Re-trending fashion: 10 90s Outfits That Look Cool Again
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Re-trending fashion: 10 90s Outfits That Look Cool Again

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Summary: The 90s outfits have now come knocking at our gates. Everyone, from fashion brands and designers to customers, just can’t seem to have enough of them. This yesteryear fashion trend has got the imagination of the clothing industry going. They are reinventing the classics with a more comfortable and inclusive range.

After having witnessed the best of fashion weeks, one thing that we know is a lot of your current fashion trends were born in the 90s. The 90s outfits and trends have stood the test of time and have, now, emerged in bigger, better, and bolder avatars. Here are the top 10 90s outfits that are keeping the production lines of designer and fast fashion brands busy. 

Slip in the Slinky, Slip Dress

A timeless wardrobe staple, the slip dress as a 90s outfit was made famous by the actress Halle Berry who wore a black ensemble to the Ninth Annual Soul Train Awards in 1995. Fashion labels like Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney, Fendi and Zara are now bringing this petite dress back with dramatic, sweeping hemlines, and with sequins on top. 

Slip Dress

Cheer for Sheer Dresses

After Kate Moss showcased a sheer dress in 1993, this 90s outfit with lace and mesh is back on the menu of clothing companies. According to TagWalk, over 77% of the designers showcased sheer and transparent looks on the Spring/Summer 2023 runways

Spice it up With Corset Tops

Corsets are here, again. Back then, this trend gained attention after the Spice Girls star Emma Bunton sported a pink and black lace corset. The modern versions being designed and manufactured are inclusive when it comes to body type. Fashion labels are reinventing them with more comfortable and inclusive styles than the regimented and body-hugging variant that the originals were known for.

Puff ‘em Up 

After the Bridgerton fever, puffy sleeves or balloon sleeves are back in trend. The hangover of Princess Diana carrying those big sleeves in her wedding gown and later in her ensemble in the 90s is still strong. This time, clothing companies are experimenting with a cottagecore look with exaggerated volumes and stylized balloon effects. 

Sequin, Rhinestones, and Chain Belts

Fashion labels have started belting out chain belts, sequins, and rhinestones. Remember Michael Jackson in the 90s flaunting those cool sequin shirts and pants? Brands are now channeling the classic rhinestone look into their ensembles with chain belts. If you are a clothing label, go, get binging on the sequins right away. 


Prim and Preppy with Plaid 

The crisscross patterns synonymous with the plaid style remind us of a quintessentially 90s outfit. For the coming season, fashion brands can look to invest in plaid co-ord sets all prepped with plaid blazers and matching plaid skirts. The shirts and tops with plaid patterns go well with flannels. Brands can start incorporating them into their flannel clothing line.  

Knee Socks for the Win

Knee socks take us back to Cher in the seminal ‘90s classic Clueless. This 90s outfit is back in vogue with brands like Prada and celebs like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry flaunting the knee-high socks for a sporty-chic look. You can pull up your socks and clear your supply lines to make room for this trend! 

Knee Socks

Crop Those Cardigans 

In the 90s, cardigans happened to be the go-to outfits owing to the ease and comfort they bring with them. Brands are bringing back this yesteryear fashion by pairing the cardigan with spaghetti straps or a pair of denim. Remember Kendall Jenner? She aced the cropped cardigan look with a pair of jeans. 

Delve into the Mother of Denim

Another 90s trend that is back in trend is the mom jeans. These high-waisted, straight-legged jeans, which were once reserved for moms are now the go-to denim look. Inclusive brands are using these denims to boost their plus-size range for curvy women as well.  

Shimmer, Shimmer like the stars! 

Shimmery dresses were the archetypical style statement rooted in the disco culture of the '90s. Men and women, from ramps and showbiz, took to them like fish to water. Brands looking to make their party segment blingy with aesthetic minimalism can get their suppliers to make room for this trend.

Making nostalgia a style statement

Fashion can be both exciting and nostalgic at the same time because it is cyclical. Trends from the previous generations are embraced universally as they are reinvented in more functional and inclusive styles. With the shimmery dresses, jumpsuits from the 90s and a cottagecore look with puffy dresses, fashion brands are taking us back in time with these 90s outfits.  

Key Takeaways

  • From slip dresses and knee-high socks to corset tops, keep an eye on these classics that are going to be the Fall/Winter’s raison d'être for a fashion brand. 
  • Add shine to your clothing range for parties with sequins and rhinestones, or bring out a whole new range of shimmery dresses. A little bling never hurt anyone. 

With Fashinza you can be on-trend with these 90s outfits and source your products efficiently from a global network of trusted suppliers.

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