Brands that have made a mark in men’s fashion
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Brands that have made a mark in men’s fashion

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Summary: The best men’s clothing brands are filling essential needs by doing several things right in the categories they are focusing on. From quality production to fabrics and meeting on-trend demands, some brands have achieved stellar positioning and have, thereby, earned customer loyalty.   

Men’s fashion clothing and the shopping style are different from women's. Unlike the fair gender, men do not spend hours scouring websites or visiting several physical stores to get that perfect shirt. Whenever they are looking to refresh their wardrobes, the only underlying theme they go for is – an uncompromised quality that is available at the right price point. This is the very reason why men always have a preferred fashion brand, that can give them style and functionality at the same time.

What is it that standout brands are doing right?

Seemingly men’s fashion shopping is easy, but there is more to it than what meets the eye. Stylist shirts for men often dubbed a breezy shopping experience, can be irksome if the brand decides to cut corners and compromise on quality and style. This is where great fashion brands come in and fill in the gap.

When it comes to men's apparel, a great brand simply signifies doing everything right. They cover the full range with zeal and missionary concentration, from a functional design that can last the test of time to fabric quality, style focus, and unsurpassed production technique. They go above and above to create a fantastic men's clothing brand.

Top brands in men’s fashion

Let's try stitching together a list of top brands for men’s clothing as far as functionality and style are concerned.

No match for Lululemon in athleisure

If there is a brand that has acquired cult-like status in the past decade when we talk about specialized gym wear, it has to be Lululemon. The brand started with sleek yoga wear at its inception but today it is a full-on lifestyle brand that covers the entire range, from gym wear of all types to functional daily wear. Fashionistas look sharp with the brand’s elevated basics on display.

Ace rugged look with Flint and Tinder 

For those fashion lovers who like to sport the spirit of adventure and show battle readiness from dawn to dusk, in-house brands Flint and Tinder from the retailer Hucberry are the perfect pit stops. Their super comfortable T-shirts, everyday Pants, and Shorts can make any tough guy drool. The signature outfit, of course, remains its iconic Waxed Trucker Jacket. The designer working for the brand ensures that style and utility and style remain the driving force.

Adventure with Patagonia


With adventure and extreme weather in mind, Patagonia arguably makes the best apparel in men’s fashion. The finance bro vest is its’ signature piece. To anchor a functional and stylish collection, it has tons of hiking-inspired basics. Their jackets are made of tough-as-nail fabric and are innovatively recycled while the jeans are available in regular, short, and long styles in sleek solids.

Go minimal with Everlane

Eco-conscious and classic stylish shirts for men, which recycle through the wardrobe for years, define what Everlane stands for. Fashion lovers simply stock multiple pairs and colorways of minimal organic tees and fresh jeans, available at a pocket-friendly price point, and simply forget the need to shop frequently. Whatever the personal style of the fashion aficionado, monochromatic shirting – from shackets to oxfords – will always find a place in anyone’s wardrobe.

Be active with Vuori

For a seamless transition from casual looks to being ready for workouts, lovers of men’s fashion do not find any brand more appealing than Vuori. Zac Efron and Ben Affleck have co-signed this West Coast Label whose joggers are great for lounging as well as working out, and everything in between. Special mention to the Ponto line of sweatpants and sweaters that are buttery soft.

Classic turnout in J Crew  

With fresh thinking at its helm, J.Crew is cool again. There is collegiate flair, trendy retro designs, and finally, the buzz is all about fresh and classic menswear. The impeccable tailoring is still the glue that holds the brand together and even that has gone a couple of notches up in quality. Tuxedos and Suits from the Ludlow line are as eye-catching today as they were in the past. The garments have sleeker silhouettes, more colors, and more creative fabric play.

Elevated style by Billy Reid

Remember Skyfall! The classic Bond movie saw its first appearance of Bond Peacoat, and today this Billy Reid element sells out every season. This fashion label inculcates the ethos of lived-in luxury and is famous for its military-inspired coats, understated sweaters, and monotone jackets that look good every year. Outdoor-influenced rugged-looking trousers and blazers are standout pieces offered by the brand.

Understanding the formula for success

Even though it looks very un-complicated, buying accessories and elements suitable for trendy men’s fashion, isn’t an easy job. From fitment, functionality, styles, and colors, to the quality of fabric and stitching – each has to be carefully looked into and then only a masterpiece arrives. For aspiring brands and designers, there is a lesson or two to be learned from these stellar brands.

Key Takeaways

1. Men’s fashion is not as straightforward as it appears. A lot of elements go into creating a successful brand.

2. Functionality and versatility are best practices followed by famous fashion labels to win customer loyalty.

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