The SEO Questions Every Online Fashion Retailer Wants Answered
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The SEO Questions Every Online Fashion Retailer Wants Answered

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Google is one of the most famous and widely used search engines that has changed the way businesses used to function earlier. In today’s digitized era, most organizations, apart from having an offline presence, focus on improving their online business to attract sales and customers. When talking about online businesses, statistics demonstrate the indispensability of e-commerce SEO for the prosperous marketing of companies. 61% of marketers all across the world believe that SEO is one the most effective techniques to be adopted for the online success of businesses. 

After taking into consideration the rising importance of SEO, more and more online organizations continue to introduce new techniques and optimize the existing ones to their advantage to ensure better performance for their sites. Google makes several changes to its guidelines from time to time. As a result, one cannot rely on working with the same e-commerce SEO technique for a long time. Changes are essential to ensure success. Hence, optimization plays a crucial role in improving the performance of the website. Research shows that only by updating the title tag, a brand can improve the page clicks by 437%. 

Understanding the surge in the eminence of SEO, including other businesses, fashion brands too are adopting e-commerce SEO for their online stores. Consequently, this article addresses several important SEO questions fashion retailers should consider for their businesses online. 

How to Optimize Keywords for a Website? 

How to Optimize Keywords for a Website? 

Keywords are primordial to rank over Google. Whenever one wishes to buy something, the first and foremost thing to do in the modern day is search for it via the internet. Google conducts these searches based on the keywords. To make sure a website ranks on the top of the search engine, targeting and optimizing the right keywords is crucial for the business.

To achieve the same, it is important to find the right keywords for the website, blogs, product pages, and landing pages. Market research and knowledge about the target audience help find the appropriate keywords for the website. Several aspects must be considered for selecting the keywords, like search volume, relevancy, and difficulty. Having decided on the keywords, it depends on whether the brand wants to target body keywords (2-3 words) or long-tail keywords (4+ words). An equilibrium of both forms of the keywords is suggested for an appropriate e-commerce SEO that performs. 

Researching the keywords that competitor brands are using can also be a beneficial practice for optimizing the keywords for the online store. Make sure to use a different set of words as used by rival brands as it may get difficult to outdo the performance in case of using the exact keywords. Use the ones where the traffic is still low, and the chances for ranking on the top are high. 

Why is Content Important for a Fashion Website? 

Why is Content Important for a Fashion Website? 

Even though having blog content on the online website might seem irrelevant for a fashion website, it is important for all types of industries today. Often brands think that product-centric websites least require a blog as most visitors are focused on buying their products. Nevertheless, as per an effective e-commerce SEO technique, including blog content on the websites is extremely important for the organic traffic and ranking of the site on the search engine. About 72% of the marketers state that content generation is one of their most reliable e-commerce SEO practices. 

While blogging is essential to drive traffic, fresh content on the sites helps search engines like Google know about the constant activity taking place on the website. Fashion brands have numerous products; it can be cumbersome to target different keywords at the same time. Blog posts offer the advantage of targeting a single keyword or related keywords in one content piece. In addition to that, people tend to read blogs for information and share them over their social media.

Just how crucial it is to invest time and resources in developing fresh content, it is equally essential to update the existing content as per the evolving scenarios. Despite the importance, very few sites practice updating their content. Most of them are unaware of the relevance altogether. 

Appropriate link-building techniques can help brands win a better ranking and relevance over Google. Link building is one of the top three ways of improving the search ranking of any online fashion retail website. There are three types of link-building methods, inbound, outbound, and internal linking. 

Inbound linking is when a website receives a link from an external website. Receiving quality inbound links from reputable websites can help widen the reach and improve the website ranking on the search engines. Too many inbound links from low-quality websites can diminish the value of the brand and also worsen the search engine ranking. 

On the other hand, outbound linking is when a website links other external websites to its pages or blogs. Outbound linking helps make the content more trustworthy as it leads the audience to websites that provide them with in-depth knowledge and information on the subject. Outbound linking helps the brand reach a much wider audience. Furthermore, when an external website receives an inbound link from one’s website, there are high chances that it might consider mentioning that brand in future posts; this will further allow the website to reach more users. 

Internal linking is when a website links its website pages in the content. This e-commerce SEO practice improves the visits on different pages of the website. Furthermore, it helps the audience dig deeper into the subject by considering more relevant content related to the topic. 


To keep up with the changing entrepreneurial environment, it is crucial to adapt to the change and adopt new measures to the advantage. Implementing even some of the smaller e-commerce SEO techniques can help amp up the online ranking game for fashion retailers and improve their online business. Fashinza is the best stop for apparel manufacturers to gain ample knowledge about this industry. Visit Fashinza now! 


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