The Latest Fashion Trend Is Grass Stains by Gucci
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The Latest Fashion Trend Is Grass Stains by Gucci

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The famous Italian luxury fashion brand, Gucci, has turned heads for more than just a style statement. Identified by its trademark double G symbol, the brand is renowned for its rich heritage and efficient business strategy. Their clever marketing techniques with unique elements of the aesthetic and design have made them a global brand with great aspirational value. Gucci evokes a sense of prestige and desirability. Having said that, it is also known for its exorbitant price tags on every product.

Their recent Fall/Winter 2020 collection has caused a rage on the internet. Specifically because they released their grass-stained jeans, which very peculiarly look like they’ve been stained by grass on the knee area. This gives the design what many would call a “dirty” look. 

Gucci claims on its website that “this wide-leg denim is crafted from organic cotton specially treated to create a stained, distressed effect. What’s more contentious is, Gucci has priced it at a whopping $1200 and the dungaree of the same design at $1400. 

Twitter broke with comments to criticize the extreme price tag for something that looks “worn out.” The fake grass stains look very natural for a person who wears jeans daily to work in the garden. Many said that they could create the same pattern for free. But what makes the Gucci Grass Stained Jeans so costly?

Gucci Denim Grass Stains

The fact is that Gucci is associated with a degree of social status. It’s a brand that has been historically linked with the elite class. It’s their brand image that gives them a great sense of liberty to experiment. Gucci grass-stained jeans are clearly an experimental and unconventional fashion trend. It is questionable to understand why anyone would pay hundreds of dollars to wear “dirty” jeans. But if you actually look from the perspective of the elite, this could be something that may fit a specific requirement.

Generally, old denim is easily discarded for a new one, in spite of it being completely wearable. Many people find that good jeans actually get more comfortable with wear and tear. And yet, many of them are discarded because they’ve gotten old.

The Gucci grass-stained jeans take the approach of ripped jeans to a different, higher level. High culture fashion calls it the “grunge effect,” while the layman would easily pick out an old pair of jeans to match the effect. 

Eco-washed Organic Cotton Jeans

As claimed on their website, the Gucci grass-stained jeans are made with 100% organic cotton. They have produced it with purely sustainable methods without chemicals, pesticides, or artificial fertilizers. They have made the jeans with full care and attention, along with respecting biodiversity and the environmental ecosystem. Hence, one can say that every pair of jeans has a unique value in terms of fabric and detail.

That level of care and attention deserves accolades. The niche grass-stained variety can feel comfortable as much as it looks worn out. That’s the charm of old jeans! 

Gucci Grass Stained Jeans Normalize Comfort Wear

These garden variety jeans remind us of the time when jeans and dungarees were a part of regular workwear for farmers and workers in factories. It reflects the historical era when jeans were not associated with high culture and elites. Jeans can be a part of comfort wear. Whether it is loose-fitting jeans, ripped jeans, or dirty jeans — they can all be trendy and cool.

On a Side Note...

We can also understand that regular jeans that are stained naturally by grass won’t be as hygienic. It would actually be as dirty as it looks. Green stains coming naturally on a pair of jeans can be the signs of fungus or mold growth. Technically, it may take a good amount of time for an unwashed pair of jeans to develop such stains. As such, a self-stained pair of jeans may not actually be as comfortable as these Gucci green stained jeans. 


The green stains have been glorified as a sign of luxury by Gucci but it’s up to the audience to decide the new fashion trend. Gucci has the power and status to start a new trend. But we cannot underestimate the power of the masses to influence changes and pop culture trends. The green luxury stains are finally the result of a clash between the elite and the poor. As controversial as it is, the green stains are no more getting unnoticed.


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