Sustainable Fashion: Big Brands Start Becoming Part Of The Trend
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Sustainable Fashion: Big Brands Start Becoming Part Of The Trend

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Years of exploitation of the environment have driven us to a climate crisis that is threatening to destroy our world. The good news is that we are becoming aware and conscious of our lifestyle choices. Sustainability is increasingly a top priority and is the way forward to a healthier planet. This trend is adopted by a spectrum of businesses in order to do both — survive in the market and join in the fight against climate change.

One industry where sustainability is gaining momentum is fashion. And the good part is that it’s supported by big brands.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

According to Whitney Bauck, a journalist and a sustainability expert, sustainable fashion is:

“Regardless of what your background is, we can all agree on some really basic things — no one should die to make a T-shirt, and we shouldn’t be pouring toxins into our planet.”

When fashion becomes sustainable, it means it’s created without causing harm to animals or the planet. The raw materials used are more organic, biodegradable, and non-toxic.

For years, we’ve been using clothes and accessories made using animal hides. This requires extensive use of natural resources, not to mention the production of tonnes of waste. The public suffered from a lack of understanding of what goes into such products. We opted for style and luxury at the expense of the environment.  Most, unfortunately, we had adhered to the fast fashion model for years which has exacerbated the problem.

Sustainable fashion

Why is the Fashion Industry Unsustainable to Start With?

Lack of knowledge on the part of consumers has led to unsustainable (consumer) choices for years. This does not absolve those who run fashion brands. The fashion industry has been slow to mitigate the harm caused by its unsustainable practices.

Fashion is, by nature, an art form. As with any art form, fashion is synonymous with change. No fashion trend can last forever. It’s high time for the trends of fast fashion to go into the bin.

Today, as the world becomes more eco-conscious, fashion brands have stepped up to meet the demand for eco-friendly products. Brands now accept that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. This is the reason that we see top names turning into sustainable fashion brands.  

True sustainability in fashion is a hard goal to achieve. The challenges faced by sustainable brands are insurmountable. Here are some of the major obstacles that hinder fashion brands from adopting sustainable trends:

1. Poor Advertisement

More and more consumers and fashion labels are becoming aware of the need to embrace sustainable trends. However, this switch is only possible when there is greater exposure to eco-friendly trends. Companies have talked of going sustainable; still, unsustainable products that harm the environment are still being marketed and sold. The public needs to be better educated about what goes into the making of products labeled sustainable.

2. Poor Waste Management Practices

One crucial aspect of sustainable fashion is to reduce the amount of waste generated. This is a hard goal for brands to achieve. The production of fashion apparel and accessories creates a great deal of waste from the initial stages of production to packaging. It is practically impossible to reduce waste generation even when using recyclable materials.

3. Lack of Alternative Resources

The lack of alternative resources is another major challenge facing sustainable clothing brands. This problem affects big and small companies but it is an acute issue particularly for young startups. The market lacks a viable eco-friendly alternative that is biodegradable and cost-friendly. This is why the change to sustainable methods is slow in this regard. 

We need more brands actively participating in greener initiatives through their products. Regardless of the challenges, top fashion bands must overcome current obstacles and become more eco-friendly. Mitigating the damage caused by negative environmental practices is an urgent priority for the fashion industry. The alternative is doing business on a dead planet (which is simply not possible).

Sustainable fashion


If you wish to join the list of sustainable fashion brands, we are here to help you get started. Fashinza lets you launch your sustainable clothing brand with excellent assistance from our broad network of manufacturers. Visit our website and click on ‘find a manufacturer’ to get started, without any fee.


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