The Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest Advertising and Promoted Pins
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The Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest Advertising and Promoted Pins

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Starting a new business is not a cakewalk, and ensuring that the business starts making profits after the first few years of inception is all the more challenging. However, in today’s world, since the power of the internet is available to all, you can think of promoting your business through Pinterest Ads.

Suppose one has started their business in home décor, fashion apparel, accessories, showpiece items and handmade items etc. Pinterest Ads can help them promote their business and make it a success. 

Some Primary Benefits of Pinterest Ads

1. Apt platform to promote feminine products: As per the latest data, most of the Pinterest users are women. With a ratio of 70% of women being the active users of their Pinterest accounts, it will ensure that if one has started a business in women’s products, it will be a success for sure.

2. Combining search engine and social media advertising: Pinterest ads combine the flexibility of searching through search engines like Google and Bing, and 67% of users have found newer brands through the promoted pins.

3. Reduce advertising costs: Pinterest ads are cheaper compared to any other medium like television, magazines and other print media advertisements. Statistics have proven that if one spends $1 in Pinterest ads, they will earn $2 in profit.

4. High conversion rate: Pinterest ads play a huge role in the decision making of the consumers. One out of two Pinterest users has bought a product or service after seeing a Promoted Pin. Hence it is always profitable for the seller to use Pinterest Ads if they want better profitability for their fashion brand. 

5. Desire to try new brands: 98% of pinners have admitted to trying out newer brands and products after they saw a Pinterest ad. However, this ratio dips to 71% for other social media platforms. Facebook marketplace and Instagram too are good platforms for promoting your fashion brand; however, a seller should always give them preference after Pinterest Ads.

6. Driving Awareness: On Pinterest, consumer attention is won at the very beginning of the shopper’s journey. Hootsuite research data shows that Pinners spend 29% more than non-pinners.

Types of Pinterest Ads

The seller’s bid type and available placements will be made available to the potential buyers through the Pinterest ads. It is advisable to understand the types of Pinterest Ads before the seller can start their campaign.

  • Promoted Pins- Promoted pins will be boosted and come up as a result in a search engine for the target audience. There will be a ‘Promoted’ label on the pin, and the consumers will understand that the seller is keen to sell that product. The users can share them with their fellow pinners and comment, and start a discussion thread.

The user will be directed to the seller’s portal’s landing page when they click on the promoted pin. The seller can use the picture of their product in .jpg or .png format, and promoted pins are primarily used to create brand awareness.

  • Promoted Carousels- The seller can feature 2 to 5 images of the same product, and the Pinners can swipe through them before they make up their mind to buy it. Pinterest has given the flexibility that each card in a promoted carousel advertisement can feature a different image, title, description, and landing page.

One of the examples which made the cosmetic brand CoverGirl more powerful can be quoted here. They used a promoted carousel advertisement to show every shade of their TruBlend Foundation. It resulted in a 3.8 point lift in brand awareness for this cosmetic brand.

  • Promoted Video Pins: Here, the seller can upload a video instead of a static image. These types of Pinterest Ads are gaining more popularity as the buyer can have a complete look at the dress or piece of jewellery they are planning to buy.

The seller needs to keep in mind that most of the pinners view the video after muting the sound. Hence the Pinterest Ad should not be dependent on the words spoken in them. One can have the same message in a written form while the speaker is talking about it. For instance, .MPR or .MOV types of files are used for promoting video pins.

  • Promoted App Pins: Promoted App Pins allow people to download the seller's mobile app directly from Pinterest. Since most of the pinners use the time commuting to do their shopping, these (mobile-only) Pinterest Ads generate good revenue. Statistics show that 80% of Pinterest users use their mobile devices for browsing for their online shopping needs. 
  • Buyable Pins: Buyable Pins are easy for the shopper to use. They are designed so that the pinners can buy the product directly from the pin. They are known as ''Shop the Look'', and the seller can sell the complete look using multiple pins. For example, along with the dress, the buyer can buy matching shoes and accessories through these buyable Pinterest Ads.

These buyable pins work across mobile and web and can be searched for easily by the buyers. The images will be tagged with white dots, and the buyer can easily tap on them and complete the purchase.

  • Story Pins: This is the newest entrant in the world of Pinterest Ads, and select business accounts have access to them. If the seller wants to tell the complete story through their story pins, they may choose to do so. These story pins have the option of featuring up to 20 pages of images, text, and links.

To sum it up

In the last decade, promoted pins for the industries like education, photography, and marketing are gaining popularity through Pinterest ads.

As per statistics, more than 90% of users of Pinterest Ads have made purchase decisions based on the promoted pins. Shoppers with a household income of more than $100K use Pinterest Ads regularly. Since they have good buying power, it will be a good idea to depend on Pinterest advertising strategies if you are a new business owner. Even if you have an established business, Pinterest ads will help you to showcase your products and services to the required target audience.

Currently, Pinterest ads are available in many countries like the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, India, and Ireland. Hence if you are a business owner in these nations, it is time to invest in Pinterest Ads. For Indian business owners, who need help sourcing clothes, contact Fashinza. Fashinza connects clothing manufacturers to suppliers so that you can easily manufacture your collection. 


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