Business Analyst Certification: A benchmark for hiring the right talent
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Business Analyst Certification: A benchmark for hiring the right talent

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Summary: Business analysis is a relatively new discipline in information technology, but it is gathering steam pretty fast. Business analyst certification courses train professionals with the necessary skills to make sense of data. Fashion brands are increasingly absorbing such professionals. Therefore, they require a proper understanding of the certification processes before putting business analysts on the payroll.

Data has become the primary growth driver for businesses. Any forward-thinking company now wants all of its employees to be data-aware. For fashion brands, this change has become more palpable across the industry. Just look at how global supply chains operate within specified periods and use a high degree of big data and analytics to drive real-time decision-making.

If the company is not migrating toward data and analytics, then it is already falling behind in the race. All its employees must have the ability to look into patterns defining convergence with or divergence from the brand, or else the competitive advantage would quickly get lost. For instance, the simple act of charting out customer mailer responses over time would give the brand a heads-up about the future action of the customer. If the analytics component predicts that the customer will be lost in the future, immediate predictive actions can be taken.

The Crucial Role in Business-IT Efficiency

Even unassuming brands, most of the time without their knowledge, sit on troves of such data that can meaningfully impact business practices. To give structure to this data, it has to be mined properly first and then polished. Today, most companies don’t have the wherewithal and the technology to do so. The primary reason for this gap is that the IT department of the company is not savvy with the business side of the firm. A partnership has to be forged between the IT department and others so that a comprehensive knowledge repository about the business can be built.

What is a Business Analyst?

A business analyst bridges the gap between the IT department and other business verticals of a non-technology company, like a fashion brand. They are responsible for galvanizing data at all levels. They then shape it in such a way that the IT department can process the data blocks further and present it to top management to help them make informed decisions.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the coming decade will be the decade of business analysis as a profession. Legacy companies are increasingly realizing the value of data and seeking the assistance of a business analyst as they navigate their transition journey.

Business Analyst

Steps for Attaining Business Analyst Certification

Professionals are looking for good business analyst certification courses as demand grows. The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) certification is globally recognized and can serve as a benchmark for identifying the right talent. There are four steps involved in choosing the right certification course for business analysis. Let's take a look at them.

Step 1- Decide upon the desired certification

There are three levels of business analyst certification, ranging from entry-level certification to expert-level certification. The core certification program comprises three levels and is labeled as the ECBA, CCBA, and CBAP programs. Once the certification program is chosen, they require a certain number of hours to be logged in for professional development. There are specialized certifications, like Cyber Security Analysis, Agile Analysis, and Business Data Analytics which are also provided by the IIBA.

Step 2- Comprehending the Certification Exam

The basics of the exam have to be thoroughly comprehended before preparing for the certification. Sample questions, exam blueprints, and exam competencies must be reviewed to understand the nature of the questions covered in the exam. This will enable the reviewer to develop a complete understanding of the pattern and nature of the real examination.

Step 3- Preparation for the exam

A candidate needs to review the standards or other bodies of knowledge that align with their business analyst certification of choice. If a training body is endorsed by IIBA, it means that the guidelines and best practice standards set by the parent body are adhered to in letter and spirit.

Step 4 – Registration for the certification exam

Companies that want to upskill their in-house talent must ensure that the candidate has acquired the necessary skills and knowledge for the desired certification. They can then pay the application and exam fees and start the registration process.

Various Certification(s)

Organizations like IIBA, IQBBA, IREB, and PMI each offer their tailor-made certifications, which range from entry-level to specialized certifications.

Role of Business Analyst in the Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry

Business Analyst works in close association with the trend forecaster and is primarily responsible for staying on top of consumer trends and predicting future behavior. They collect data from customer visits to the website or other digital channels of the brand and give meaningful insights to management using data analytics.

Apply Data Analytics to Fashion Effectively

Fashion brands are evolving and transitioning towards taking a more data-centered approach while conducting business. This has opened up greener vistas for professionals in the field of business analysis. In hiring the best talents, apparel makers should look for candidates trained at internationally recognized institutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • The demand for business analysts is on the rise as companies move towards a data-centric business model
  • Proper certification is a must for growth

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