Top 10 Fashion Trends to Watch Out For In 2023
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Top 10 Fashion Trends to Watch Out For In 2023

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Summary: Barbiecore is expected to give way to muted tones of blue and beige with a dash of sunset hues thrown in. Some of 2022 trends such as denim are expected to stand their ground, as the end of the year sets up the tone for the 2023 fashion scene.

The beginning of the New Year is expected to bring a creative and festive infusion to the fashion scene. It will not be surprising if the imprint of 2022 lingers on with baggy jeans, tassels, and lots of lacing details on garments, along with some boundary-pushing new ideas. Expect imagination to run riot with roses and 3D flowers if the fashion week showcasing is the reflection of the mood board for 2023.

Let’s look at some of the fashion trends that are expected to unveil themselves in the coming season.

1. Fringes and tassels to sway

The fringes and tassels are expected to have a re-run in 2023 with more layers and bodies. Brands can have a collection with subtle fringes on the skirts and heavy ones on the dresses to lend drama to it. One idea is to have a tight bodice and thick layer fringes on the bodycon silhouettes.  It can also be combined with crochets, which is another thing going that one can safely use in a variety of forms in the summer line.

2. Touch of Feathers

Be prepared for a romantic turn with the feathers and tulle-adorned skirts and dresses in a bright and dramatic collection. For occasion wear, feathers can be added on the A-line or trapeze silhouette to make it stand out at any evening party.  The feather micro trend is expected to expand and cover bags, footwear, and even denim.

skirts and dresses

3. Bubble Hem

A bubble hemline of skirts is expected to add a fun element to the 2023 fashion trend.  A tricky fashion style that reappears every few years, it can be styled with silvery and shimmery fabric for the party wear line. For dresses, it could be thigh-high iterations.

4. Multiple Pockets

Pockets were everywhere on the runway during the New York Fashion Week and the best design houses had loads of them in their collection. It was unabashedly there on the jackets and mostly on the pants. This is an indication that Y2K staple cargo pants are making a re-entry into the 2023 fashion scene with a splash.

5. No Break For Denim

The slouchy jeans that had been ruling the streetwear look shall continue to reign if the presentation by the likes of Diesel and Levi’s is anything to go by. The baggy jeans can go baggier with a lot of embellishment thrown in. Look back in nostalgia while designing for the denim doubles too. One can be as creative with colors when it comes to denim.

6. Bold and bright stripes

It would be a time to look beyond Breton stripes and adopt bold and striking stripes for the ensemble. Moschino collection had some bold and thick adoption of this trend in cotton blend. For a straight-to-market brand, it is best to adopt a no-color-barred rule. It shall be brighter the better for skirts and dresses, and subdued tones for t-shirts, light knits, and trousers.

7. Underwear Out in Open

Layering lingerie became a fashion fetish this summer and is expected to continue having a play in the 2023 fashion trend. It can be imaginatively paired up with bustier tops or oversized suits or can be fashioned as dress-bodices. It can lend itself to slip dresses too, teamed up with laces in thigh-grazing styles.

8. Hit the Road

The biker trend continues to ride high – from one label to another there were plenty of variations to the basic chic style. It came in the form of embellishments on the leather. The bomber jacket may have more pockets than required as reminiscent of cargo pants.

9. Oversized Blazers and Suits

Oversized Blazers

The two-piece suit in 2022 was riding on the theme of comfort and a relaxed feel. Oversized blazers with shoulder pads and wide-leg trousers inspired by the powered look of the ‘80s shall be the preferred style look, given the runway splash by the likes of Prada and Louis Vuitton.  Low-rise trousers get a well-tailored appearance instead of a baggy look.

10. Go with ruffles

Adding a party feels to skirts and dresses, ruffles made their presence felt in the fashion showcase for the coming year. From Halpern to Carolina Herrera, ruffled details were used to add drama to the garment. Brands can be discreet in adopting this trend and big and small ruffles can adorn the apparel as need be.

It’s a good time for brands to get a hang of the 2023 fashion trend.  Some of the runway hits may be absolutely couture without a tinge of realism in them. Others may be adapted to street outfits. Whatever the case, brands would do well to balance experimentation with reality as the New Year dawns.

Key Takeaways

  • Romance of laces and feathers is expected to reign supreme in 2023
  • Y2K denim trends with double denim and baggy jeans shall sail into the next season.

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