Top 10 Streetwear Brands of 2021
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Top 10 Streetwear Brands of 2021

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Streetwear is a loosely fitting but extremely eye-catching ensemble. It symbolizes carrying on with everyday life, looking comfortably stylish while at it.

Streetwear was started by Shawn Stussy, a surfer in 1980s’ California. His T-shirts, with his name printed in cool graffiti, grabbed eyeballs in no time. That was the day streetwear became synonymous with youth and their idea of fashion.

Here are the top 10 best streetwear brands that have popularized this Western clothing style among Indian youth by defying norms and going the unconventional route.

1.     Prxkhxr

Prakhar (Prxkhxr) is one of India’s best streetwear brands. It aims to be creatively simple by designing comfy clothes with eye-pleasing prints to go with them. The motto is to strike the right balance between attractive and overly expressive.

Founded in 2019, this streetwear brand sources its clothes from talented artisans across India, with the printing of the designs and production happening in the capital.

2.     Six5six

Top 10 Streetwear Brands of 2021

The youth often feel bound by traditions that have nothing to do with them or their lives. Six5six took this frustration and created a sketch of freedom to counter it!

This brand aims to set the wearer free from the clutches of growth-stopping traditions. Created by siblings Avni and Ambar Aneja, this Indian streetwear brand returns the fun and confidence found in breaking the rules and setting new ones. Their clothes are fearlessly loud, bold, and in-your-face unapologetic – just the ingredients the youth need to create the India of their dreams.

3.     Almost Gods

Almost Gods brilliantly merge modern fashion with Indian culture by depicting scenes from streets on urban clothing. This makes it truly one-of-a-kind in its sphere.

This brand is the genesis of Kobi Walsh and Dhruv Khurrana, who firmly believe that India can influence the global market with its traditionally rich streetwear.

4.     Warping Theories

Through style that leans more towards eye-catching elegance, incredible detailing, and soothing neutrals, Warping Theories uplifts regular streetwear by going the unconventional route. Launched in 2021 by Kuship and Urvash Parmar, the label creates minimalist designs that blend functionality with a refreshing and comforting style. 

5.     Rising Among

Founded in the rising pandemic, this brand exemplifies the power that helps you break out of what confines you in a box. The brains behind Rising Among are fashion graduates Riya and Amruta, who hail from Mumbai and studied fashion in New York. Their brand reflects the styles of these two metros, creating clothing that simultaneously invokes contemporary vibes and a homely feel.

6.     Moral Science

Moral Science by Isha Ahluwalia is inspired by the subject, with streetwear that has an ethical, sustainable, and slow fashion feel. The visually appealing clothes and accessories are designed with playful patterns and prints, and vibrant color tones. The clothes are crafted with a blend of fabric and long-forgotten textiles like bed linens and tapestry, giving them an unmatched novelty.

7.     Hiro

Unique, appealing, and immensely intriguing is how Hiro’s streetwear can be aptly described. This streetwear brand keeps things minimalistic with a touch of flirtiness and a vintage vibe. Hiral Khatri is the brains behind this simplistic but luxurious line.

8.     Toffle

Top 10 Streetwear Brands of 2021

Calling Toffle ‘bold’ is an understatement. Toffle is a blast of maximalism and a mixture of designs that is hard to ignore. The thought behind the brand is to connect with the audience the way a friend does. That is why designer Kashish Gemini used ‘Toffle’ – a word invented by him – to better express his thoughts, which are to ‘say something, and save something’.

9.     Exhale Label

Exhale Label’s clothes are made to be affordable, comfortable, and wearable for every day, with a conscience that makes the wearer feel great on the body, mind, and soul level. With inspiring and relatable lines etched over its t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, etc., this brand hopes to create more awareness about mental wellbeing and make a difference in the lives of those affected by it through its proceeds.

10.  ADK By Avishi Dayal Kalra

Inspired by the street and its people, ADK strives to be different by challenging the very definition of aesthetics and comfort by experimenting with unconventional materials. This is why bright colors infused in designs that are a class apart are the dominant feature of this streetwear brand by Avishi Dayal Kalra.These 10 brands, with ideas and concepts tuned in to the pulse of today, make up some of the best streetwear brands of 2021. If you’re looking for good manufacturers for your clothing brand, feel free to reach out to Fashinza. Our B2B apparel manufacturing platform connects you to suppliers and supervises the entire process, from design to delivery, giving you the means to make manufacturing fast and hassle-free.


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