25 Handmade Small Business Ideas You Can Start At Home
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25 Handmade Small Business Ideas You Can Start At Home

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Summary: You can gain a loyal customer base even with a small business idea. The concept gained momentum post-pandemic, with people focusing on homegrown brands and selling products online. Consider one of these 25 small business ideas to start selling from home with a minimal skill set.

With social media taking over, small businesses are finding newer, loyal customers. As the focus returns to homegrown brands from fast fashion and retail biggies, buyers are investing in products that engage sustainable practices and offer exclusivity. If you have a small business idea, you can sell your products through an e-commerce store, start your own designer label, or create a strong personal brand. 

There are many small business idea opportunities to help you build an innovative handmade product line. Here’s a list of the 25 most profitable handmade small business ideas that you can start today: 

1. Handmade jewelry

Handmade jewelry

Artisans engaged in handmade accessories have a huge fan base. It’s also why handcrafted jewelry is one of the most profitable small businesses. You can create products like bead jewelry, write-wrapped jewelry, and flower jewelry. 

2. Handmade aromatic candle 

Another small business idea can be handmade candles with essential oils. Essential oils offer a host of benefits and can help you cater to a wide demographic and brands that look for home decor and healthcare product range. 

3. Handmade soaps 

Handmade soaps

With the simplest ingredients, you can make different varieties of soaps at home. Organic and vegan soaps can help you cater to niche fashion brands.

4. Bookmarks and notebooks 

A small business idea that you can go with is making stationery items like notebooks and bookmarks. For adding more value, you can also personalize them for brands into executive products.

5. Custom t-shirts 

You can create attractive t-shirt designs for a wide spectrum of buyers. Invest in a direct-to-garment printer or create unique designs by hand painting, prints through natural (flower-based) dyes, or 80s-style tie-dye prints. With summers around the corner, witty thoughts and cheerful designs can get you a foothold in the bulk-buying segment.

6. Tote bags 

Tote bags

If you love DIY sewing projects, this one's for you! Handmade tote bags are great to sell online. All you need is a sewing machine, canvas or a similar woven fabric, and some creativity. Adorn them with embellishments to make them more attractive. 

7. Handmade socks and mittens

Socks and mittens can be made at home by sewing or knitting. You can experiment with both techniques and choose your preference. Many businesses are now selling woolen slip-on socks too. 

8. Dog collars and tags 

Dog collars

Pet ID tags and collars can be made at home effortlessly. The market is oversaturated with metal ones, so you can be creative with materials to stand out from the competition. Pet fashion has its own clientele. You can sell direct or tie up with an established brand.

9. Gadget cases 

With the increasing use of smartphones, there is a significant need for appealing and durable cases. Many people are now experimenting with acrylic paints, beads, and more to create unique cases. 

10. Handmade scarves 

With minimal sewing techniques, you can create scarves at home with different fabrics like cotton, silk, and wool. One can also use block printing and dyeing to make unique designs. 

11. Pottery crafts 

Pottery and clay crafts make for a profitable small business idea. After gaining some experience, you can create various products to sell online. Pottery, including china, blue pottery, and others, has a huge market in the gifts and home decor segment, which you can tap into.

12. Pet clothing 

People love to dress their dogs and cats. The pet apparel market has reached a valuation of $5.1 billion in 2022. With pet fashion on the rampage, especially among home-grown businesses,  it can become a viable small business idea

13. Hair accessories 

Various hair accessories like headscarves, bandanas, and pins can be made creatively at home. Create beautiful designs with materials like enamel, resin, pearls, and silk. 

14. Handmade organic perfumes 

Handmade organic perfumes, also known as itra have been selling a lot online for both men and women. You can easily make these DIY perfumes at home with natural ingredients like essential oils and flowers and create your own personal brand.

15. Lip balms and tints

If you are someone interested in beauty products, start with homemade lip balms and tints that are popular because of natural ingredients like beetroot and rose petals. 

16. Coasters and placemats 

Making coasters and placemats is another small business idea that can be experimented with using different materials. Artistic prints or paintings can make them more appealing and unique. 

17. Ceramics


It might seem like a sophisticated art form, but you can always start with a small bowl. Start with your hands and a kitchen oven. Many consumers are favoring handmade ceramic utensils. You can explore this range for catering to home decor brands.

18. DIY hair extensions

Dreads have returned! You can use a lot of materials like wool, cotton, silk, and beads for making these handmade extensions and your small business idea is ready to go.  

19. Sleep masks 

Making a sleep mask is simple and the materials are easy to source. Create your own sleep masks and make a viable small business idea. Homemade and organic are the buzzwords in the beauty and fashion industry. The right brand positioning will make all the difference to your sales.

20. Handmade papers and diaries 

Handmade papers

A really good small business idea is making handmade paper and converting it into beautiful diaries and journals. 

21. Keychains

The DIY trend has made vibrant keychains popular among customers. You can use various materials to curate keychains like leather, cloth, or canvas. You can even create personalized ones! 

22. Band and bracelets 

Band and bracelets 

Another viable small business idea is handmade wristbands and bracelets. People love to buy matching partner and friend bracelets, which can be a great way to market your product!  

23. Wall art 

There are various kinds of wall art that can be made at home using canvas, frames, embossed artwork, and more. You can start a profitable business by creating quirky, personalized wall art or enter the business as an art dealer if you have an eye for art and connections with deserving artists. 

24. Coat hangers

Coat hangers

Coat hangers and hooks can be easily made at home using materials like wood, wires, and plastic. You can make different types of hooks and hangers and decorate them to create unique ones. 

25. Stationery pouches 

With various materials like canvas, leather, nylon, and mesh, you can create personalized stationery pouches. Mix and match to create distinct designs that will attract a wide range of customers. 

Small steps toward a big business

There is no dearth of small business ideas for home-based brands. Buyers are also showing an interest in organic products, besides slow and sustainable fashion. Entrepreneurs starting small should get their pricing right. Also, focussing on personalized and environment-friendly products will get you better margins and make your bottom lines resilient as they contribute to slow fashion.

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Key Takeaways

  • A small business idea can take you a long way. It has become extensively popular with the increasing use of social media. 
  • There are many handmade small business ideas that you can implement with no extra skill set requirement

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