Social Media Roundup: Tiktok Fashion Trends for Fall Season
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Social Media Roundup: Tiktok Fashion Trends for Fall Season

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Were you surprised when Y2K fashion made an unexpected return this year? Credit TikTok for this. Users on the app were absolutely fascinated with 2000s fashion this year. According to TikTok, the hashtag Y2KFashion received over 58 million views and continues growing. This had a repercussion in the mainstream fashion business. Gucci, for example, initiated the hashtag GucciModelChallenge by sharing messages from artists. This challenge has gained over 210 million views

TikTok is becoming a platform where companies are being born rather than merely being a venue for content. What's more, Prada, Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton have all started live-streaming their presentations on TikTok, and according to TikTok, these live-streaming events have had more than 3 million views! 

In general, we're seeing an increase in demand for trend-style videos on TikTok, as well as how people are adopting trends into their wardrobes. So, let's learn more about this fascinating platform and unveil the top Tiktok fashion trends for this fall season.

How did TikTok become a trendsetter in the world of fashion?

Whether you use TikTok or not, you can't avoid the app or its minute-long videos. Though it's mostly associated with teenagers, it's already having an influence on the fashion business.

Models, designers, and a variety of other skills are discovered through the unique TikTok clips they post. Trendsetters such as Bella Hadid are prominent on TikTok, and companies such as Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent are live-streaming major fashion presentations on the platform.

The best-dressed guy of Tiktok Wisdom Kaye has more than four million Instagram followers. He was contracted to IMG  models and here he still works with brands such as Dior and Balmain.

The appeal of TikTok creators, according to Kudzi Chikumbu, director of creator community at TikTok, is their honest material; users submit videos that are less filtered than other social media platforms, where postings are flawlessly arranged and lighted to perfection. “On TikTok, fashion is legit,” Chikumbu explains. “It extends beyond the clothes to include artistic expression. TikTok is a happy place, and it's offering the fashion world a whole new opportunity to show off their creativity and personalities.”

Tiktok Fashion Trends for Fall Season

TikTok is also full of fashion creators pushing trends, showing off hauls, and showcasing their most recent press trips. However, a new sort of influencer is developing on the site, one that is less of a vessel and more of a critic, where personality affects the algorithm more than a beautiful filter or sponsorships ever would. It is brimming with debates about sustainability, trends,  ethics, fashion history, and design, which are frequently left out of the typical influencer scene, which is dominated by curated pictures. They've swapped #ootd with #trendcycle and #personalstyle, encouraging their viewers to interact with their material in ways that are beyond the comments or likes. The app's fashion content is less glamorous and refined than on other platforms, allowing artists to focus on substance rather than curated fluff and facilitating the creation of niche communities such as #Cottagecore, which has 6.6 billion views, and #Altgirl, which has 1.5 billion views. Following trends and uploading the creations of your designs on Tiktok may keep you updated with the latest trends and popularize your own creations.

  1. Sweater vests

This season, clunky shoes have given way to collegiate-inspired sweater vests, and it's all about clashing colors, ornate buttons, and eye-catching plaid patterns.

  1. Oversized blazers

The charm of oversized blazers is their boxy fit and long cuffs. Paired with an equally oversized button-down and mom jeans for the day or a crop top and velvet skirt for the night, these make unique style statements this fall season.

  1. Funky pants

Psychedelic swirls, checkerboard, animal and floral prints, and everything vintage are having a moment on TikTok. Bonus points if you can create a matching top to go with the new statement pants or keep it simple by designing a white tee for a perfect pairing.

  1. Cut-outs

Though it's slightly cold, cut-outs are still going to be a major trendsetter on Tiktok this fall. With a cut-out on the front, turtlenecks feel fresh again, and a knitted dress with keyholes down each side may be the perfect fall fit. Layer these outfits with a leather jacket and mid-calf footwear for a stylish winter look.

  1. Colorful winter outfits

People will now search for sweaters, suits, and accessories in eye-catching colors like red, cobalt, and chartreuse when conducting their fall shopping. After all, what's the point of fitting in? The entire head-to-toe ensemble in a single prominent color will undoubtedly signal the start of style trends for the fall season.

Tiktok Fashion Trends for Fall Season


Tiktok fashion trends are gaining popularity across the world. It is essential for designers to remain up to date on the newest trends, but it is also crucial to connect with the finest manufacturers in the business in order to scale up your career in this highly dynamic fashion world. At Fashinza you can connect with the top manufacturers, launch new trends, and make best-selling fabric in a timely, dependable, and sustainable manner.


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