How Bubble Pink and Silver Shimmer Will Rule 2021 Fashion Trends
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How Bubble Pink and Silver Shimmer Will Rule 2021 Fashion Trends

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The newest trends 2021 are all about drama and daring color palettes. Two of these popular colors are bubble pink and silver shimmer. They are everywhere - from jackets and dresses, to stiletto heels and sling bags. And it looks like the trend is not going away anytime soon. After the monotony of 2020, these color palettes are set to rule in 2021. In this article, we will look at how bubble pink and silver shimmer can be seamlessly integrated into your next fashion catalog, so that your brand doesn’t miss out on the newest trends 2021. 

Outfit Ideas

It is really important to remember that these colors cannot be paired with everything. They might be in vogue, but they can easily cause fashion disasters if not paired with the right colors or accessories. We have compiled a list of clothing items where you can confidently use these colors to create a trendy fashion line.

Skirts and Pants

Pink Silver 2021 Fashion Trends

Skirts and pants are wardrobe essentials, and bubble pink and silver shimmer bring in a fun and carefree vibe to clothes. Once you start pairing dressy skirts and trousers with complementary colors, there is no going back. Sequined skirts and pants are trending, and can be easily paired with solid colored tops. Fashion designers Cynthia Rowley and Claudia Li featured wide-leg trousers and sequin skirts, respectively. Relaxed trousers are also in vogue, and offer the perfect mixture of style and casualness. Chanel Spring/Summer 21 Runway featured one of their models in a bubblegum pink finish trouser paired with a black tube top and shoulder cap.


Jumpsuits are easy to wear and look classy with minimal effort. They also help the wearer look taller and more slender. You can design one-shoulder metallic gowns to draw attention to the neck or create silver shimmer jumpsuits, perfect for evening events. Gigi Hadid sported a shimmering jumpsuit on several occasions before, and needless to say, she was absolutely stunning. Monochromatic outfits always look classy, and with bubble pink as the preferred color, you can be sure to grab your clients’ attention.


Silver shimmered dresses are perfect for gala events, and have become a fashion staple. People are looking for fashionable and manageable pieces in silver shimmer. Try to include at least one silver shimmer dress in your clothing line this year as it is one of the most used colors among the newest trends 2021. As for brunch and morning fashion inspiration, people are looking for bubblegum dresses as they are fun. Include a dress in this color to keep up with the newest fashion trends


Pink Silver 2021 Fashion Trends

Shoes complete an outfit, and come in all sorts of colors, fabrics and shapes these days. Shimmery shoes, including sneakers, flats, and heels, are trending. You can check the various versatile options for shimmery shoes. Basic colors that pop are trendy now. You can check out the Veja Campo trainer in white with a splash of bubblegum pink. These popular brands are following all the newest trends 2021, and you should do too!


People have been locked indoors for over a year, and are now looking for a complete wardrobe overhaul in 2021. Shimmery-colored totes, clutch purses, and even backpacks are all the rage. So, it may be time for you to swap boring black tote bags in your collection with more vivid colors. Add a bubblegum pink shoulder bag or a silver shimmer wallet to your fashion line. 


Silver shimmer accessories add a touch of luxury and glamour. Bubblegum pink accessories have been making an appearance in many high-street fashion collections, so it’s time to experiment with this category, if you haven’t already. Choose the look you want - vintage, contemporary, classic, and then create fashionable pieces, following the newest trends 2021.


Bubble Pink is a pleasant color and looks quite alluring. You can pair it with neutral tones in your collection to make them stand out. The color is also perfect for summer evening outfits and looks chic. Silver shimmer is the perfect color for a gala dinner, and it looks luxurious. Silver shimmer halter gowns look classy and are evergreen. Minimalistic jewelry in neutral colors perfectly complements both these colors. So, now you have a complete list of options to choose from when creating your fashion line. 

If you already have the designs in mind and are looking for manufacturers, get in touch with Fashinza to create your fashion collection seamlessly, without worrying about the process.


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