design acts – and limit time spent on everything else. For a new business, it is necessary to keep time on the top of the priority list. For example, an entrepreneur should assume some value for designing work, recruit a designer for less than the decided amount then it would be the great benefit of outsourcing.

Another thing is that entrepreneurs can take more time than experienced designers. It is easy to buy apparel from outsourcing (vendor) and sell them a few times. However, there is no specific solution to make the decisions, but the entrepreneur should have chosen their method to evaluate profits and costs. Deciding on whether to outsource a task is a part of fashion management.

Implementing the outsourcing process:

Implementing the outsourcing process

When an entrepreneur hires any designer, they have to sign a contract with a specific deadline based on an hourly or project-wise rate that is satisfactory for both entrepreneur and designer. A guideline for employing a B2B platform is to begin not for the long period of work. If the business relationship between entrepreneurs and vendors doesn't persist, the new entrepreneur will be less knowledgeable, to get more time to examine their talents and strengths. For example – many entrepreneurs who want to start their fashion apparel should search for a reliable B2B platform like Fashinza to get outsourced (vendor). During contact with Fashinza, entrepreneurs should check out the contract and sign it. An entrepreneur can connect with vendors worldwide that are masters in different apparel designs. The vendor should give all information about the manufacturing process to find out the exact completion time.

Step after outsourcing

Vendors, unlike full-time workers, are likely to have several clients and projects, so they are less invested in the enterprise and brand. Entrepreneurs must incentivize vendors to ensure that they meet the goals set. The entrepreneur must determine the degree of communication they expect and plan for it ahead of time. For example- Google meet, and Google documents would help organise work according to target. Through online discussion, the vendor or B2B platform helps the entrepreneur decrease the chance of any fraud. Another thing is that digitalisation changes the way of communication between two parties at any time. The outsourcing process depends on communication between vendors and parties.

Two outsourcing ways in the apparel industry

There are two ways to outsource in the apparel industry that help entrepreneurs worldwide. The most progressive thing about these outsourcing ways is that it helps fashion management in any enterprise.


Domestic outsourcing refers to onshoring. Shifting a business possibility, products, or services to other geographic areas in the same nations is called onshoring. Workers can also work from home as an outsourcer. In onshoring outsourcing, manufacturing communication and coordination are more efficient and effective.

Many fashion entrepreneurs switch to onshoring outsourcing to avoid the foreign tax policies, differentiation in culture and enhance the country's financial status. Moreover, onshoring has some advantages –

·       Decrease travelling cost

·      The finest quality services

·       Decrease management expenditure

·       Recognized time zones

·   Negligible language barriers

·       IP/Data security

·       Demographic closeness

·       Various changes for boost skills

·       Many opportunities to get more work

·       Enhance fashion management skills

Advantages come with some disadvantages which are as follows-

Advantages come with some disadvantages which are as follows

·       Huge competition because of the presence of extensive talent for the particular task

·       High labour cost than nearshoring

·       Day by changing innovations in enterprises

·       Language hurdle in some cities

When an entrepreneur comes to the relationship between geography and outsourcing, onshoring is the best option. Apparel companies recruit suppliers to work at an acceptable cost within the national boundary. Onshoring should be a part of every business's outsourcing strategy.


Nearshoring is a type of outsourcing business process, IT process, to enterprises in a country close to the target country and often shares a border with it. Outsourcing to nearby countries reduces the risk of miscommunication and makes work coordination easier. Nearshoring is offshore outsourcing with additional constraints. Apparel companies are switching to nearshoring outsourcing to increase their entrepreneur efficiency by flying to nearby nations and holding more regular meetings at a reduced cost.

Some advantages of nearshoring outsourcing –

·       Recognise time zone

·       Unstrapped communication

·       Low labour cost

·        Understandable cultural differences

·       Enriched skills

·       Capable of analysis fast

·       Political equality

·       Heritage links

·       Quick solution of problems

·       Enhance productivity

Some disadvantages of nearshoring outsourcing –

·       Very costly

·       Language barriers

·       Cultural incompatibility

·       Different holidays

Nearshoring outsourcing has advantages or disadvantages, but it depends on entrepreneurs that wish to collaborate with their in-house workforce in real-time. So, the nearshore option is desirable for enterprises that want to carry the outsourcing process on an international level before moving all in and embracing trade outside the country.


Always remember why entrepreneurs outsource in the first place and hold them accountable. Outsourcing helps save time so that entrepreneurs may devote those hours to building their firm. Entrepreneurs should take advantage of the outsourcing process and create a clear perception of how they will accomplish with the extra time? Fashion industries can choose the best outsourcing for them based on their present condition and outsourcing goals for fashion management. Many small to medium-sized enterprises prefer nearshoring and onshoring. Fashion brands hire remote designers from specific regions or cities that collaborate with the company. It's also simple to manage a distributed team from diverse places. For more information to get the best outsourcing deal with a different vendor for branded fashion accessories to the Fashinza platform.


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