Earn a Business Certificate while Taking Time off from your Job
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Earn a Business Certificate while Taking Time off from your Job

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Summary: Certification in business skills adds to your repertoire and managerial capabilities. Major certificates include entrepreneurship, sales, supply chain management, and marketing. With most fashion brands investing in the skill sets of employees, business certificates are a good place to start building your resume. 

While taking a career break or when taking time off from your job, it is beneficial to do something worthwhile that will add to your skill sets and reflect positively on your resume. In the world reeling under the effects of the pandemic and recession, clothing and apparel companies are looking for employees who bring innovative solutions to the table. Cultivating entrepreneurial skills through business certificates is a good way to grab those low-hanging fruits in your career path. 

Business Certificates: Everything You Wanted To Know 

A certificate in business can help you cultivate new skills and, at the same time, aid you in learning about various industries and current technologies. As we all know, the clothing business world is dynamic. Therefore, it is essential to keep your knowledge up to date. Getting a certificate in business is a good place to start investing in yourself. Let us now talk in detail about the different businesses where a business certification comes in handy. 

1. Entrepreneurship


Being your own boss gives you freedom and flexibility. It also means that you're responsible for your own success or failure. People who are prepared before entering the fashion business stand a chance of succeeding in their endeavors. Earning a business certificate in entrepreneurship can be a great step while taking time off work. The course introduces you to the challenges that businesses face in modern-day industries. It also delves into the strategies to maximize your gains and chances of success. 

2. Management 

A business certificate in management emphasizes the knowledge of business in arenas like marketing, finance, strategy, and operations. The certificate in management exposes you to the different stakeholders in a clothing company and introduces the essential rules of managing the business. Such certificates help one nurture skills that can align personal goals with company objectives. 

3. Certification in supply chain management 

supply chain management 

Certification in supply chain management is beneficial if you want to specialize in strategies related to end-to-end operations. The aim is to create qualified leaders, operators, and supervisors who can take care of the procurement and supply in business and help develop its global strategy. The course covers techniques used to optimize the flow of transportation, inventory, warehousing, and logistics networks in the fashion business. 

4. Marketing 

A business certificate in marketing at current times not only involves ins and outs of traditional marketing tools like radio and television but also focuses on digital marketing. If one wants to pursue a career in marketing or become more familiar with marketing operations in a firm, obtaining a specialized certificate in business is the way to go. Looking at how the fashion businesses are choked due to geopolitical developments, it becomes challenging to stand out. Therefore, marketing certificates give you that competitive advantage. 

5. Creatives 

The fashion business is a hub of ideas and creativity. Many creative professionals like artists, fashion and graphic designers, and creative directors in companies require business knowledge and intellect, especially when they are representing themselves. They might have to negotiate their contracts and pitch their ideas and values. Creators often face the challenges of managing budgets and also preparing financial statements. Certificates in business can help these professionals to develop managerial skills. 

6. Sales


Another business certificate one could get is a certification in sales. Sales personnel are invaluable assets for the company. Certification in sales helps garner skills such as persistence and customer insights. Sales lead to profits, and staying ahead of the competition in dynamic macroeconomic conditions helps the company and the professional. 

Benefits Of A Certificate In Business 

  • Improves qualifications and knowledge to help you climb up the corporate ladder
  • Add-on skills definitely help boost earning potential
  • Getting a certificate in business can also help one attain multiple sources of income, particularly for entrepreneurs and freelancing creators
  • Gives insight and confidence to open your own business

Certified? It’s Time For Hands-on Experience  

Having a successful business is not just about mere planning and execution. One must put in concise and consistent efforts to stand and maintain a good position with all stakeholders. In the fashion industry, brands stay on the edge of their seats in coming up with new trends and implementing necessary measures to drive sales and bring them to customers. If you are stepping foot inside the fashion industry as an entrepreneur, you are at the right place! Fashinza can help your new business flourish by connecting you with relevant and trusted suppliers and manufacturers. Connect with us at Fashinza, a one-stop shop for building successful fashion brands and translating your knowledge into money-spinning endeavors!

Key Takeaways

  • Certificate in business is becoming increasingly relevant as companies want to maintain an edge in a global market.
  • Getting a certification in business during time off will help in garnering additional skills that can lead to multiple sources of income.
  • In the fashion industry, it is a good option to understand the dynamics of a creative marketplace by pursuing a business certificate course before going forward.

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