Top 5 Brands for the Best Dress-makers Dummies
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Top 5 Brands for the Best Dress-makers Dummies

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If you love making clothes, then you might be familiar with the hassle involved in designing a masterpiece. People tend to get bored or wander off when you try to pin in those pieces and idealize your final product. That is why it is best to invest in a good tailor’s dummy! A tailor’s dummy allows you to effortlessly drape and develop patterns, while creating the perfect fit.

To make the crest ideal tailor’s dummy easier, here are the top 5 tailor dummy brands along with a few key features to consider in order to choose the best.

What Is a Dress Form or Tailor's Dummy?

A tailor's dummy is called by various names across the globe: dress stand, dress form, or even dressmaker dummies! If that is not confusing enough, many of us even think that a mannequin and a dress are the same.

A mannequin is a stylish version of a dress form that is used for display, whereas a dress form or tailor’s dummy is used by fashion designers and home sewers. A mannequin may have a torso, leg, or a full-body, whereas a tailors dummy includes the hips, torso, and upper leg area.

5 Best Tailors Dummy Brands

5 Best Tailors Dummy Brands

Here are the top five tailor’s dummy brands in the market:

1. White Female

This brand creates tailor mannequins that scream elegance. Usually white, they have a solid construction and come along with a cover material that can be removed and washed. It comes equipped with a chic tripod that can also be easily removed. The unique size, proportions, and aesthetic look allow professional and beginner designers to create a variety of clothing styles. Another great thing about this brand is that it is made of recyclable and eco-friendly materials!

2. Singer

Singer has been one of the reputable brands in the garment industry, and their tailor’s dummies are simply exceptional. Most of the dummy designs from this brand are adjustable and have a lightweight construction. The adjustable dummies feature 12 dials, so the dimensions of the dress form can be easily changed for a smooth and seamless experience. It also comes along with a pin cushion and key holder at the neck, as well as a shallow firm that holds the Cannes perfectly without any damages.

3. Giantex

If you are a beginner to the garment industry, the dress forms by Giantex are a must-buy! It is one of the easiest tailor dummies to assemble and has a wooden construction, making it exceptionally durable. The lightweight construction and the adjustable height allow you to change the dummy into multiple dresses in a jiffy. It also has a changeable cover material, which comes in six different patterns for you to choose from.

4. Dritz

If you are looking for a high-quality tailor’s dummy that does not poke a hole in your pocket, the dummies from Dritz are the holy grail! The designs feature nine adjusting wheels at the waist and hips and are passed along with two auto sitting tiles at the waist and bust. The versatile dress form design also has an adjustable neck equipped with a pin cushion for added convenience. The well-made top, as well as the sturdy base, ensure that you do not accidentally knock over the dress form. The cover materials that come along with the dummies are made with superior quality materials and can withstand excessive use.

5. New Female

New Female dummies are super snazzy and look as well as feel good, even with the lower prices. The dummies are equipped with an eye-catching base, along with a fiberglass body construction, making them lightweight and smooth. This form is also easy to assemble and perfect for beginners!

Things to Consider When Buying a Tailor’s Dummy

Things to Consider When Buying a Tailor’s Dummy

A few things to consider when buying a tailor's dummy:

1. Adjustability

Choosing a tailor's dummy that has an adjustable design is perfect if you are into creating clothes for people of various sizes. These adjustable designs allow you to contract or expand the various parts of the body, and some even come with an adjustable torso that can be shortened or lengthened.

2. Shape

Every individual has different body proportions and shapes, and it is ideal that you choose a dress stand that can be tailored based on the shape of the body. Also, make sure to consider the age and the gender of the body to cater to females, males, or children.

3. Portability

If you intend to use your dummy outside of your tailor space, then you would also need to consider that your tailor’s tummy is portable.

4. Size

The worst-case scenario is that you buy a tailor’s dummy that does not cater to your body requirements. Make sure to take adequate body measurements and use them as a guide.

5. Type

Tailor dummies also come in a variety of types, such as custom dress forms, adjustable ones, professional dress forms, and even display dummies. Research the types and choose the best one for your requirement.

Tips to Maintain & Use Your Tailors Dummy Effectively

●        Always make sure to wash the covers regularly as they easily get filled up with dust and finger grease.

●        Keep a pincushion in handy if you do not have one in the form for a hassle-free experience.

●        Make sure to screw the bases tightly to prevent any warbling.

●        Keep them out of direct sunlight for added durability.


There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the ideal tailor dummy, from the adjustment type to the design and much more. Simple things like the neck, waist, shoulder size, hit, and professions can make a huge difference in how your dresses hang. Whether you are a professional, or a fashion student who is just getting started, there is a tailor dummy for everyone.For more other related products and top fabrics in the industry, check out Fashinza! We are a new generation supply chain that provides a one-stop solution for everything related to the fashion industry.


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